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Do Black women inadvertently empower the emasculation of the Black male?


The stark truth of the matter is that the “sagging pants” behavior is a direct projection of the prison industrial complex, in which males whose manhood has been compromised sag their pants to denote their sexual availability and vulnerability to other male inmates. This is no different than the prostitute who strolls the streets in the shortest, tightest skirt, propped up on the highest heels, revealing as much of their anatomy as the legal system will allow in order to…


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The Problem of Rationality in the History of African Philosophy

By   |   

Introduction ~

 The discourse on problem of rationality in African Philosophy has been associated historically with two related happenings: Western discourse in Africa and the…


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Why West Indies Is a Great Destination For Students to Study Medicines?

[By Every year, many students appears in different per-medical examinations hoping to clear them, so that they can take their first step towards becoming a medical doctor. Some of them are lucky enough to clear the exam in their first attempt while others either do not get selected or they do not get the medical institute of…


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Folding a Fitted Sheet Riddled Me.

Do you find folding fitted sheet frustrating? For me, folding fitted sheet was like solving a riddle. It really was a difficult problem to deal with. However with some tips, I was able to uncover the mystery behind it. It only involves a simple technique of puckering. It is as easy as you pucker your lips when you avoid talking with your husband.

Start folding the bed…


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Liberal Race-Card Tactics Condemned in Loretta Lynch Attorney General Confirmation Process‏


Liberal Race-Card Tactics Condemned in Loretta Lynch Attorney General Confirmation Process

Black Conservatives Call Senator Durbin's "Back of the Bus" Comment "Truly Shameful"

"True Racial Harmony Is Holding This Woman's Feet to the…


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What Makes a Home a Home?

When thinking of a home what comes to mind first? Many people would start describing a home with windows, walls, doors, floors, a roof, and a loving family inside. This may not always be the case though. Like many other words in the English language, home can have many meanings. There are also many contributing factors as to why people think of a home as they do. The biggest factor that affects someone's thoughts of what a home is, is how they grew up. This would…


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Television Values and Our World View

                                 From The Ramparts

                        Junious Ricardo Stanton

                      Television, Values and Our World View


“Everyday we are exposed to a particular lifestyle portrayed in movies, tv shows, billboards and commercials. We see people dressed a certain way,…


Added by Junious Ricardo Stanton on March 22, 2015 at 1:25pm — 1 Comment

Pension Insecurity

                              From The Ramparts   

                        Junious Ricardo Stanton

                                Pension Insecurity

“It's no secret that pension plans around the country are in trouble. The old-fashioned defined benefit plans in both the public and private sectors face funding shortages, and some radical solutions have been proposed to fix them. The trouble extends to so-called multiemployer pension plans that…


Added by Junious Ricardo Stanton on March 20, 2015 at 1:07pm — No Comments

United Nations Unveils "The Ark of Return" Memorial to Victims of Slavery

Architect Rodney Leon Designs Spiritual Place of Remembrance

The United Nations announced today the observance of the eighth International Day of Remembrance of the Victims of Slavery and the Transatlantic Slave Trade, on Wednesday, March 25, 2015. More than 15 million men,…


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McDonald's and Harlem's Fashion Row Announce 2015 Lovin' Student Fashion Design Competition

Bravo's "Fashion Queens" Host Bevy Smith Will Serve As Spokesperson

 McDonald's USA has joined forces with Harlem's Fashion Row™ (HFR) to challenge college…


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ABCs of a Realistic African Diaspora Engagement

[By Roland Holou] Almost every African country is trying to engage with its diaspora. However, when it comes to how to convince the African diaspora to work with their country of origin, the methods used are not working. One of the first…


Added by TheBlackList News on March 19, 2015 at 11:00am — No Comments

Harlem Globetrotters To Drop Water Skit From Game to bring awareness to the global water issues


Ambassadors of Goodwill™ to join World Vision to promote World Water Week and bring awareness of the world's water issues

For decades, the Harlem Globetrotters have entertained…


Added by TheBlackList-Publisher on March 15, 2015 at 7:02pm — No Comments

African American Home The Modern Day Black Power Movement

[By ]In the 60's the watchword for African Americans was Black Power. The meaning behind the term meant political, social and economic power for many disenfranchised African Americans.

