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August 2008 Blog Posts (15)


Thank you for your mail and for agreeing to step-down as Chairperson of the Honorary Board and agreeing, as Kola says, ‘to remain on Board’, by being a member of the Honorary Board of the Sudan Sensitization Peace Project (SSPP)

That said and to reverse the order of proceedings, I come to the ‘Charges’ as you call them. Please do not take these questions personally. We are all in a learning curve, with some more advanced in their knowledge of Afro-Arab relations than others. The fact… Continue

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RandomThougths About Current Events

From The Ramparts

Junious Ricardo Stanton

Random Thougths About Current Events

The last few days and weeks have been historic and quite memorable. Of course I have my thoughts and opinions about much of what has happened. For one day Back Obama was the rage. His acceptance speech in Denver was watched by thirty-eight million people on televison and seen in person by seventy some thousand people. I watched at a viewing party at the Philadelphia African-American… Continue

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10 Email Marketing Tips From Arlena The ePublicist

Greetings Family,

(Contact Information At The Bottom Of The Page)

As a Digital Drummer, I'm always looking for something good to put on this virtual drum

Arlena Richardson, is a relatively new friend, I met on We Are Creative People (see I've watched this sister selfishly put out positive, proactive and empowering information for the last year.

She exemplifies what social networking is all about; sharing, supporting, and… Continue

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How To Read e-Mail Headers

Greetings Family,

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It's your friendly neighborhood "Digital Drummer"

Spam is a consistent problem in our online world. Now personally, I believe everyone has a right to tell you about their business/products/service. It is called free speech or in this case "Business Speech", and protected by Constitutional law. But that does not change the fact the Unsolicited Commercial E-mail or UCE is more then just an… Continue

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AmeriKKKan Hypocrisy KNows No Bounds

From The Ramparts

Junious Ricardo Stanton

AmeriKKKan Hypocrisy Knows No Bounds

“The idea that the U.S. can, should and must be, more or less, in a state of permanent war, and can start wars in a whole host of circumstances having nothing to do with defending the country from an attack or imminent attack, is as close to an unchallengeable, bipartisan article of faith as it gets. We're a country that fights wars and uses military force in far more places and… Continue

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Why Should We Care About What's Going On in Central Asia?

From The Ramparts

Junious Ricardo Stanton

Why Should We Care About What is Going On In Central Asia?

On one of the Websites that carries my blog/column From The Ramparts , in the post a comment section, a Sistah inquired what the significance of my posting about the situation in South Ossetia was; and what did that situation have to do with the “black cause”? First of all, the essence of my article was, we (people of African ascent) were sleeping while a… Continue

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Isaac Hayes’ Memorial Service Is Announced

Isaac Hayes’ Memorial Service Is Announced

August 13th, 2008

The R&B, soul icon passed away Sunday at the age of 65

A celebration of the life of powerhouse composer-musician Isaac Hayes will be held on Monday at Hope Presbyterian Church in…

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We Slumber While WWIII Is In The Making

From The Ramparts

Junious Ricardo Stanton

We Slumber While WWIII Is In The Making

“Last year, the Georgian president commissioned from private Israeli security firms several hundred military advisers, estimated at up to 1,000, to train the Georgian armed forces in commando, air, sea, armored and artillery combat tactics. They also offer instruction on military intelligence and security for the central regime. Tbilisi also purchased weapons, intelligence and… Continue

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BGVideoBlog #4- 'KK in the WC VIP' Catchy Ain't It..

BadGal BadGal What Ya Gonna Do ? BadGals VideoBlog number 4 for you !

Detroit Mayor Jailed; Appeal Set For Friday

Judge Revokes Bond, Suspends Travel

POSTED: 10:09 am EDT August 7, 2008
UPDATED: 8:10 pm EDT August 7, 2008…

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FaceBook Developers Fund - $25k to $250k Free Grants

Greetings Family,

(Contact Information At The Bottom Of The Page)

It's your friendly neighborhood "Digital Drummer"

As a Digital Drummer, I pass messages of interest and concern from one website to the drummers of old Africa. I picked up on the story below from the BDPA ( social networking group on CollectiveX (see

I like to write articles/posts on the opportunities created by, and… Continue

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Photos - My Fundraising For Obama at a Rustic Florida Farmers/Flea Market

Elections will be in less than 100 days! To help me reach my fundraising goals I am supplementing my online fundraising for Obama for America with offline activities, most recently at a produce and flea market. Many flea market goers are looking for necessities at the dirt cheap prices.

But I thought it was still a good idea to get out and set up a table at rustic Lakeland Farmers & Flea Market to reach more people offline. Customers who made a donation received one of my… Continue

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Another One Bites the Dust

From the Ramparts

Junious Ricardo Stanton

Another One Bites The Dust

“As doubts arise about the government/media narrative, it is becoming all too clear that Ivins' suicide – likely brought about by the unrelenting pressure brought to bear on him over many months of constant harassment by the FBI, rather than actual guilt – is the occasion for the institutional whitewashing of the FBI's almost unbelievable incompetence, which seems more like a cover-up as… Continue

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Spreading the pain and pocketing the gain

August 03, 2008 By Lee Sustar

AFTER MONTHS of wrangling, Congress finally rushed through a housing bill--legislation, its Democratic sponsors say, that will provide some relief for people whose mortgage payments have increased while the value of their homes declined.

But the real reason for the scramble to pass the long-delayed bill was a bailout for the shareholders of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, the…

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Things That Make you Go Hmmm?

From The Ramparts

Junious Ricardo Stanton

More Things That Make You Go Hmmm?

On Tuesday evening, July 29, 2008, House Resolution 194 was passed by voice vote. This bill represents the first time the federal government has apologized for slavery or segregation.The bill was first introduced in Congress by Congressman Steve Cohen (D) of Tennessee on February 22, 2007.”

You would… Continue

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Humana CEO Refuses to Join Health Insurance Peers in Opposing "Medicare-for-All"

Started by SendMeYourNews in CURRENT EVENTS AND TOPICAL ISSUES yesterday. 0 Replies

Given an opportunity today to walk back prior support for "Medicare-for-All," Humana CEO Bruce Broussard refused,…Continue

Little Provides a Big Message

Started by Junious Ricardo Stanton in The Arts on Monday. 0 Replies

Little, Provides a Big MessageJunious Ricardo Stanton             The motion picture Little opened in theaters on April 12 and is doing very well at the box office for a low budget film. As of this writing the film has grossed $15,499,000 its first…Continue

4 Objects Which You Can Polished Right When You Get New Home With Packers And Movers In Gurgaon| Instantaneous Scrubbing Places Without Even Troubling For Cloths

Started by prena sharma in Politics Apr 11. 0 Replies

Packers And Movers GurgaonLook, we know when Travelling for so long with complete #Household goods you get so hectic and restless that you want some rest and peace…Continue

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Read Olubandele Dada’s New Book “West African Folktales”, a Compilation of Legends and Fables of Africa That Reflect Its Grand Cultures to the Western World

Started by TheBlackList-Publisher in Education Apr 10. 0 Replies

Olubandele Dada, a passionate writer with an MBA from the University of Southern California and a PhD in clinical psychology…Continue

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