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Comment by JIHAD TENDOLPH MUHAMMAD on January 22, 2012 at 7:47pm

PRACTICE ESUSU (Empowerment System Utilizing Strategic Unification)


Who starts the process of building a team of individuals who will adhere to all that is good and forbid all that is wrong? How does one select those types of individuals who have a sincere love of self and kind? Where are those individuals who have demonstrated love in their engagements characterized by efforts to improve the quality of life of urban/inner city residents - those community enclaves of poverty and a myriad of social ills? Where does such leadership come from?

First, one should examine their motivations to fight the good fight of social change. Then determine your focal point, the slice in the pie called problems. Decide on what will be your slice, what will be your concentration for your efforts. Once this is determined, begins the process of selecting the galvanizing project, the project that can touch the sensitivities of a large body of people. This is the type of project that speaks to a larger vision of possibilities. It gives willing participants and contributors a reason why they should not only consider being involved but also provides them with the mutually beneficial outcome.

There must be energy in order to accomplish the task at hand. Your ESUSU team is organized around the ideal of capacity building. The necessity of addressing individual agenda’s through the building of individual capacity to address those agenda’s provide a needed level of energy necessary to move the team forward to achieve mutually agreed upon projects, programs and activities.

A sense of safety must be established among the core group, which is assembled first to begin the process of capacity building. It is important to capture the hearts and minds of the initial core group, preferably five individuals who meet with an agenda for community action. You can change the heart and minds of individuals by giving them a larger vision of their possibilities. To teach them how to exercise faith on the strongest level is necessary for proactive movement toward a great achievement. The group takes on the task of building capacity by teaching each other economics – how to manage your household better. Through the proper exercise of faith, one discovers how to best achieve this goal. The strongest level of faith is when one sees wrong – individual and community conditions which are not favorable for harmonious living. They see this wrong and they set a course to change this condition – they extend themselves through establishing institutions in their field of interest that lay a foundation for educational excellence – Booker T. Washington’s efforts and accomplishments are classic examples of this level of faith. The next level, is when one sees wrong and they speak out against the wrong that they see. They write and express themselves in word and often times in song and/or literature. These are your communicators – the heralds of good news. And lastly, we have the weakest level of faith, that level which unfortunately in communities that do not work and strive for excellence, the majority of residents operate on this level. These are the people and places where individuals feel bad about their unhealthy circumstances, however they neither say nor do anything about their situations which are causing undo stress and hardship on themselves and others.

This ESUSU team takes on the task of spiritually enhancing their lives and the lives of others. They seek to provide the protection for the less fortunate and most importantly they seek to change and enhance the quality of life within community and manage its growth.

Comment by JIHAD TENDOLPH MUHAMMAD on January 22, 2012 at 7:44pm


It is my understanding of Cooperative Economics that continues to have me seeking out strategies for identifying people whom I can network with and build a proactive team - A“Mastermind” group (see

Below is a proposed opportunity for you to consider building “cooperatively” and “individually” a monthly residual income!
This opportunity is absolutely FREE to join!

Watch the 10 minute video presentation and evaluate this opportunity today yourself at:

I look forward to connecting with you in the near future!

Peace and Blessings
Jihad Tendolph Muhammad





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