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schrieb Mulugeta Haile:
On the 121st anniversary of the battle of Adwa, I would like to
introduce you to the battle with Emperor Menelik’s fatherly
declaration of the war and the battle of Amba Lage(Fort Lage), which
is prelude to the battle of Adwa as eloquently described by His
Excellency Belatten-Geta Hiruyi W/Selassie, famous diplomat,
philosopher, and author, in his book, ‘The History of Ethiopia from
Queen Saba to the Victory of the battle of Adwa,’
“People of my country!
Up until now, God by his grace has allowed me to remain without enemy
and to expand our territory. I have ruled up to now, if I die, I will
not regret, as death is for all. So far, God has not let me down
before my enemy, and he will not fail me in future as well.
Now, an oversea enemy has come from the North to destroy the nation
which God has given us bounded by an ocean and to retain our identity
and religion. I will march to fight so prepare with your provisions to
follow me.
In my rule, I have not harmed you knowingly, hence for the sake of
your country, your wife, your children, and your religion, I ask for
your help: those of you who are able bodied with your force, and those
of you who has wealth with your wealth. Even if you do not have
strength, wealth or anything please help me with your prayers, however
if you do not follow this command, I swear in the name of ‘St.
Mariam’, I will punish you severely on my return.
I will leave Addis Ababa in Tekemet (October); People of Showa meet me
in Werilu by the middle of Tekemte. Those from Gojam, Begemedir,
Dembia, Quara and above Checheho, meet me in Ashengai. People from the
North, Welkiat and Tegedai meet me in Mekele……..   :”
                   Amba Lage(Fort Lage)
 “The battle of Ambalage was led by Ras Makonnen as a commander in
chief. Ras Makonne and Ras Mikayel on the rear side, Ras Mangesha and
Ras Alula on the right flank, Ras Wolay on the left, and Fetwarari
Gebeyehu on front headed on horses back each led their army towards to
the Italian trench.
To avoid bloodshed, Ras Makonnen wrote the following message to the
Italian Major Pietro Toselli, ‘Though I am here to fight, I still
don’t want bloodshed so I would advise you to lead your camp and
retreat. Emperor Menelik with his army is advancing swiftly please let
us avoid this preventable war. I have also unanswered letter which I
wrote to your boss, General Oreste Baratieri, I hope your help to get
the answer to my letter.’
Major Toselli’s answer was ‘The letter has reached to Geneal Baratieri
and his response would come in due course. However, if your intention
is peaceful, you should have waited in your camp for the answer.’
Ras Makonnen concluded that peaceful settlement was not attainable and
decided to proceed. Fetawrari Gebyhu’s army advance throughout the
night and at day break it reached at the Italian ditch and the Italian
started to shoot, and then the long awaited war broke out.
When the heavy sound of guns exchanged between Fetawrari Gebyhu’s army
and the Italian, the rest of the Ethiopian army advanced quickly from
all sides to join Fetawrari Gebeyhu. In a few minutes, the Italian
trench was encircled. From the left, as the Ras Wolay’s army pushed
forcefully, the Italian army started retreating to the hill and began
to fire the mortar from the distance. From the center, the Ras
Makonnen’s and Ras Michael’s armies jumped over the trench and dashed
to the hill and mixed themselves with the Italian army and fought
fiercely hand in hand with sword and shield.  From the right side, Ras
Mangesha’s and Ras Alula’s armies ran into the rear side and began a
surprise attack. Within one hour, the Italian army was completely
defeated, and tried to escape, however, the passage was too narrow so
they decided to throw themselves from 400 meters high cliff while only
a few succeeded in escaping and most of them were forced to surrender.
Major Toselli was courageous solder and refused to surrender and
fought until he was killed. The casualty from both sides were big, the
Italian lost about 3 thousands when the Ethiopian was about thousand
with many injured.
After victory, the Ethiopian solders assembled themselves in various
group and began to weep and cry to morn their dead. When Ras Mekonnen
heard the weeping and crying, he chided standing in the middle of his
army and saying, ‘My friends, this is not a time to weep but to
rejoice. It is a great honor to die for our country and for our
Emperor, instead you should address now your heroic deeds,’ upon which
the mood changed into war song and describing by exhibiting the
captives and captured weapons.
After this, Ras Makonen ordered that all dead bodies should be buried,
irrespective of the fact whether they are Ethiopians or Italians. He
personally attained the burial ceremony of Major Toselli and he
ensured that it was done honorably.
After he wrote a report to Emperor Menelik, he marched to the next
battle ground, Mekele. In his report, he mentioned that Fetawrari
Gebeyhu and Kengazmach Taffese have been detained for they had
breached the principle of the war; they laid their army into battle
with out informing to the Command Center.”
What continued in Mekele and Adwa are the history of triumph of the
united people of Ethiopia which sent a message to the Berlin
conference that divided the rest of Africa among fifty European
The Victory of Adwa could remain as an inspiring example for future
generation of Africa and peace loving people at large, that gallant
Menelik’s army and generals and soldiers stood firmly in safeguarding
their beloved country freedom as the cost of their precious lives as
the same time showed generosity to the enemy after attaining the
The torch of Adowa is still burning in the heart of every Ethiopian
and the commemoration of this year celebration is highlighted by the
youth in the city of Addis Ababa dressing like Emperor Menelike and
Empress Taiyetu.
Happy 121st anniversary!
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Date:03/10/2017 10:37 AM (GMT+03:00) 
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Subject: Re: The 121ST anniversary of the Victory of Adwa 

Thank you Mulugeta!

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Joseph in Ethiopia informed me in 1995 when I spoke with him by phone, that any journalist who seeks to write the truth is incarcerated, adding that all journalists are in jail. We have the CIA  to thank for that because it is controlling at least Ethiopia today, and likely all of Africa. I don't call that freedom. Sad for Ethiopia.


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