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African Leaders Asked to Tone Down Gay-Bashing Rhetoric Agaisnt Wishes of Their Constituents


Homophobia is sweeping through Africa, as more and more countries in the continent introduce
harsh laws designed to fight the spread of homosexuality and lesbianism in the continent.  These laws have alarmed civil rights campaigners, which have drawn a letter of protest from the co-directors of Aids-Free World, Paula Donovan and Stephen Lewis.  They cited the following countries as examples of the homophobic intolerance of the leaders in those countries:

The most important question that Africans are debating is whether homosexuality is a natural thing or whether it is one of those Western imports that Africans think they must also have, even though it is totally dangerous to their society.  Look at the increasing number of men with HIV/AIDS in Africa, as
a result of these practices. 

So should Africa accept homosexuality?  (READ MORE)



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Homosexuality is a another despicable and unnatural trait of the white race and another example of how so many weak-minded Africans are suseptable to being influenced by white society.  Negative souls tend to find it easier to inhabit white bodies, so manifestation of all sorts of unnatural and 'evil' behaviour is seen in whites more than other races...unfortunately many Africans tend to believe someone else's water is colder than their own and fall under the seductive spell of negativity pervasive within the mindset of caucasions...homosexuality being among the most disgusting of these traits. I firmly believe Africans should staunchly reject any notion of accepting homosexuality and deport to Europe those who insist on promoting political and wide-spread acceptance of this unnatural trait of the white race.

afrocentric homophobes are fond of claiming that homosexuality was the result of an alien cultural incursion and that, prior to the arrival of the whites and arabs, nary a batty bwoy could be found……

seen, seen…..


yet, among the Maale of southern Ethiopia, men who took on female roles and had sexual relationships were called ASHTIME.


among the Meru (of Kenya), same-gender loving [SGL] relationships were seen as normal. indeed, some Meru who occupied positions of religious leadership (they were known as MUGAWE) often wore women’s clothes and hairstyles. they were also sometimes married to men.


these PRECOLONIAL expressions of sexuality and gender-identity fly in the face of impassioned pronouncements within the ‘conscious’ community that SGL is un-Afrikan.


prior to the invasions – first by the arabs and then by the whites – our Ancestors understood that Spirit is in all things and manifests itself in ways too numerous to mention. as such, they saw sexual expression as fluid, rather than fixed, and were not disturbed in the slightest by SGL spiritual manifestation.


a similar worldview can be seen among the RedEarth Peoples (so-called ‘native americans’).


ironically, the ‘either/or’ essentialist dichotomies that are presently being misapplied as logical arguments by some Black folks were actually the gifts of the lesser minds with bigger weapons of destruction against whom they – the ‘conscious’ – CLAIM to stand in defiance.


let`s be clear:
since gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgendered people are most definitely to be counted amongst those who would self-identify as Black – and have been a part of OUR continental and Diasporan community from the beginning – there is no separation whatsoever between the Black struggle and the recognition of gay and lesbian humanity/ equality.


the struggle is one and the same.


…..and to embrace any other view is to put paid to any genuine aspirations for the creation of a revolutionary, liberatory pan-Afrikan movement capable of wresting our continent away from avaricious multinational interests, the IMF,World Bank and the irredeemably morally bankrupt puppet Afrikan ‘leaders’ (the vast majority of whom are little more than intermediaries between the bloated West and the vast raw resources of the Continent)...all of whom profit immensely from Black disunity.

Black folks have to realize that, in an unapologetically white supremacist society, everything about them - from the kinkiness of their hair, the fullness of their hips, lips and buttocks, the revolutionary retooling of oppressor tongues (french, english, portuguese and spanish), to the polyrhythmic dynamism of their musical forms - is and forever will be QUEER/ UNNATURAL/ ABNORMAL. whether or not we are so-called 'straight', Same Gender Loving (SGL) or transgendered won`t do a damn thing to change this fact. consider:


- when James Byrd Jr. was dragged to his death by those white boys, theydidn't stop and ask him: "are you gay?"


- when Amadou Diallo and Oscar Grant were shot down by the pigs, they didn't pause to inquire about their sexual orientation.


