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Obama Drama, A One Act Play

Obama Drama, A One Act Play

Unless our first black president makes a radical policy shift in his State of the Union speech, we expect he shall retire or be retired after his first four year term. We understand Hillary Clinton has informed Tavis Smiley she will not serve a second term as Secretary of State, probably so she can resume her run for president since she was so rudely interrupted by Obama.

What is clear is that our president doesn't seem to get it,… Continue

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Response to State of Union Speech--Obama Drama--The End

Response to State of Union Speech:Obama Drama--The End

YouTube - Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes - 1975 - Wake Up Everybody

Response to State of Union Speech

Obama Drama: The End

A sister on the street at my outdoor classroom came by tonight and said, "You think this is the end, cause ain't nobody got no job. I'm working part time." Well, sister, I replied, you know when you at the end of a movie, what do you see on the screen--The… Continue

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Beyond Gang Violence, toward Political Power

Beyond Gang Violence, toward Political Power

Gang violence is a senseless endeavor leading nowhere except more community trauma and suffering. It is the act of desperate men and women who cannot envision a way out of social oppression, but such oppression cannot end until the oppressed alter their mental state of stinking thinking.

We cried about how dumb President George Bush was, but dummy George wrote a three page letter and obtained nearly a trillion… Continue

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North American Africans As Haitians

The North American African As Haitian

Let us begin with the notion made by Mrs. Amina Baraka that the so-called Negro or North American African is a West Indian or has Caribbean roots since most of the kidnapped Africans were brought to the Caribbean first for the "breaking in," or brain washing/behavior modification to socialize them for eternal servitude throughout the Americas, including North America. Thus when Caribbean Africans refer to North American Africans as "you people,"… Continue

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Study Questions for the Poem Haiti, Oh, Haiti by Marvin X

Haiti, Oh, Haiti

Haiti, Oh, Haiti


rich African history

mighty in battle

in religion supreme

Haiti, Oh Haiti

defeated Spanish, French, English

your only sin

never forgiven

by devils lingering on your island in the sun

there are those who say evil shall prevail

but evil shall eat crow

this the devils shall know

Haiti, Oh Haiti


as you did the Spanish, French,… Continue

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Plato on Death in America

Plato on Death in America

America is the valley of the shadow of death. The major happening in America is death. In the North American African community, the funeral is the great ritual celebration, bar none. There are some people who make it their business to attend every funeral in town, they collect obituaries.

But what else should we expect in a war zone, in a military economy? The war in Iraq is estimated to cost three trillion dollars by the time it… Continue

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Bank the Bankers

Bank the Bankers

Bank the bankers

Fleeing Russia with pants in hand

Fleeing Wall Street cross Brooklyn Bridge

The fundamentals are sound said Bush/McCain

Then Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae bit the dust

Bank the bankers

Those communist in capitalist drag

Sharing the robbery of workers

Homeless in the snow

Bankers ski in the Alps

Gleaming Wall Street… Continue

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