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The Death of the Scientific Protocol; the Rise of Consensus, Computer Models, Projections and Predictions

Let us get one thing straight. Humans, geniuses and dunces, scientists and illiterates alike, are so easy to mislead; just ask Madoff! Now a lawyer named M J Mace has managed to convince the Micronesian islands that simple projections are as valid as proven facts from the Scientific Protocol process. And amazingly, stunningly, thousands of Ph. D scientists like Professor Anthony Chen of the University of the West Indies and Hermann Ott of the Wuppertal Institute believes this too! M J Mace presented her "proof" of the validity of projections recently as follows: "The scientific findings about climate change are frightening," M.J. Mace, a legal advisor to the Federated States of Micronesia who presented the demands at the March 29-April 8 meeting, told Reuters. What was the scientific proof that M J Mace presented offering the validity her claims? "A group of leading researchers last month projected a quickening pace of sea level rise this century, of about a meter (3 feet) or roughly double the projections by the U.N. Climate Panel in 2007!" There; proven; Q.E.D

The scientific protocol has thus been declared useless; well it is when the the theory of man-made global warming is under consideration. For die-hard, conservative scientists however, man-made global warming claims are so far outside of the scientific protocol one wonders if this is a lying disease or recently formulated religion which has spread to academia, the media and prize committees like the Nobel Prize Foundation which seems to have come up with a new Nobel Prize category, for Scientific Fabrication! The first "Nobel Prize for Scientific Fabrication" has been awarded. We know the Nobel Prize that was awarded to Al Gore was based on a fabrication because the movie on which the award was based has been exposed in a British Court , THE HIGH COURT OF JUSTICE, one of the few institution which values facts over anti-God mantra, as a fictitious propaganda documentary bordering on the criminal!
( But still yet even after this legal documentation, many other scientists along with their media conspirators like the Jamaica Observer, continue to spread the mantra of lies as they target the weak minds of Caribbean islanders.
Writing in the University of Chicago’s Physiological and Biochemical Zoology last December's issue, ("Predicting Extinction: Investigating the Interface of Physiology, Ecology, and Climate Change.") authors Euan G. Ritchie and Elizabeth E. Bolitho, of James Cook University in Australia , without quoting any scientific studies, and instead using language that is unacceptable in association with credible research, tried to grant some credibility to the false claim that man is causing the earth to warm up by trying to prove that a result which might occur, (rise in temperatures) could be harmful if it did. Isn't it shocking that scientists familiar with the Scientific Protocol could be substituting it with "expert predictions", "could", "may" and computer models which are always poor substitutes for scienctifically proven facts discovered along the path of the Scientific protocol in other areas of study?? More shocking is the way these scientists focussed on an event which has a lottery's chance of occuring to convince us to make changes in our lifestyle, when dangerous actions like the poisoning of the earth's drinking waters, going on for decades, receive little study or world-wide agenda-based spread fear!
Both scientists seems to have been affected in the same manner Prince Charles ( Clarence House Stable Tard Gate London SW1,

UNITED KINGDOM) has been. They either became wilfully infected with the lying disease or have become religious adherents of man-made global warming propaganda. Said the Prince recently, "unfathomably however, there still seem to be some climate skeptics, those who view the case of rapid action to counter climate change as overstated or indeed completely invented. If I may speak plainly among friends, this is sheer madness. The scientific facts are as plain as they are alarming. Worryingly in the last few months we have learnt that the North Polar ice cap is melting so fast that some scientists are predicting that in seven years it will completely disappear in summer." Trinidad Express. HOW TO SUBVERT THE CREDIBILITY OF CARIBBEAN SCIENTISTSNow it looks like the Caribbean Climate Change Centre has been infected and easily too. The truth about islanders is out. Charity organizations and donors know that as long as you give islanders donations, fund an organization and give jobs they will accept just about anything. They will sacrifice their scietific credibility, the scientific protocol and and proven academic convictions before the donor check is signed. "ECLAC is currently conducting a regional review of the economics of climate change in the Caribbean. The review is financially supported by the UK Department for International Development (DFID). The Caribbean Community Climate Change Centre (CCCCC), which was established in 2005 by Caricom in order to lead the subregion's response to climate change, is an important participant in the project." Jamaica Observer

The Prince and Euan G. Ritchie, Elizabeth E. Bolitho and the Nobel Prize Committee really must be comprehensively confused or are blatant liars over what scientific facts and evidence are! Worse, it seems that they have no idea of how the scientific protocol is to be properly applied. The Scientific Protocol is the only accepted scientific method by which causes can be assigned scientifically to any event. Changes in nature may be factual but ascribing causes to them without the use of the scientific protocol is fallacious, mischievious or the result of lying intent. Well let us take an unbiased look at some scientific facts the Prince, The Nobel Prize Committee, Euan G. Ritchie and Elizabeth E. Bolitho overlooked and which the Caribbean Community Climate Change Centre (CCCCC) has been convinced to dismiss.

