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you dancing gigglin’ from your knees 

moving that head spasmodically 

bucking those hips from side to side 

steppin’ then glidin’ oh my oh my 

why you tryin’ to fly 

compressing and contorting to n fro 

look at cha waitin’ to go 

yet those demons say hell no 

stars bursting brightness from on high 

 reaching down to you as you sigh 

confusion conjures illusions beckons with fantasies 

reality jolts and whispers remember me 

ghosts swirl around banshees wailin 

flailin ships rock to n fro 

bodies cast into the liquid cold 

tree limbs stretched taut under limp body sway 

holy blood drips on forehead 

It happens day by day 

Yearning to escape 

our unpaid bodies bent pulling wealth 

out of the ground 

it’s still here Just look around 

bodies locked down in penitentiaries 

yet ancient ways are kept 

for when we truly want to be free 

spirits of ancestors whisper to you “why” 

rhythms of celebrations 

honor truth education 

millenniums of lineage 

praise the sacred libation 

symbols carved into stone reflect how we grown 

all you have to be is sincere enough to respect our own 

discard the confusion forsake the illusion come back home at last 

but first you have to do something for self-respect to take up the task 

you got to strip for me all that is holding you back 

you got to love yourself beyond what you see we have to be together to end this misery 

clouds in your path aint no mystery 

you have to cast aside that self-hate 

you got to stop brutalizing to change our fate 

you got to think positive yet understand the negativity 

you got to talk not shout and listen that’s what conversatin’ is all about 

you got to show restraint and stand tall with new found dignity 

you got to organize mobilize and build a community 

you got to love and respect one another if you truly want to be free 

strip for me then fortify yourself 

glory is all around you not on a bookshelf 

the spirit within let it shine for all to see 

it binds us let it be 

believe in it and you’ll see 




Bob Doughtie 4/8/2016

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