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Questions as to whether Reparations can be achieved via the political process

Mike McFadden
Jul 2, 2011 1:22 PM

I have a question as we move forward. People who read the Reparations 
Listserv know that I have serious questions as to whether Reparations can be 
achieved via the political process. As I have attempted to make clear, when 
the current Congress is so completely dominated by white males (86% & 87%, 
respectively) Reparations is not obtainable via the political process unless 
or until we can change the cultural dynamic that exist in the country today.
While others apparently feel differently, I haven't seen any arguments that 
support that perspective. Perhaps they don't feel differently, but they 
believe that people who support reparations must critique black politicians 
who don't support reparations, right historic wrongs short of reparations 
(American imperialism, the prison industrial complex, ect...), or who don't 
advocate for special policies (Urban jobs) to counteract the special burdens 
(black unemployment) that have been immorally imposed against our communities!
It has been determined that the failure to do these things, or to attempt 
them in the absence of being able to do them, defines who is or is not an 
enemy of our communities.   In fact, it appears that even attempting to do 
these things is not enough if the attempt is not successful.   Government 
structure, Congressional opposition and cultural intransience are mere 
excuses used by delusional apologist (or spies) who have another agenda!    
Because of the aforementioned congressional make up, the current 
cultural/political leanings of the majority of Americans (media included) and 
the implications this stance may have on the vast majority of our people, I 
disagree with this perspective.   But so what….
The people who embrace this perspective are well meaning, but I just think it 
is a mistake to ignore the practical political intricacies, and dire 
practical consequences that may result there from. I see it as defining the 
parameters of blackness for folks who must consider things that are 
frequently beyond our comprehension. Not to suggest that we don't have the 
intellectual ability to comprehend, but it appears some reject such 
considerations as mere excuses and those who argue that our analysis must be 
more comprehensive, strategic and sophisticated are either color struck, 
delusional, Toms or worse.
The fact that I disagree with many of these folks is not particularly 
relevant. The fact is they are some of the most respected voices on this 
Listserv (in the larger movement) and people, because of what I know about 
them (their bio) I also respect. While conceding nothing on this point, I 
must admit that I have been wrong before, so...
My question going forward is a little broader. While many express their 
disappointment/disgust/anger at the President, I assume they still see him as 
black and so I wonder if we should have an opinion on how he is treated by 
forces that some see him as being aligned with, but that continue to harm our 
The Republican leader in the Senate has said that his "#1 
legislative/political priority is to make him a 1 term president"! Now the 
media can't seem to understand this, but the only way a sitting President 
doesn't get re-elected is if his policies fail. If the president's policies 
fail, they fail to improve the condition of the American people! There is no 
logical path for the president to fail and the American people to succeed!
Yet the people (Republicans/white folks) and the institution (the media) whom 
he is said to be “Tomming” for ignore this unassailable fact. It seems that 
many of his critics in our community have ignored this too. President Obama 
is the only President to be shouted down ("You Lie") while making a speech 
before Congress, but all allegations that this was racism were dismissed 
because the offending white Congressmen's wife (using her ex-ray vision) said 
he didn't have a racist bone in his body!   Setting aside what I think about 
this Southern white male’s skeletal structure, I guess if your not racist to 
the bone, your not a racist!
Just last week a respected and widely heralded political pundit/analyst and 
best selling author said the President was acting kinda "like a di*@ on 
national TV and the fact that everyone on the set was white or any notion of 
race playing a part in this has never been mentioned! Again, I thought this 
was a strange way for the powers that be to treat their water boy, but 
perhaps they are so inundated with their obsession over race that they can't 
control themselves any longer. I say any longer because obviously they were 
able to control themselves when the hatched their plan to use this despised 
black man to do their bidding, but now....
Feeding into another argument I have previously made, it seems that one 
option may be to point out that these folks are so obsessed with race that 
they take positions that hurt their (white) constituents!   They vote against 
policies they once supported simply because they fear it might work and the 
president might get credit!   I guess it’s


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"Reparations is not obtainable via the political process unless 
or until we can change the cultural dynamic that exist in the country today."