- when the bush administration turned its back on the Black survivors of hurricane Katrina, they didn't do a head count to ensure that they weren't overlooking the heterosexual folks.


the simple, painful truth: we - regardless of who we share our bodies/hearts with, who we vote for, the class position that we occupy, whether or not we utilize 'ebonicommunication' in polite (read: white) company - are viewed as an undifferentiated mass of dusky humanity called NIGGER. we are denied access to goods and services, ridiculed, brutalized, murdered, etc., etc., etc. because it is clearly understood that, of all of the 'races' in the human family, WE alone are the unnatural ones and, as such, are worthy recipients of inhuman treatment.


and when we ingest these crippling, divisive beliefs and then regurgitate them - clothed in the dubious finery of homophobic rhetoric - in an effort to deny equal recognition to our SGL and transgender kin, we are essentially serving the 'divide, conquer and destroy' interests of those who, not too many moons ago, derived great pleasure from seeing our kind swinging, bug-eyed and lifeless, from the boughs of trees.


we are our brothers'/ sisters' keepers. with NO exceptions. THIS is natural and normal.


any effort to tear asunder what many of our Ancestors fought and died to put together - namely, Black unity across ALL boundaries, be they of class, caste, religion, geographical location or language - is unnatural and abnormal and should be roundly condemned wherever it is seen/ heard.


understand this: we will rise or fall together. we will RISE, or FALL....TOGETHER.


despite enduring the savage caress of white supremacy for the past five centuries, we have yet to fully grasp this self-evident truth.


clearly, we still have much to learn.

revolutionary greetings,


first of all, who gave honkies the authority to say what's right and what's wrong on the mother continent? and it shouldn't even be asked whether homosexuality is a natural thing or not. that's like equating that question with were men created to have children with women? see, we have gotten so psychologically impaired by whiteness that we can't tell our ass from a hole in the ground. white folk know that they are a cancer to the entire planet, but need accomplices. hence, black people seeing the world through a psychopathological paradigm built on europeanism. and if not, then we are politically incompetent and made to feel some sense of guilt for railing against the homosexual lifestyle. and just who is the hand that directs the civil rights groups? white folk. it ain't no different than when white folk were dictating the mandates of the negro leadershit posing as leaders or impersonating a black men and women during the turbulent sixties. 


we must overstand that we are at war with a people who have not a moral bone in their bodies. their history bares this out, beginning at least between 2500-2000 B. C. when they began to take over what's now known as europe, which is no more than western asia. and it ain't a coincidence that there is a so-called greek island known as lesbos, from whence the term lesbian derived. now, ask yourself what were they doing on that island, in order for the term lesbianism to have derived from its name. it's like saying i'm a new orleanian in a geographical sense because i was born in new orleans in the southern part of the united snakes of amerikkka, where hurrikkkane amerikkka took place aka katrina.


any afrikan who even slighty entertains the whims of honkies talking about toning down their anti-homosexual stance because of moral reasons, which white folk pretend to wanna have whenever it's convienent, should be kicked out of afrika along with them homosexual-sponsoring white devils, posing as humanitarians against aids, which is another white man concoction via the military industrial complex. i've finally accepted one thing: there are a lot of afrikan people who are gonna have to be gotten rid of, if afrikan society is to ever get back to some kind of sanity barring white folk on all levels of society. and the ones i speak of are mainly those who have been lining their pockets with money that has come from the various cia-sponsored social programs under the term us-aid.


if those crackas really wanted to stop the aids pandemic, they'd be trying to put out the lights of the same military-sponsored institutions that spreaded aids throughout the motherland in the first place. like an ole saying goes, tell the truth and shame the devil!  


uhuru (freedom)!  

so how, exactly, should we address the fact that homosexuals continue to show up in Black families and communities throughout the world? clearly, the scourge is spreading and, quite possibly, gaining momentum. what is to be done?

should we:

1) kill them en masse (as the germans did to the Herero and Nama in Namibia);

2) expel them from the Black community and claim their holdings;

3) provide substantial monetary incentives for any SGL folks who forswear their (ostensibly) 'non-Afrikan' sexual orientation; or

4) forcibly sterilize those Black heterosexuals whose tainted sperm and ova led to the birth of the Black gay plague presently ravaging our people. *NOTE: this sterilization program would be extended to include all relatives of the aforementioned Black heterosexuals. the net must be cast wide, in order to ‘wipe the slate clean’, as it were.*

i feel that any or all of my suggestions woulddefinitely go a long way to eliminating many of the problems that are threatening to destroy the Black community...problems whose point of origin rests squarely at the feet of the fork-tongued agents of white supremacy - Black homosexuals.

i look forward to hearing your suggestions, Brother.

revolutionary greetings,


furthermore, any afrikan leader who gives in to the whims of them damned devils and their sly homosexual stance, will only be expressing two things: 1) he or she is lining their pockets with money supplied to them by our natural enemy, and 2) he or she is trying to indicate that their country is being held hostage by euro-amerikkkan imperialism posing as democratically friendly via the u.n.


uhuru (freedom)!  


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