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Radical means getting to the root causes of society's
problems and working for root level solutions.

The Philadelphia Area Black Radical Congress Invites You To





Sunday, September 26, 2010 – 2
to 4 P.M.

Free Library of Philadelphia, 1901 Vine St.

Skyline Room, 4th Floor

A panel of speakers will share
their organization's experiences with violence in the
community. They will tell how they are dealing with it and
what they think are the causes of violence. They will share
their ideas on what is needed to stop the violence.

of the panel speakers are Dorothy Johnson-Speight, Mothers
In Charge;

Rev. Isaac Miller, former pastor of Church of
the Advocate
Elisabeth Leonard, United For Peace and
Justice Delaware Network;
Education Not Incarceration;
Michael Coard, Attorney-at-Law.
Bilal Qayyum, Father's Day
Committee. A discussion will follow the presentation.

Information: 215-848-1806 or 267-259-7196

Information: 215-848-1806 or 267-259-7196

"La Paz en La
, Paz en El Extranjero: ¿Cómo Podemos Detener La

Free Library de Filadelfia
1901 Vine St
Philadelphia, PA 19103

Inicio: Domingo, 26 de septiembre
2010 14:00
Final: Domingo, 26 de septiembre 2010 16:00

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del suceso: afroamericano, hispanisamericano, Educación,
Ocio / Sin cargo, Seminario / Taller, Taller

Negro Radical Congreso (PABRC) un 501 - (C) -3 organización
de correos Radical significa llegar a la raíz las causas de
problemas de la sociedad y trabajar por soluciones a nivel
de raíz. El Área de Filadelfia Negro Radical Congreso le
invita a un foro: "La Paz en La Comunidad, La Paz en El
Extranjero: ¿Cómo Legamos a parar La Volencia? 26 de
septiembre 2010, 2 a 4 pm Free Library de Filadelfia, 19 y
las calles de Viña del horizonte de habitaciones, 4 ª Planta
Un panel de oradores compartirán sus experiencias con la
violencia en la comunidad. Ellos le dirán cómo hace frente
con él y lo que piensan son las causas de la violencia.
Algunos de los panelistas son: Dorothy Johnson Speight, Las
Madres a Cargo Rev. Isaac Miller, ex pastor, la Iglesia de
"Advocate"; Elisabeth Leonard, Unidos por la Paz y La
Justicia de Delaware Valley Network (UFPJ/DVN); Kavita
Goyal, La Educación No Encarcelamiento (ENI); Michael Coard,
Abogado-en- Ley Un debate después de la presentación. Todos
están invitados a asistir. Para información llame al:
215-848-1806 o 267-259-7196

¿Desea más información? Ver

Este es un evento en apoyo a la Marcha 10.2.10
en Washington, DC para el Empleo, Justicia y Educación y que
se salga de la votación a partir 10.10.10. Una Nationa
Trabajando Juntos

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Comment by Mickel Hendrix aka Nat Turner on September 15, 2010 at 7:43pm

"Radical means getting to the root causes of society's
problems and working for root level solutions."

if this definition of radical is to be taken serious then there must be an attempt to critically analyse the euro-amerikkkan cultural complex, since it is the driving force of society's problems. or is there another definition of what society means? afrikans-n-amerikkka were doomed from the minute our ancestors were kidnapped and dragged here from mother afrika by force which was predicated upon violence. in fact, there can be no discussion without understanding the foundation of amerikkka as we know it, which again was predicated upon "violence."

there will be no end to the systemic violence that goes on in the occupied colonies that afrikan people are subjected to at the hands of a violent police state until we address the psychodynamics of violence in terms of what its purpose is, and that's the preserve one group in favor or at the expense of the other, meaning white over black. in essence since amerikkka was founded on violence, as violence is amerikkkan as apple pies, baseball and blue skies, its' demise and ultimate defeat will be dependent on the very violence that has gotten this uncivilized nation to the point it is. and to be blunt the afrikan brothas and sistars that have been victimized by systemic violence can only free themselves through revolutionary principles.

for every one brotha or sistar that is extricated from violent activities there will be another one to replace him or her in the cycle of violence that is made to terrorize us on purpose for a purpose. everyone who knows and has fully grasped our socialization at the hands of a historically violent people knows full well that martin king was very foolish in his approach to win over a society that did not want to be non-violent.

and since there is an approach to entertain the root cause of the violent nature of our people, the whole forum would be a waste of time if the focus doesn't through its light on the economic drug trade which is operated by the c.i.a. (crack-cocaine industry of amerikkka). to expect the government to stop the drug trade is like expecting don king to stop the lucrative business of boxing. therefore, as long as the drug trade persist violence in the occupied colonies where afrikan people are held hostage will persist. crime and politics go hand in glove. there can be no crime without politics and no politics without crime. and i'll challenge anyone on god's used-to-be green earth to prove otherwise.


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