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The Biggest Liar

Who is the biggest liar in politics today? No competition. The winner and undisputed champion, Republican President Donald Trump. Who is the biggest liar in politics ever? I’ll stick with Trump again as the obvious answer.

We are often  confronted with the stereotype that all politicians lie and cheat.  Don’t fall for that. That is only true for Republicans. Granted there are an isolated few Democrats  that do, but for Republicans this is a deliberate election strategy. It is their modus operandi. They have been very successful  and so it will continue.  This dirty politics is undermining our democracy.

There are many manifestations of deceit that they employ, but one of the most effective is the “big lie”. Hitler used the “big lie” extensively and  effectively. “Big lie” proclaims that you state a big lie and regardless of how absurd, if you repeat it often enough, people will believe it. Republicans used ‘big lie” tactics to smear Hillary on Benghazi.. Here are some types of deceit and check out their TV ads for them:

  • Big lie
  • Half truths- sprinkle in some truth to make the lie believable
  • Claiming undeserved credit –claim credit for Democratic proposals
  • Distort by quoting out of context
  • Smear tactics-
  • Outright lies –
  • False claims claiming non-existent support
  • Exaggeration and distortion-

These Republicans have used their treasure chest of corporate money to bombard the TV with the typical campaign of lies and deception.  For too longs Republicans have been getting away and prospering with lies. Democracy depends on informed voters. Republicans depend on misinformed voters. Let’s save democracy by bringing integrity back by voting for Democrats.

Michael Irving Phillips, 
Editor, Hot Calaloo
1."Leave the Rat Race to the Rats"
2. "Boycott Money and Save Your Soul
- Launching The Goodwill Revolution".
3. "Poems For Husbands and Other Underdogs"

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