Three things that completely undermines the claim that man is causing the earth to warm up, needs brief mention. Firstly, it seems that other planets in our solar system are heating up.

Mars which has a minimum distance of 141,633,260 miles from the sun, is warming according to NASA. Neptune too, is warming!
"Suggestive correlations between the brightness of the planet Neptune, solar variability, and Earth¢s temperature", by Hammel, H. B., and G. W. Lockwood. Geophysical Research Letters

The earth is 93 million miles from the sun! If the sun is causing Mars to warm- it must be the sun since there are no humans there, in spite of decades-long efforts by NASA to find them, and it is further from the sun than the earth, I leave it to alert unbiased readers, seekers of truth, to follow the simple logic:
(1). The only external source of heat in a system is at point X (sun).
(2). Points A (Mars) is at a greater distance from point X (sun) 141,633,260 miles, than point C (Earth) 93,000,000 miles.
(3). It follows that if points A (Mars) is heating up from the sun, then the same heat must also affect point C (Earth).

Secondly, if the claims of man-made global warming are valid why would scientists need to fabricate research studies to prove this? I mention what I believe to be the blatant fabrication of a climate change study by Professor Mann, at one of the finest universities in the world, below. The IPCC (a major climate change organization) has also been implicated in fabricating information by excluding experts from the final analysis of research data leading to resignations and accusations of data rigging.
After I personally called the Union of Concerned Scientists's
National Headquarters (617-547-5552), and challenged them over their efforts at trying to pass reports off as scientific studies, leading to an embarrassing admission from them that they had done no climate warming research recently, they rudely hung up the
telephone when I asked to speak with one of their scientists. These are the first scientists I have come across who are so deathly afraid to publicly debate their positions; even the evolutionists debate occassionally.

Thirdly, why threaten the vast number of reputable scientists (50,000 Physicists and 30,000 others) that challenge the consensus opinion that man is causing the earth to heat up? Someone is threatening these scientists with cuts in funding, censure and worse! Said Richard Lindzen professor of Atmospheric Science at MIT, " scientists who dissent from the alarmism have seen their funds disappear, their work derided and themselves labeled as industry stooges." Timothy Ball, Ph.D in climatology, has received five death threats after he appeared in the documentary, "The Great Global Warming Swindle". Truth usually wins; why go to such extremes if the consensus is truthful?

For example as far as I am aware there is not a single traditional Caribbean journalist or scientist that has questioned the reports of the IPCC or the UN on the matter of man-made global warming! Not one was bold enough to stand up to Prince Charles's ridiculous statement and lies. The first question scientists are trained to ask is "where are the double blind studies?" And the second, "where are they published?" And the third, "have they been duplicated?" Professor Robinson oes it bother you that global warming is an exception to this? "For a person with a medical background, accustomed to this degree of rigor in research, the protocols of climate science appear considerable relaxed", said Michael Creighton, MD recently at congressional hearings in Washington. Relaxed protocols? Why Prince Charles? Why Professor Robinson? Has your scientific conscience been hardenned by funding or prizes?

Do you all believe in the doctrine of repeatable, double-blind, placebo controlled research trials as the gold mine path to proving scientific theories?

For some reason, science wants to make an exception with global warming. such research should be the mantra for for establishing and validating scientific theories. All scientists surely believes this but this is not about believing what one wants to. It is about demanding research, not conclusions based on rigging data.

The facts are that there is not a single repeatable, double-blind, placebo controlled scientific study this side of Mars, that has concluded that man is the reason for climate change! The scientific modus operandi has taken a vacation.

The scientific method has four steps:
1. Observation and description of a phenomenon or group of phenomena.

2. Formulation of an hypothesis to explain the phenomena. In physics, the hypothesis often takes the form of a causal mechanism or a mathematical relation.

3. Use of the hypothesis to predict the existence of other phenomena, or to predict quantitatively the results of new observations.

4. Performance of experimental tests of the predictions by several independent experimenters and properly performed experiments.

The man-made global warming theory has not been through this method. Many products have been through this process and have became catastrophic failures resulting in the lost of thousands of live and hundreds of millions of dollars and the IPCC wants us to change our lives based on an unproven theory?

You know thirty years ago Newsweek, a journalistic companion idealogue of the "global warmsters", had a story about Global Cooling, on its cover and the fear mongers were screaming about the coming ice age!!!