Over 40 years later a new modern…


Added by TheBlackList-Publisher on March 14, 2015 at 7:30pm — No Comments

University of San Francisco’s Newest Art Exhibit Explores the Exodus of African Americans from San Francisco

The Thacher Gallery at the University of San Francisco and the 3.9 Art Collective collaborate for an exhibition that explores concepts of home and the exodus of African Americans from San Francisco and its lasting effects on art, community, and perceptions of home. “Hiraeth: the 3.9 collective searches for home” will be on display now until April 21, 2015…


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Notes from an Elder: Response against Police Terror

As I watch the march of history the forces of resistance are rising to meet the present challenges of police terror. The question is will demonstrations be enough? The outbreak of civilian demonstrations and acts of civil disobedience even in the face of outright military state mobilization has forced corporate media to stubbornly try to rewrite what millions of people see unfold before their very eyes. Rebellions…


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The Mis-Evaluation of NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo - 7 Ways To Fix the Public Education Problems in the State of New York


7 Ways To Fix the Public Education Problems in the State of New York ~

By Bernard Gassaway ~…


Added by TheBlackList-Publisher on March 11, 2015 at 9:30am — No Comments

Tim Cook has Another "Tim Cook Moment"; Denigrates Capitalism at Apple Shareholder Meeting

Comments Come After Free-Market Group Proposes Transparency Resolution Aimed at Determining Why Apple is Invested in Alternative Energy and the Risks to Shareholders and Taxpayers

Cook Attacks Profitmaking by For-Profit Companies for Second Year in a Row: Is Cook Ashamed of Profit?…


Added by SendMeYourNews on March 11, 2015 at 8:44am — No Comments

Black Conservatives Comment on Selma, "Bloody Sunday" 50th Anniversary (March 7th, 1965).

WASHINGTON, DC -- March 7 is the 50th anniversary of "Bloody Sunday," when civil rights activists were attacked by Alabama law enforcement as they tried to cross the Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma at the beginning of a march to the state capitol. Members of the …


Added by TheBlackList-Publisher on March 6, 2015 at 10:30am — 1 Comment

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REGARDING: The First Annual Freedom Passover Banquet

Started by Tziona Yisrael in Religion yesterday. 0 Replies

MY COMMENT:GIVING ALL PRAISES AND GLORY TO THE MOST HIGH CREATOR GOD OF HEAVEN AND EARTH,I greet you Shalom,Please allow me to say that PASSOVER is an AWESOME MEMORIAL for giving PRAISE and GLORY to the CREATOR GOD of Israel for bringing the…Continue

Freedom Magazine: People Who Read are a Dying Breed - a look at the lost art of reading for pleasure

Started by TheBlackList in CURRENT EVENTS AND TOPICAL ISSUES on Sunday. 0 Replies

Freedom Magazine’s March edition looks at the lost art of reading for pleasure.One in four Americans didn’t read a single book last year. And more…Continue

Foster Care: "Silence" Offers No Hope, No Purpose, No Inspiration --Foster A Voice

Started by TheBlackList-Publisher in RELATIONSHIPS Mar 21. 0 Replies

Foster Care statistics are staggering. *50% of girls in foster care get pregnant within years of aging out; *74% of former foster kids are in the US prison; *50% of fosters are incarcerated two years after aging out; *80% of youths on death row are…Continue

Tours Trekking in Nepal - Treks Himalaya

Started by Trek in Nepal in LEISURE_RECREATION_TRAVEL Mar 19. 0 Replies

Tours Trekking in Nepal is part of world adventure tourism. Natures to renew one’s own self regard, to relive oneself, to realize Nepal beauty of Treks Himalaya, to interact with its generous, friendly peoples are highlights of Nepal trekking and is…Continue

Tags: trek, travel, hiking, nepal, trekking

Custom Dress Skirt for Costumes Party

Started by crue1980 in Fashion Mar 19. 0 Replies

Blurred lights of night games, no one would like to become the most popular party queen, how a move to win? Heavy make-up may not be useful, hot body and sexy prom dresses is king,…Continue

Multicultural Youth Creating Power in STEM Industries

Started by TheBlackList-Publisher in Education Mar 19. 0 Replies

Multicultural youth creating next generation of leaders leveraging STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering Arts & Math) industries. Dramatic increases in diversity planned for Fortune 500, Tech 500 and global corporations.…Continue

Reimagining Your future: Black Engineers to Convene in Anaheim, Calif. on March 25-29‏

Started by TheBlackList-Publisher in Bulletins Mar 17. 0 Replies

 NATIONAL SOCIETY OF BLACK ENGINEERS CONVENTION SHOWCASES COMMUNITY IMPACT  -- More than 8,000 to Attend the Event, in Anaheim, Calif. --…Continue

How To Be Sure That The Moving Company Is Reliable

Started by Kuldeep Sharma in BUSINESS Mar 13. 0 Replies

When you hire any packers and movers Kolkata then you should be sure enough that you are making the right choice and right move by hiring them. Euro movers provides you many reliable companies that…Continue

Tags: Packers+and+movers+kolkata, Movers+and+packers+kolkata

Empowering the Woman in Us

Started by Joyful Living Coaching in RELATIONSHIPS Mar 12. 0 Replies

[By Rita Krocha  |   Submitted On…Continue


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