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The National Afrikan (Black) People’s Parliament - ‘Taking Responsibility, Effecting Solutions’

The National Afrikan (Balck) People’s Parliament

People Empowerment for Self-Determination!’

Taking Responsibility, Effecting Solutions’


The National Afrikan (Black) People’s Parliament (NAPP) is a nationwide, independent, representative body whose purpose is to promote, preserve and protect the best interest of Afrikan people domiciled in the UK. By ‘Afrikan’ we mean all people known as ‘Africans’, ‘Caribbean’ or ‘Black people of African origin/descent’.

The Afrikan presence in Britain has been mired in the legacies of the Ma’afa (slavery, colonialism and racism), which has distorted the positive image and contributions of Afrikans to this society and to world civilisation. Hence, Afrikans experience the worst of British injustices and disadvantages in every aspect of life (culturally, spiritually, socially, educationally, economically, scientifically, politically), which the NAPP aims to effectively address and resolve.

Aims and Objectives

  1. To mobilise all Afrikans domiciled in the UK to join and play an active role in the NAPP

  2. To forge principled and operational unity across social, organisational, ideological and religious lines for community empowerment and capacity building in every aspect of life.

  3. To be an effective, constituted and mandated ‘voice’ for Afrikans in the UK.

  4. To define, defend and develop the best interests of Afrikans in the UK, through self affirmation and institution (capacity) building, as well as campaigning and lobbying.

  5. To investigate the causes and implement solutions to the social injustices, disadvantages and maladies which disproportionately affect the Afrikan community, especially our youths.

  6. To promote awareness (especially in our youths) of the Afrikan presence in the UK, and the important historical landmarks and contributions of Afrikans to the UK and world civilisation.

  7. To promote positive images of Afrikan people, harmonious relations with other communities and constructive engagement within British society as a whole.

Operational Principles

The NAPP shall operate at local, regional and national levels, via people’s assemblies, committees and departments and in conjunction with existing Afrikan community groups, organisations and institutions; of varying social, ideological and religious persuasions. Executive powers shall be vested in an elected Leadership Council, serving by mandate of ‘the people’ under the guidance of a Council of Elders and via a system of full participation and consultation with ‘the people’.


The primary concern and focus of the NAPP shall be servicing the needs, wellbeing and protection of our young people; empowering them via appropriate education, socialisation, culturalisation and politicisation. There shall be a shadow Youth Parliament and Youth Leadership Council, fostering active youth involvement at every level.

The NAPP enshrines the principles of nation building and economic self-reliance. It is concerned with international issues, especially relating to the Afrikan world community: in Afrika, the Caribbean, Europe, Asia, North and South America, the Isles of the Pacific; or anywhere on the planet.


Contact:,; or 07908 814 152.

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