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George Fraser on Diasporic African Economic Empowerment...

Networking is as natural as breathing, we do it all the time. The problem is, we have not systematically worked out a schematic for making it pay us everyday. If we did, we as a people, would be on the road to financial independence.

We can and should seek out opportunity within our own community before crossing over to accept what someone else passes off to us as opportunity. The best way for us to be certain is to establish meaningful relationships from the networking connections we make with one another.

Our challenge now is to take "re-affirmative action", not only for ourselves and the short term personal gain a business opportunity may offer, but for our families and our community. God has blessed us with natural gifts. One of them is the ability to network. We are a visual and oral people and have lived by that tradition all our lives.

Think about this for a minute. It was only a few short years ago that email, instant messaging, text messaging, ecommerce and video sharing ... just to name a few services, didn't exist. Companies providing these services like MySpace, YouTube and Ebay went from zero to billions in just a couple of years. Many make more money than large corporations who have been around for decades.

People now have the potential to use social networking sites to connect, communicate and co-operate.

New software or web-based applications are quickly being introduced with new ways to do things and old applications are just as quickly, being set aside or seen as obsolete.
Here's something to consider, did you know that in spite of the economic and "Black in America" forecast being portrayed in the media, there is plenty of money in circulation and wealth is being accumulated every day? Yes it's true!

The problem for many Black people is, that not enough of that money and wealth remains within our grasps. We're on the internet, but many of us are not using it correctly. We haven't been given the real purpose for the "tool" and no one is really showing us how to use it.

Blacks are left behind economically because "they have nothing to sell." That is, we offer nothing of our own that we control the development of, manufacturing and distribution for, on any significant scale. This simple thing, is one of the reasons the "lion's share" of resources, ie, capital, manufacturing and distribution capabilities, remain in the hands of a few outside our community.

What we need is a way to increase and keep a larger portion of our share. If we would work together collectively and grow to any size or significance, we could do something about some of this and start to effectively change things

"Connect the Dots" with Black Business Builders Club ... Follow the Simple Steps!

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Comment by Wes Barnard on April 30, 2014 at 11:52am

Wonderful presentation and illustration. Hope the brother does not mind my using that illustration as I promote the exact same strategy under the auspices of the Us Lifting Us Economic Cooperative initiative. 

I would strongly encourage all of my brothers and sisters to type into their brewers usliftingus.

Then click on the gray box in the upper rh corner and invest 15 minutes reviewing a short, but powerful presentation that puts into practice what Brother George is preaching and also practicing. 

Request the foundational documents that are offered at the end of the presentation. Then study those materials closely. After that, decide to be part of the solution to so many of the ills that plague our people. As the brother said, we must "connect the dots" and become owners of our own alternative economy.

Shalom to one and all. 

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