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The Klu Klux Klan grabs a lot of headlines, but they are not to be feared. After all they are basically a powerless group of poor, un-educated white guys most of whom have no health insurance and struggle with minimum wage or other low paying jobs. They are overtly racist which is stupid and only generates hostility against them. Besides, they are relatively few in number.

On the other hand, the covert racists are abundant. Many are well educated, rich and powerful. They admit their racism only among trusted friends and cohorts. Now, these are the white racists to be feared. There might be a few racist Democrats, but generally they are Republicans.  Although they might not be “birthers”, they hate Obama. They

  • Strongly support the voter suppression of black voters
  • Seek to discredit and smear black leaders
  • Seek to discredit and smear black organisations such as “Black Lives Matter”
  • Justify the police killing of unarmed black men, women and children
  • Stereotype black people

Now President Trump has come out of the closet and joined the ranks of overt white racists to the dismay of his covert Republican cohorts. Birds of a feather flock together so Trump’s flock of  Vice President  Pence, Attorney General Sessions and other cabinet members and advisers, has pretty much had their white racist cover blown.  Some Republican big-wigs have disavowed Trump’s white racism, but  after  years of relentless obstruction of virtually everything Obama did, I am skeptical. Especially since they have all been beneficiaries of carefully crafted white backlash.

Some people might not have known that they elected a white racist president. Now they know. Does it make any difference?

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Comment by Anne M Jennings See on September 3, 2017 at 4:34pm

I am really not sure how much difference it makes. The aim of the society we are living in, whether its leaders are overt or covert racists, is to prevent people of color from achieving power. They need to keep us poor and powerless in order to remain wealthy and powerful.

Comment by Arlene Johnson on September 2, 2017 at 10:50am

It doesn't matter who you vote for; the elite win; we lose. For proof read Be sure to read the third section. You'll understand if you do.

One Black leader, while his intentions were good, was a communist. Communism will destroy the United States. See this video for proof of what it did to Venezuela: 5:30

By the way, socialism is a nice way of saying communism according to a friend in the UK who was working on her Ph.D.

As for Black Lives Matter, it was funded by George Soros, a Rothschild agent. See also what TheBlackList published last year at:

I consider myself to be a conservative who asked everyone to not vote for either Hillary or Trump. And my work for the Black community speaks for itself. Please see at least preferably more.


Arlene Johnson


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