Switch From ComEd and Support My Full Time Black Leadership Development Institute At The Same Time


Go to my "Black Power" website and check out my Independent Representative link to www.blackpower.ampegyservices.com where you can now start saving money by switching your electric service, and at the same time support my leadership for each time you pay your electric bill through my Black Power site a donation will go towards my development of a full time Black Leadership Development Institute and civic education campaign, where offices will be located at 4655 South King Drive, Suite 203

I want to thank The National Spark Energy Company (now advertising on WVON) for signing me up as a Black Independent Agent which also allows for ongoing financial support for my leadership and service. Supporters of mine will get the same delivery of electric service and without any additional financial commitment also be supporting my local and national leadership. Its a win for me as a leader seeking a financial base of support, and w win for you who want to get cheaper electric service than you have been getting from ComEd as a former Monopoly!!! Go NOW to my site at www.blackpower.ampegyservices.com