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The horrible mistake black social justice organisations are making

Black social justice organisations like” Black Lives Matter” are doing a tremendous job in fighting against the injustice and inequality black people face all over America. They deserve to be commended for it. Recently when the two black men were unjustly arrested and humiliated at Starbucks, our black organisations rose up to defended them admirably.  The Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson apologized on for the atrocious behavior of his employee. He went even further by shutting down stores nationwide to allow sensitivity training for all employees. He deserved to be commended for such a response.  Black organisations should have stood up and proclaimed their appreciation loud and clear. If they did this must have been a whisper for I did not hear it.

In my book, “Leave the Rat Race to the Rats”, I contend that we need to pay more attention to reinforcing good deeds.  To quote from my book:

“We must be vigilant for good deeds and must Acknowledge them. We must resist taking good deeds for granted. To resist this, we must pay attention to the triple A’s. 

  1. Be Aware
  2. Acknowledge
  3. Appreciate

Be Aware of good deeds, Acknowledge them, and show Appreciation for them. In short, Triple A them.”

We must realize we are up against a formidable enemy, the notorious  1% richest that dominate America.  Even worse we have to contend with a vindictive white racist president in the White House whose maliciousness exceeds all expectations.  This is a crisis!

Do you know what their strategy to dominate is? It is tried and effective. It is divide and conquer. Pitting white against black is important to them. We cannot allow them to use their fake new, lies and dishonesty to  tear us apart. We must build alliances. Many of these people who are abusing black people have been duped by the 1%. They are just pawns. They are victims too, but just don’t know it.

Black organisations cannot win the battle alone nor do they have to fight alone. There are lots of people of goodwill out there who have not been brainwashed. Let’s reach out to welcome them, like the CEO of Starbucks. If they waver, let’s strengthen the bonds rather than weaken them with the typical knee-jerk destructive criticism. Above all let’s concentrate on  reinforcing good deeds. Let recruiting the 99%  be our goal.


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Comment by Anne M Jennings See on May 28, 2018 at 4:58pm

To Brotha Lukata;

Certainly the decision that Johnson made was a strategic business decision.  We cannot wait for the heads of major corporations to make moral decisions before we commend them.  We need to appreciate whatever decision they make, if it is one that is positive for us, while at the same time realizing that these will always be business decisions at the core. They have no morality.

Comment by Brotha Lukata on May 21, 2018 at 12:49pm

To Michael I. Phillips - while i agree with your title, i disagree with your essay.  Starbucks ceo Kevin Johnson made a strategic business decision not a moral decision.  That rat is still running in the rat race, which is all about capitalist exploitation.  when i read your title, i thought of leaving the capitalist exploitation to the rats, while still trying to survive and/or thrive in this madness called america.

Finally, again i agree with you when you said We are fighting against the injustice and inequality black people face all over america, but i tend to believe that We need to focus on appreciating what We do for each another before We start praise capitalist for be good capitalist.  Yes, We do need to show appreciation for good deeds, but We have to be able to distinguish between the real and the fake efforts. Until We can do that, i think We need to focus on Black First & Foremost!

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