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The New Jews – by Michael Irving Phillips

(Preface: Hitler was elected. He rose to popularity by stirring up hatred for the Jews. Trump enhanced his popularity by stirring up white America against blacks, Muslims, Mexicans and immigrants. I thought my fellow white Americans will never fall for that. I was wrong. Every white demographic, including college-educated white suburban women, voted for Trump. Trump was elected.)

I am black

So I do not have to wear the star

For identification

Muslims now can be tracked

By compulsory registration

Mexicans will wear the smear

Of a rapist reputation

Millions will live in fear

Of their immediate deportation

For our new leader

Has body-slammed the constitution


For the Klan

There is jubilation

For once again

We’ll become

A blue-eyed nation

“A black president!

What a disgrace!

Now those niggers

Will know their place”.


What’s this talk of diversity?

In our democracy

Hate is a great strategy

To create political popularity

Hate the blacks

Hate the Muslims

Hate Latinos too

Whether undocumented

Or legit as me and you


For we are the new Jews

Scapegoats of the nation

Lock them in the gas chambers

Of discrimination
And when the police
Shoot us down
They’ll need no justification
Just routine persecution


So new Jew

Justice for all

Except you

Let me make it clear

You better learn to live in fear

For America elected a new leader

To the new Jews

He is the brand new
Adolph Hitler

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