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Looking Like Nefartiti (Queen Nefartiti) New Soul 2011

Another uplifting song and music video by the spoken soul artist Kamal Imani. It’s a hot but smooth blend of reggae, soul, hip hop and R&B so we’ll just call it Spoken Soul! Enjoy and see the lyrics below. Video footage by Jonathan of and Rick W. Available on CDbaby 01-07-11 and itunes 01/19/2011
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Kamal Imani c2011

RevolutionaryArt Innertainment

Looking Like Nefertiti Queen Nefartiti

I didn't mean to stare lady, please believe me
You must be the modern day Queen Nefertiti
Am I trippin? Yo, do my eyes deceive me
I gotta get to know you Queen
Please don't leave me

Looking Like Nefertiti Queen Nefartiti

I'm not trying to get fast
got questions to ask
and that's why---
I couldn't let you walk past
I can't tell you, what you did to my genius
You know I'm from Mars and You from Venus

Looking Like Nefertiti Queen Nefartiti

I wanna visit all your constellations
and take vacations to your space stations
up in sirius you got me delirius
Never seen nothin like you
you so mysterious

Looking Like Nefertiti Queen Nefartiti

I want to visit Punt Kush and Khemit
Meditate beam up share nights over egypt
Met Zoser, Ausirius Imhotep
and all the great pyramid archetects
I'll follow your lead as you show me whats next

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