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Mass Grave of Our Ancestors Found in South Carolina!


What will it take for a critical mass of African-Americans to hear our Ancestors cries from the countless graves in Britain --The Atlantic Ocean-- America , as well as the other countries marking the blood trail of the holocaust of enslavement and unjust enrichment? How do we give these our Ancestors reverence, acknowledgement, and last rites?! Somebody tell me... We must answer these questions!

The legacy of an inhuman trade

Michael Binyon

Halfway between the decaying slave forts of West Africa and the overgrown plantations of the New World, on the tiny island of St Helena, archaeologists have uncovered one of the largest slave graveyards anywhere in the world.

The bones of some 10,000 young Africans lie buried in the rocky valleys of this isolated British territory in the South Atlantic, victims of the ruthless trade that Britain dominated in the 18th century but fought to suppress after the abolition of slavery.

A team of British archaeologists uncovered the first graves last year after preparation had begun to build an access road to the site of the planned new airport on St Helena.

The bodies, many of them children, were discovered where they had been buried after being brought to St Helena between 1840 and 1874 by Royal Navy patrols hunting the slavers. The captured ships were forced into the island where the traders were arrested and their victims liberated. By then, however, many were already dead in the fetid holds where they had been packed together for the long journey.

Many of the survivors also died soon after they were brought to Rupert’s Valley, near the capital Jamestown. It was used as a treatment and holding depot by the navy’s West Africa Squadron. Smallpox, dysentery and other diseases claimed many of those who had endured hunger, thirst and the terrible conditions below decks.

The discovery of so many bones is of enormous importance in researching the history of slavery. Few graves have been found of captives who died before they were sold in Cuba, Brazil, the United States and other parts of the New World. The find may stimulate fresh emotional debate, especially in the US and other countries involved in the slave trade until the mid-19th century.

The excavations raise very sensitive issues, not least on St Helena itself. The island, a vital staging post on the route to India, was governed for almost 200 years by the East India Company, and slaves were used there until long after Britain outlawed the slave trade in 1807. Many St Helenians are themselves descendants of these early slaves, who remained on the island after they were freed, and there is some reluctance to acknowledge that most people can trace their origins partly to slavery as well as to the early British settlers and labourers brought in from the far corners of the British Empire.

The dig was led by Dr Andrew Pearson, an archaeologist working on behalf of the Department for International Development and the environmental consultantcy Aecom. He said the discovery will advance understanding of the 19th-century slave trade and the political machinations behind its abolition. “It will also bring a voice to a forgotten people who died in limbo, in a place physically and conceptually between freedom and slavery.�

Some 325 skeletons have been excavated. They are now being examined by a research team in Jamestown to determine their age, sex, life history and cause of death. So far, the vast majority have been males, with a significant proportion of children or young adults, some less than a year old. Often buried in groups, the individuals were occasionally interred with personal effects, jewellery and fragments of clothing, as well as a few metal tags and artefacts that relate to their enslavement and subsequent rescue. The dry conditions have led to extremely high levels of preservation and hair has been found on some skulls.

Evidence of disease or malnutrition is easy to establish. Bone specialists — osteologists — can also detect fractures, trauma, osteoarthritis annd other conditions. Many of the young captives appear to have had a hard-working life before being shipped out of Africa. Between 1840 and 1850, 15,000 Africans were landed on St Helena, of whom nearly 5,000 died. The liberation centre did not finally close until 1874.

Further research will be carried out in Britain, using, for example, isotope analysis to trace the signature in the bones left by groundwater. This may help to pinpoint some of the captives' origins. No one in the 19th century, however, could tell where the Africans came from. Naval officers could not speak their languages, and it was hard to repatriate them to their homeland.

Some of the most striking evidence of their origins, however, comes from their teeth. Most had front teeth filed in particular tribal patterns — eeither as an M or an inverted U or with a V notch cut into their front incisors. Some of the patterns were made by chipping at the teeth with stones. Often the result was infection and terrible abcesses, which left marks on the jawbones. Anthropologists may be able to relate tooth patterns to the customs of certain tribes.

The excavation in summer 2008 took 10 weeks. All the graves were found in a swath stretching a few feet on either side of where the airport road will run. Thousands more skeletons still lie in Rupert's Valley, but no more digs are planned, as there is no intention to disturb the other graves. A decision is pending whether the bodies will be reburied in Rupert's Valley, or placed within an ossuary close to their original place of burial.

An observer in 1861 described the terrible scene when a slave ship landed at Rupert's. "The whole deck, as I picked my way from end to end, in order to avoid treading on them, was thickly strewn with the dead, dying and starved bodies of what seemed to me a species of ape that I had never seen before. Yet these miserable, helpless objects being picked up from the deck and handed over the ship's side, one by one, living, dying and dead alike, were really human beings. Their arms were worn down to about the size of a walking stick. Many died as they were passed from the ship to the boat, but there was no time to separate the living from the dead."