The Cooling World; Newsweek, April 28, 1975

The one scientific study climate change idealogues used to wave belligerently in the face of cowering opposing scientists, was debunked recently. University of Massachusetts geoscientist Michael Mann's "hockey-stick graph" embraced by the UN recently as proof of man-made global warming, as I-told-you-so evidence, was embarrassingly exposed as a Piltdown-mantype fraudulent discovery, by Canadian researchers McKitrick and McIntyre. When they attempted to replicate Mann's study, fireworks erupted! They found calculation errors, data that were used twice, data filled in and a computer program that generated a hockey stick out of any data fed into it, random or otherwise. "A fundamental mathematical flaw", is how Physics professor Richard Muller described it, writing in the MIT Technological Review. Wow! Personally I do not think that this was a flaw in Mann's study at all, but a blatant attempt at deception and mind control!!

Back in 1991, the Danish Meteorological Institute released a study showing that global temps closely tracked solar cycles. The historic data going back centuries, revealed that when the sun heated up, Earth followed and vice versa.(IBD) The Professor, like his fellow idealogues Al Gore, who gored the truth with his half-truths and conveniently did not read this study-oh the Gorer left it out of his goring book "Earth in the Balance." This was a blatant shameful omission indeed comparable to Piltdown Man.

While Al Gore was spinning before the US Congress, NASA, on the same day, made a shocking revelation that the sun is more hotter and restive than previously believed! Using telescopes instead of computer models, scientists observed sunspots intensities that shocked them. Tangled magnetic fields, bubbled masses and
arching spikes up to 5000 miles long which shook the scientists emotionally, caused huge temperature spikes! Their observations were so shocking they rapidly scrambled to hold a news conference!

NASA has also confirmed that Mars, which has no humans or cows producing methane, is warming too! The ice caps near the South pole of Mars are melting. How could this be since there are no humans there Prince Charles? Well the sun is heating up with its radiation increasing by 0.5% every decade since the 1970s as opposed to carbon emissions which have increased and decreased over time. If the earth's warming was caused by carbon emissions, science would show a similar pattern with temperature rising and falling with carbon emissions. But the bombshell data shows no such link! Here is the shocking results of the study by the Hoover Institution looking into this. "The effects of solar activity and volcanoes were impossible to miss. Temperatures fluctuated exactly as expected and the pattern was so clear that statistically, the odds of the correlation existing by chance were less than one in 100!" The study even tried to fudge the data to prove the man made warming claim- "yet try as we might we could not find any relationship between industrial activity, energy
consumption and changes in global temperatures. We tried adjusting for delayed effects. We tried adjusting for cumulative effects. Nothing- the relationship wasn't there!" The study concluded that even if we closed factories and power plants the effect on temperatures would be neglible!

In a study recently published in Geophysical Research Letters, H.B. Hammel of the Space Science Institute in Boulder, Colorado and G.W. Lockwood of Lowell Observatory in Flagstaff, Arizona found that Neptune's brightness appear to correlate with temperature changes on Earth adding that Neptune's temperature warmed from 1980 to 2004. "If changing brightness and temperature of two different planets are correlated then some planetary climate changes may be due to variations in the solar system environment." they

David Bromwich, professor of Atmosphetic Science and researcher with the Byrd Polar Research Center at Ohio State University released more shocking revelations, Speaking about Antartica he said, "It is hard to see a global warming signal coming from the mainland of Antartica right now." Addressing the annual meeting of
the American Association for the Advancement of Science he continued, "We're looking for a small signal that represents the impact of human activity and it is hard to find at the moment." Last year Bromwich's research reported in the Journal "Science" that contrary to the predictions of computer models, Antartica snowfall had not increased in the past half-century! Besides he noted that temperatures were not cooperating with computer models. "What we see now is that the temperature regime is broadly similar to what we saw before with the snowfall. In the last two decades or so, both have gone down." According to Bromwich, "the best we can say right now is that the climate models are inconsistent with the evidence that we have for the last 50 years from Antartica."

Scientists Willie Soon and Sallie Balinaus of the Harvard Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics examined 240 climate studies over the past 1,000 years and shockingly found, unlike Mann, the 20th century was,
when compared to other periods, not unusually warm. Besides they found that Mann's data excluded two well documented climatic occurrences; a warm period from 800 to 1300 and a very cold period from 1300 to 1850! Did Mann think these were man- made?

There is more!

Steven Miller of illustrated that the Artic Climate Impact Assessment report practically undermined itself with the graph "Observed Artic Temperature 1900 to Present" from the International Artic Research Center, which shows distinct warming and cooling trends that all but biased minds should be able to identify!

Peter Chylek and colleagues, writing in the scientific journal "Climate Change" at the Los Alamos laboratory found that the average temperatures in Greenland have fallen 2.2 degrees Celsius since 1987! The study also found that summer temperatures do not show any persistent increase in the past 50 years. (IBD)

If this has not been enough, then the following video should be the coup de grâce.

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