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Excellent Hotels and Enthrailing Attractions of Beautiful Cochin

Cochin is one of the most beautiful cities in the state of Kerala and truly this is the most sought after tourist destination in the entire state of Kerala. This is the striking port city in the state is the paradise for the visitors which entices the visitors from all over the globe for their fascinating vacation. Beautiful city is truly is an international hub for the visitors which entices all sort of tourist from every length and breadth of the world. This beautiful city is flanked by the Western Ghats in the east and the enormous Arabian Sea in the West. This city also has wonderful locations which also has become a significant trading zone and attractive tourist destination since olden time.
Stunning beach, shimmering backwater, charming houseboat cruise, elegant historical monuments and the marvel sightseeing sports easily attracts tourist from every length and breadth of the entire world. The rich culture, unique tradition, historical monuments, colorful festivals and warm hospitality easily tempt the visitors to visit this state again and again.

The standards and the budget hotels in Cochin are beautiful which offers wonderful excellent amenities which allows and offers the visitors wonderful and delightful stay in the hotels. The beautiful hotels and the resorts in this city offer visitors marvel sightseeing tours which captivate the visitor’s heart and soul as on their exploring. Thus many tourists who customize sightseeing tours from the hotels here as they offer some unexplored tourist attractions and destinations which will tempt the visitors to visit this city again and again. This beautiful city is truly very enticing and is worth to visit and explore for your fascinating vacation. Some of the major tourist attractions and destinations which are very worth to visit and explore are listed below:
Bolghatty Palace
Bolghatty Palace is the oldest Dutch Palaces outside Holland. This quaint mansion was built in 1774 by the Dutch traders. Latter on green emerald gardens were landscaped around it which enhance the beauty of this astounding Palace. This amazing palace remained as Governors palace and latter on was leased to British government.
Cherai Beach
This is one of the most astounding beaches in the entire state of Kerala. This picturesque beach borders the executive Vypeen Island which also boasts the beauty of this stunning beach. The beautiful sea facing Cochin hotels which endow the beach easily attract visitors from for their wonderful stay; they also arrange special candle light dinner for the couples and many other services which attract numerous visitors from all over the globe.
St. Francis Church
This is the most beautiful and wonderful elegant church and is the oldest in the city. This church in Cochin has a great significance history, which is also the oldest European church in India. It is this church where Portuguese explorer Vasco da Gama dead body was buried when in 1524 he died in Cochin. Apart from these the marvel architecture easily attracts visitors on their vacation.
Beside these there are numerous attractions and destinations in this beautiful Cochin which can be visited and explored on with the sightseeing tour offered by any hotels in Cochin or on your tour to Kerala when visiting Cochin.

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