The only consolation to those whose ancestors suffered such Belsen-like conditions is that most traders tried to keep the captives fed and fit enough to fetch good prices at the slave markets in America. The journey in sailing ships across the Atlantic took weeks, and if most had died there would have been little profit for the slavers.

The Royal Navy's West Africa Squadron was based in St Helena and Ascension Island, settled by Britain in only 1815. It was an arduous and dangerous job catching the slavers, especially as warships rarely fired on the elusive traders for fear of killing the captives. There were too few warships to patrol an enormous stretch of coast, and most were slower than the fast American-built vessels used by the traders. Only when steam warships were used did the navy really gain a decisive advantage.

Dr Pearson said the analysis of the bones will be completed by next May and the findings published by the Council for British Archaeology.

s. e. anderson is author of "The Black Holocaust for Beginners"
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Comment by KWASI Akyeampong on December 23, 2009 at 3:11pm
Here are some comments from KWASI's facebook link

Milagros Garcia Villamil likes this.

Michael Reiss The history of this country is quite scary indeed. Native Americans alone. And what followed. What are we really contributing to, looking ahead, in this supposed great society? Time for change. Time to wake up.
Yesterday at 8:58am

Tony Mcbride @large Afrika Americans are blind to the fact,we come far short in parenting our kids the CORRECT WAY!We are limiting kids ability by not providing them with enough,education-info-resources-fianance etc.The list is so huge I'll fill this page.It's scary because we have no common vision as A PEOPLE with all the HISTORY WE HOLD TO DATE,yet still NO BLK ECONOMICS has come to surface! (BANKS ect.) enough to service the masses in true need of help to compete in this SYSTEM!!!
Yesterday at 9:56am

Milagros Garcia Villamil If two people are born by the same woman, it does not
necessarily follow that they are created by
the same God.
4 hours ago

Milagros Garcia Villamil You want my thoughts..well here they are..What it will take my brother is that we come out of the bowels of the beast..We can never ever retrieve those we have lost in the inhumanity of the seave trade et/al..However, retreat as i know it is not giving up but rather transforming ou

Comment by Goddess IsIs Akkebala on December 22, 2009 at 10:21pm
written by Chief Elder Osiris Akkebala
email address:

The two method of action that we Children of our Enslaved Ancestors must use to connect and hear the voice of our Enslaved Ancestors are to reclaim our Divine Mind by changing the way we use our Mind today, a Mind usage that disconnect us from the body, Mind, and Spirit of our Enslaved Ancestors, a Mind we now use that have us to believe that there is no way we can Hear the Ancestors voice today, and that is why we have grown to be immune to what was done to our Enslaved Ancestor, by using the same Mind of those who are responsible for enslaving and slaughtering our Enslaved Ancestors.

The second method of action we can show Divine Respect to our Enslaved Ancestors and verify to them that we hear their voices of pain and suffering, is to never cease from demanding our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation, and also demand that wherever their remains are founded to be those of our Enslaved Ancestors, such is the responsibility of those Enslaved Ancestors children to demand that their Enslaved Ancestors remains be returned to Afrika, just as we have the responsibility and obligation to return our Enslaved Ancestors DNA and Spirit back to Afrika with their Reparation in our possession, and to Demand that we be given Land in Afrika that belong to those Enslaved Ancestors and now is passed on to their children for the purpose of us becoming the next State in Afrika, so that we can contribute to the action that will cause the Afrikan Nation to become reunited again and for Afrika to be for the Afrikans again.

Such must be the motivation and action of the Children of those Enslaved Ancestors and will serve as evidence that we have heard the cry coming from our Enslaved Ancestors, and that is the only way that their Spirit will come to be at peace, which is through their Children action to make it so, and this action is not depended on what the children want to do in regard to our Enslaved Ancestors, but is what we have an obligation and need to do, beloved.

Can You Understand That, Beloved?

Be Kind To Your Self, Beloved.

Divine Thought

Beloved, when you are ready for the Divine Truth to be Revealed to your Life, then follow the link below and purchase the Book that Rival the Bible, but with the Divine Truth inside of it, the Book, Divine Spirituality: Revealing Information About The Real You. Chief Elder Osiris Akkebala

To read Divine Spirituality will not be as a favor to me, but as a Need For You to do, beloved.
Divine Loving

I Am still learnring
REPARATIONS NOW (our Savior and health Care Plan)

Comment by T West on December 22, 2009 at 12:15pm
Good historical information that is relevant for today's situations.

T. West

Comment by Ngone Aw on December 22, 2009 at 10:15am
This is a very important discovery, thank you so much for posting. Did you know that the British East India Company, reorganized under Bankruptcy and is now the United Kingdom?
I learned this info listening to an International Webcast by Lyndon Larouche, he goes deep into British history. I will search for documentation and if found will post it here. One other thought, Slavery was not ended by the British, it just changed forms, from overt to covert, today The British Monetary system sits on top of and rules every Nation IE Governmnt of the world, not one of the 190 Nations on this planet, controls their own money supply, therefore their economies, it is controlled from London., via The Vatican..

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