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By  | In recent times, there has been talks of a grand plan by a clandestine group of people to impose a new world order on mankind, a world they will be totally in control of, and a world where letting oneself go is the foundation for survival and existence. So many thing are attributed to this faceless group, and some conspiracy theorists go as far as putting faces on the group. This group, referred to in some quarters as the Shadow Government, are even crawling out of the closet to claim control of the world Banking sector, Politics, Entertainment, Science and Technology-in short, all aspects of life is said to be brought under their influence. Even environment is not spared as they are said to manipulate natural disasters like Earthquakes, Hurricanes, "Chemtrails", and other natural phenomenon. They are involved in education, crime and punishment, and they manipulate religion as an instrument of war and depopulation. There aim is to found a new world order where Luciferian Principles rule, as enunciated by the principles guiding the Church of Satan. Traditional religious beliefs are gradually overturned, and things hitherto regarded as Anathemas are being brought up as the modern norm.

A cursory look at society tends to confirm these conspiracy theories. Religious bodies are known to leave the substance of their faith to pursue the shadows. Their aim is said to be able to reduce the world population to manageable levels, and they even court nuclear Holocaust. Tales of deep secret protective bunkers scattered all over the world are told, where the protagonists, who have the governments of the world on a leash, intend to hide when the earth is being destroyed. Such fantastic tales cannot be verified, but their proponents swear to the authenticity of the tales.

But these are obviously plots against nature, which, though appearing to be malleable, will be forced to correct all imbalance perpetrated against it, be it in genetic engineering, environmental manipulations, manufacture of diseases for population control, manipulation of Big Pharma and control of "Banksters", and much more.

The revolt of nature will be the physical manifestation of the war between the Light and darkness, a war that is already raging in the higher realms, and which will manifest in the physical as a war between the intuition and the intellect. All the forces of the elements join in the fray, such that in the not too distant future, weather extremes will result in a new but mild ice age to be witnessed at unlikely places of the earth, like the temperate zones. This is caused by the reversal of the poles and change in the position of the magnetic North and South poles.The current melting icecaps is but a prelude.

This will be accompanied by earthquakes, not manipulated ones. In fact, the manipulations will help make the natural ones more devastating. Before then, volcanoes will hollow the earth to create vacuum for the sinking of lands.And new lands will rise. Atlantis will rise again between the coasts of west Africa and the Americas, and lands sink in, for example, places like Japan.

The activities of the so-called New World Order people are rather helping in the final war of Armageddon. The earth will be raised, in a short period, to a new cosmic height. This was experienced in the last ice age, where certain animals were caught unawares, and some even died with leaves in their mouth. And those whose lives are not based on intuition will not cope here. And this will include the shadow governors.


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Comment by Arlene Johnson on January 23, 2018 at 1:17pm

There is nothing natural about chemtrails. They are man made, and designed to kill. See

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