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Hopefully, coming out of this Area/Regional Hearing and Town Hall Meeting, the National African American Reparations Commission (NAARC) will offer some particular soulutions to our issues that everyday New Afrikans can buy-into.  With the experts in place, the NAARC should be able to breakdown these issues: 

Our Issues Are:

  1. Afrikan Cultural Deprivation Syndrome 
  2. Arts & Cultural Appropriation
  3. Community-level Healing & Repair (Reparations) – understanding our injuries resulting from our Hellacaust (Maafa) and what it will take and how to healing and repair our collective selves
  4. Human Rights & Respect for Our Humanity
  5. Drug Infestation of Our Communities
  6. Economy & Financial Literacy
  7. Educational Literacy – Book-sense and Common Sense working together.
  8. Foreign Affairs & Policy
  9. Healthcare & Mental Healthcare
  10. Self Defense & Family Protection
  11. National Security for Our Black Nation
  12. Reducing Gun Violence in & Fratricide in our community
  13. Service to Our Black Nation
  14. Unity Disrupters – All things that disconnect us from our commonalities causing us to the be american rather than New Afrikan.
  15. Political Literacy & Accountability of Representatives to the People

Short of particular soulutions, i would be concerned about NAARC's expertise.  As such, i would wonder if We needed to restart the process.

Baba A. Lukata Chikuyu

Blackucation & New Afrikan Culture Consultant

P. .O.Box 11095, MedgarEversville, ms  39283-1095




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