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In Jamaica, land of my birth, there is a saying: “ What do you expect from a hog but a grunt”. Well Trump has grunted again. Trump has established his obvious racism a long time ago, so why the hubbub about his insulting of Haiti and African countries. Some even call for an apology. For what?  For saying racist things? He is only doing what racists do and we can expect him to continue doing just that.

And as a white racist president of the United States, we can expect racism to be part of his foreign policy especially when dealing with the non-white world. When dealing with North Korea, Latin America, the Caribbean, Africa and all non-white countries, racism is bound to play a role. Should these countries, or, the entire world for that matter, trust a racist United States president with issues that could involve the destruction and death of thousands? Could this be why more than one half of Puerto Rico is still without electricity several months after destruction by hurricanes?  Is this why he has imposed sanctions on Venezuela? Is this why he announced the moving of the US embassy to Jerusalem, creating  protests from most of the world including our own allies? Is this why he also defies our allies in seeking to withdraw from the Iran nuclear treaty?

But not only in foreign policy. The Justice Department under his fellow racist Jeff Sessions is well on its way to reflect their racist bias. Trump’s decision to kick out of America, the 700,000 DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) kids, over 50,000 Haitians and more than 200,000 El Salvadorans on Temporary Protected Status (TPS), reeks of racism. Not a single one would be kicked out if they were Norwegian.

Let us realize that Trump will not stop until his racist bias  permeates every department of the US government.  Although the American public is now aware of the racism of Trump, they seem to be unaware of its dangerous implications. The bottom line is, we can’t expect justice from a racist. We can expect a grunt. So to quote Trump, “Grunt! Grunt!”


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