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The Black Panther Movie Does it Help Us, Hurt Us or It Doesn't Make a Difference

Truth and Reconciliation! Dr. Shakur deserves Parole! 



James C. McIntosh, M.D. 

Black Acupuncturist  Dr. Mutulu Shakur, 67 year old stroke survivor has been a model prisoner and done much to promote peace both inside of the prison where he is held and in the community at large.    Yet 2 years ago the state elected to hold him past his  30 year mandatory parole date.  He comes up for parole again in April and there is nothing to insure that the the state will not again elect for torture over justice and correction.  Dr. Shakur has gone on record accepting responsibility for his crimes and acknowledging that both the country as well as the people arrested during the civil rights era and black liberation movement have undergone much change and need a peace and reconciliation process to heal the country.  The question is does the country want healing or just revenge and a continuation of the dual system of injustice in the U.S. A.  A Panel of Community activists, journalists, entertainers, political representatives  and scholars will critique the movee "The Black Panther" at a rally for healer and pioneer acupuncturist Dr. Mutulu Shakur who has been incarcerated for 32 years without parole. 


To put the treatment of Dr. Shakur in context, understand that there are  mass murderers who have killed and sometimes allegedly eaten their victims who have been paroled in as little as 12 years. Richard Marquette is just one such person He would drain his victims bodies of blood, chop them up freeze them allegedly with the intent to eat later. He was arrested in June of 1961 and paroled 12 years later. 

Squeaky Fromme was a member of the notorious Manson Family. Their leader Charles Manson was arrested along with a couple of other members for the butchering of actress Sharon Tate but experts estimate this family killed dozens over the years with only some of the bodies being found. Squeaky was questioned about a couple of these murders but released because prosecutors said they lacked sufficient evidence to convict.  (Understand that there was no physical evidence which connected Dr. Shakur to the crimes for which he was convicted either. Not a fingerprint not a dreadlock nothing.  But Prosecutors accused him of being a mastermind). Squeaky was on the other hand caught at the scene of one of her crimes.  What got Squeaky arrested was trying to shoot president Gerald Ford. Unlike the model prisoner ?Dr. Shakur at his trial, Squeaky during her trial hit the DA in the face with an apple and knocked his glasses off.. -- In prison  Squeaky attacked somebody with a hammer and  in 1987  even escaped for 2 days but still  the state said she  was corrected and gave her parole   only 22 years after her escape. Sarah Jane Moore is another white lady who fired two bullets trying to shoot president Ford  and in the process hit an innocent bystander named  John Ludwig.   They asked her after she was arrested was she sorry.   These are her exact words  “I do regret I didn't succeed… I did it to create chaos.” True to her words even after incarceration she escaped from prison. After her recapture she still got out on  parole 28 years after that escape and only   32 years after trying to shoot the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES. The state  said she was  corrected and released her for parole in 2007.

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Comment by Zhana on March 15, 2018 at 5:58am

The Black Panther is more than "just a movie". It is a big-budget blockbuster which portrays African people in a positive light, which makes it a total rarity.  And it is breaking box office records. 

Positive images, including fictional ones which reflect us in a positive light, inspire us, as they reveal our true potential. This is an essential part of the process of healing of the African people.  Moreover, it is based on factual African historical information. 

Comment by Wes Barnard on March 14, 2018 at 12:04pm

The Black Panther movie is just a movie. Unfortunately, it has been a distraction from the most important issue facing the descendants of enslaved black people, us. We will spend an inordinate amount of time discussing, critiquing, interpreting, analyzing, etc this film, actually a comic book movie.

Yet, we are the same people who seem to have no interest in identifying the root cause of our deplorable condition - servants of White Europeans. Over and over again, it has been suggested that we, as a people, do the work of researching our true identity, which is the root cause of our dilemma.

Who are we? Where did we originally come from? What nation were we once part of? What was our original language? Who did we originally worship before having a White Jesus imposed upon us?

These questions merit very little attention or research on the part of the vast majority of our "best and brightest", leaving our "unwashed and ignorant masses" without a clue regarding our true identity. 

Someone said: A people without an identity is like a tree without roots - unstable and easily knocked over. Shalom family.

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