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With the postponement of the 8th PAC, true Pan Africanists are in great need to directly engage our people in nations such as Nigeria, South Africa and Ethiopia. The work of Pan Africanism cannot be held hostage or be on the sideline of history observing the next move by the AU as they wait for instructions from their renewed masters in Europe and elsewhere. 

Indeed, a new breed of Garvey-Nkrumah type of proactive Pan African forces who live, breathe and breed (productive) the vision and mission of the best of our Ancestors to immediately affect and effect the direction of the above backward leaning governments who have been used to destroy Libya/Africa in collusion with colonialists, and before voted against the Union Government. This is especially true for Nigeria, a nation that is especially dictated by EUSA interests against the rest of Africa.

Leadership means taking risk for the greater good of African people and for the sake of humanity. The Garvey-Nkrumah legacy should not be purely intellectually driven into hotel suites and the walls of academia, but people organized for direct action. Our greatest outstanding, unfulfilled and recently betrayed priority is for a united states of Africa. Consequently, these Pan African patriots should immediately volunteer to work in Nigeria, South Africa and other strategic nations like Ethiopia by this January. 

Finally, please ensure Cuba receives all the support necessary from other Diaspora nations/states in terms of resources, expertees and finance to stop the Ebola pandemic. Those who are willing to participate can join us for the annual WADU Symposium in Addis during the AU January 2015 Summit  and our Summit in July 2015. Both to press for a Union Government. Please contact me directly to support this Pan African Movement action initiative! Min. Menelik  

8th Pan African Congress Postponed Amidst Ebola Threat

The Local Organising Committee of the 8th Pan African Congress, at its meeting on 26 September 2014 proposed to the International Preparatory Committee to postpone the Congress originally scheduled for 27-28 October 2014in Accra, Ghana.The proposal was made after the Committee considered the health and socio-economic situation in parts ......
Min. Menelik Harris

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This is what I find to be true:

that the forces of GOVERNMENT are doing all they can GLOBALLY to obstruct and defeat forces opposed to Colonialism as we have come to know it! Suffice to say, the US has assasinated its own citizenry on foreign soil who stand against this evil. And on the other hand, we see starched support by governments to rebel forces intent on ousting their own goevernments! What a dichotomic conspiracy it is bECAUSE those same rebels will one day become the enemy of those to whom they dealt so dispicably with against their own native homeland. Its a vicious cycle of self destructive behavior and DIRTY WAR~knowing that it will eventually all come back to destroy you; as you come to know the part you played in your own demise!

So let us resolve to be ever careful in what we accept from those who we know have only an intent to usurp our inheritance, resources, future and/or existance as well. For we know that ONLY GOD is love, life and happiness; and Man only comes to rob, maim, steal and kill.


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