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Phronemophobic: for Chris, Kwame, Bill, Bobby, Rick & Ike

Friday, March 6, 2009 at 8:28pm

Phronemophobic: for Chris, Kwame, Bill, Bobby, Rick & Ike
ex- Lovers

There are twenty six perfectly good reasons why

I don't like
tel e phones

I'm not going to explain

True expressions of love giggle dirty in back yards
We were never there together

told me you
grown and

you can drink and
you can fuck

all night
I watch you

shift in your chair
sigh heave shutter

finger your frustrated wonder
drink what words

transfigure my digits to
whisper your name

caressing lies
calling your skin

emancipated expressions
verbs as incoherent

Return to dust

lunatic thrashing pulsating voice eddies darkness echoing breakers crashing in
candle, map, moon, street, vanity mirror or no
light at all between her legs a coffin no bell
strings souls slow to simple sounds screws manifests as
carved runes bone becomes vulgar god dies as evaporating
sweat unheeded screams
he sleeps as shadow stain of
poet cum soaking sheets
man now resurrected as
dog in another bed
she must part before

my grave is
your love flesh
tides to rhythm's ebbs

I read slowly
carefully aloud
to myself still
wishing reading
words written with
my lover's hand were
not masturbation

not to look over my
pages' cold precise symbols
each wet and dark as
your eyes deep as
your thoughts gone
soon as I turn
cued to form
meanings only experience's
failing memories remains

fearful of
witnessing your programmed
reaction's reciprocal response
love is made

you can drink and
you can fuck

all night and
nothing anyone can say

wasn't nobody with you
there is no account

strangers will come remove all evidence
no one can recount what was shared

we were never here together
true expressions of love are meant to endure

Carefully I read
I read words
slowly written with
my lover's hand to
myself still wishing
reading aloud was
not exhibitionism

There are twenty six perfectly good reasons why
only nine have letters and
you are not the one

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