I agree with you, because, first and foremost, courts do not have the authority to deal with political issues, also, the eleventh Amendment to the Cons-titution stripped the courts of Judicial power after the bankruptcy of 1933. Second, Con-gress is a sub-corporation, subject to US INC, a foreign corporation with jurisdiction limited to the District Of Columbia, and since it is these foreign corporations, that we mistake for dejure government that are the ones responsible for the crimes committed against our Ancestors humanity, identity & birth right theft, and by extension our own, as the crimes continue today, under the unlawful 14TH Amendment, and color of law, masquerading as lawful government.

Racism, is a construct to perpetuate a diversion away from understanding, who we are and understanding who they are and the operation of the Law Of Nations. For example, where is the land of the "white nations" or the land of the "black nations?"  Who in the United Nations represents the "white nations and or the "black nations"?  


They hide their real identity so we will not remember our own. They are Europeans, not "whites" and when we refer to them in the proper manner, we can then see they are foreigners occupying stolen lands..They are operating in Admiralty Maritime capacity. If someone stole your Mothers property and stayed for 500 years, they do not become your cousins.


The Law Of The Sea, (Holy See Vatican-UNIDROIT) which is a military occupying force...not a dejure government. Because we do not have proper persona, as the unlawful 14TH amendment of 1868, imposed "national status on our Ancestors and by extention us,  we have no standing in law.  


"Governmental assignment of a dollar value to the heads of citizens began on July 14, 1862 when President Lincoln offered 6 percent interest bearing-bonds to states who freed their slaves on a "per head" basis.  This practice of valuating humans (cattle?) continues today with our current system of debt-based currency reliant upon a steady stream of fresh new chattels to back it."

Additional Birth Certificate Research


Structure of the Birth Certificate


The 14TH amendment citizenship was created by con-gress under martial law and is a franchise, that established an artificial PERSON status under color of law. So we today are Wards of the defacto government, (con-gress) who think we have rights, but do not, "civil rights" are civily, IE Roman slave laws. So as long as we have B.C. drivers license, SS# etc, we will not get reparations, we must come back into our proper identity and declare our natural status and true nationality. For more in depth explanation see video series below:  (Don't let the title fool you, it is about much more than that)


Note: attached video series pt 1 of 14 ?  & pt 2 of 16 videos,  (total 30)


Well worth the time invested. 





Yes We Can Demand and Win Reparations

It’s been a long time since I read the NCOBRA List serve, so I am not sure about what’s being said there, however, I think that it is essential that we be reminded of what reparations are.  First of all reparations means to heal and repair, and this is something that we can and must begin to do for ourselves, regardless of the cultural makeup of the United States Congress.  It is my sense that if we fail to address this issue of self healing, we will have completely overlooked the single most important aspect of reparations.

I realize that we are due compensation for the wrong that has been done to our people by the government of this nation, however, I further believe that we must not have our focus and efforts misdirected by overlooking, the role that we must play in our own recovery, for without our participation in that aspect of reparations, we will have defeated ourselves.

I sincerely believe that we must remonstrate and petition before the bar of justice, and in the halls of congress for that which we are justly entitled, however, I it is my honest opinion that these efforts in support of HR.40 authored by Congressman John R. Conyers JR. , must be accompanied by persistent and constant demand from the 30 to 50 million African descendants for whom these presents have been filed, and are being argued.




It is imperative that we have, across this nation, conferences and town hall meetings to keep our communities informed, and get their input about how things are progressing in their towns and cities.  We must not be naïve enough to believe that we will get this done by simply wishing, and hoping that others will do this for us, and that all we have to do is wait until they rule in our favor.

In addition to what is being on the national level, we must work to get slavery disclosure ordinances in place in the towns, cities and states where we live, by securing the co-operation of our local and State Representatives, as has been done in Chicago, California, Virginia, and Texas.

The government knows that these demands are right and just!  We must not be afraid to stand up and speak truth to power.  Freedom is our birthright!  We must demand it!

Reparations Now!

Asafo Asante Diop 


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