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Junious Ricardo Stanton
Wall Street Bailout = Class Warfare

“In that case the financial class will have won another battle in its long war against the producing class. It will be again as was said about the maneuvers of the Second Bank of the United States two centuries ago: ‘The bank was saved; only the people were ruined.’ Injecting throughout the world financial system their bogus and unregulated financial instruments, like collateralized debt obligations and credit-default swaps, the big New York financial houses have taken the world economy hostage. The president and Congress should strive to save the hostages, not the kidnappers. But the president and Congress have participated eagerly with the kidnappers in the total corruption of the financial system. They have staffed the regulatory agencies largely from Wall Street and then diminished financial regulation. They have let the financial houses finance presidential and congressional campaigns. They have watched haplessly as accounting firms and credit-rating agencies engaged in conflict of interest and failed to do their jobs over and over again even as corporate scandal followed corporate scandal.” Bailout Can't Hide It - The United States Is Broke By Chris Powell

Citizen reaction to the proposed Wall Street bailout has been vocal and adamant, No! It appears the AmeriKKKan people are waking from their long slumber rousing themselves from their propaganda induced stupor and saying “Hell to the No” to the scams and rip offs of the plutocratic kleptomaniacs on Wall Street and their flunkies in Washington. Now the Congress critters, all of whom are up for re-election, are scrambling to cover their behinds by making the bailout unanimous and by modifying the largest example of corporate welfare and socialism for the rich to include a few provisions to make this humongous transfer of wealth palatable to the people who are being set up to foot the bills.

Working class folks are aghast at the brazenness of the Wall Street shysters who have lied, cooked their books, run companies into the ground, who have wrecked the US economy who now come to their lapdogs in Congress to bail them out. People struggling to keep a roof over their heads, buy food and gasoline are outraged at the arrogance of the crooks and con men who thought they were so smart, so clever and so innovative who now think they can rip the people off one more time to save their sorry behinds. After 9-11, after all the lies about WMD, the disastrous and costly invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq, after how they fumbled Katrina and allowed the tanking of the US economy the people are finally saying in unison enough! At last Abraham Lincoln’s axiom “You can fool some of the people all of the time, all of the people some of the time but you can’t fool all of the people all the time” is manifesting itself and the people are stirring.

The righteous indignation we feel is because increasing numbers of us realize we are the victims of an ongoing class warfare of gigantic proportions. “Actually, Americans are waking up to what's happening to the country--as illustrated by the 2006 elections. In polls asking if Americans believe our nation is divided into ‘haves’ and ‘have-nots,’ about 50% now answer Yes. Some awakening is taking place, because that same poll question in 1988 resulted in 71% of Americans rejecting the ‘have’–‘have-not’ notion while only 26% saw a divided nation. The fat-cats don't like people using phrases like ‘class warfare,’ because it makes too apparent the decimation of the working class by the vulture capitalists. On February 17, 2008, a Washington Post editorial said: ‘We thought we’d heard the last of class warfare and populism when former North Carolina senator John Edwards bowed out of the [presidential] race.’ Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton find it expedient--given the unacknowledged economic depression staring the working class in the face--to try to sound like progressives, pretending to be defenders of people facing home forclosure and unemployment. Fortunately, there are also genuine progressives courageous enough to speak of the reality of class warfare in America and throughout the world.” Class Warfare

Letters, faxes and E-mails to Congress are overwhelmingly against a bailout of Wall Street. Keep up the pressure. Take the time to make your views known. Don’t allow the fear mongers to trick us into more corporate welfare or more robbing the poor to give to the rich schemes. The US Senate is made up of millionaires who are woefully out of touch with our reality, who could care less about us. The Congress is up for re-election in November, make them aware of our displeasure at being sold out. Yes the economy is in serious trouble, but another rush to judgement and overreaction is not what we need. What we need is a true assessment of the current situation, no more lies. We need a reasoned approach to resolving this crisis. No more knee jerk reactions to situations deliberately created by the plutocracy. Of course the last thing the ruling elites want is an aware, aroused and energized public. But the good news is the tide is turning. The people are waking, all we have to do is keep up the pressure.

The jackals in Washington are frightened of a voter backlash in November. They should be! Let’s leverage (to use a Wall Street term) that to our advantage. Keep writing, calling and faxing your representatives. We know the Congress is in Wall Street’s pocket but let’s make them sweat and think about us for a change. Let’s make them give us something in return for selling us out. We have a stake in this, let’s get active and take a stand. Things will not get better on their own. It is up to us to make a difference. The revolution will not be televised. The struggle intensifies. “Having a common enemy doesn't mysteriously create a united front. Every day in Congress, plutocratic leaders of both parties promote or vote for tax breaks for the rich or billions more for war profiteering corporations, while at the same time cut programs for working families like insurance for poor children, student loans, food stamps, veterans benefits, home heating programs for the elderly, Medicaid and Medicare. But the victims of these predatory programs do not automatically form into a united phalanx to do battle against the capitalist class.” ibid

Since we are in a class war, it’s time we fought back! Now is the time. We have an opportunity and chance to help wake folks up to what is really going on and rally for the collective good. Don’t fall for the ruling elites’ okey-doke. Don’t allow them to continue to dumb us down and insult our intelligence. We can make a difference. Study, do your homework and link with like minded folks who are committed to actively challenging this corrupt and declining system. Overcome your fears and lethargy. Without resistance and struggle there can be no change. Real change is up to us. Embody the change in consciousness you desire in the world and live in integrity to that.


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