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Luis Moreno-Ocampo
Information and Evidence Unit
Office of the Prosecutor
Post Office Box 19519
2500 CM The Hague
The Netherlands
Your official duties are described below and based on this description I am referring you to the admission by NATO and claims by Libyan officials that NATO in the war being led by the French President Sarkozy and the British Prime Minister, that Libyan civilians have been targetted and slaughtered by NATO airstrikes and that credible reports lists the genocide against Negro Libyans by NATO backed Al Qaeda forces leads me to wonder why no arrest warrant has been issued for both the French President and the British Prime Minister and the commanders of NATO! Refusing to act on this matter makes the Court looks like a racist arm of Europe,largely targetting negroes while winking at the killings committed by NATO Caucasians.
  • The Office of the Prosecutor is responsible for receiving referrals and any substantiated information on crimes within the jurisdiction of the Court, for examining them and for conducting investigations and prosecutions before the Court. The Office is headed by the Prosecutor, Luis Moreno-Ocampo ( Argentina ), who was elected by the States Parties for a term of nine years.


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  1. Tripoli, Libya (CNN) -- NATO airstrikes hit a bakery and a restaurant in the Libyan city of al-Brega Saturday, killing 15 civilians, a Libyan government ...​libya.war/index.html - Cached
  2. SORMAN, Libya -- A NATO air strike west of Tripoli on Monday killed three children and 12 others, Libyan government spokesman Moussa Ibrahim said, in new claims that were ...​nato_raid_kills... - Cached
  3. Libya has accused Nato of killing at least five people in an air strike that hit a house in the capital Tripoli. A three-storey house was badly damaged at the scene ...​13826976 - Cached
  4. It was the latest outcry from Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi's government blaming NATO for killing civilians amid a four-month uprising that has sparked a civil war.​Libyan-state-media... - Cached
  5. [Jun 21, 2011] The Libyan government says 19 civilians have been killed in a NATO air strike on the home of one of Muammar Gaddafi's top officials, a day after the ...​06/... - Cached
  6. TRIPOLI (Reuters) – Libyan officials said on Sunday a NATO strike had hit a civilian house in the capital Tripoli, killing nine residents. NATO said it ...​libya - Cached
  7. TRIPOLI — A day after an errant airstrike killed several civilians in a residence in Tripoli, Libyan officials on Monday accused NATO of killing 15 noncombatants ...​officials-accuse... - Cached
  8. TRIPOLI, LibyaNATO said a coalition bomb misfired into a residential neighborhood of Tripoli early Sunday and killed civilians, an acknowledgment that is likely ...​east/nato-says... - Cached
  9. [Jun 20, 2011] ... in a NATO air strike on the home of one of Muammar Gaddafi's top officials, a day after NATO admitted killing civilians in a separate aerial attack. Libyan ... ( 13 Comments )​libya-idUSTRE7270... - Cached
  10. Libya's government said NATO warplanes struck a ... alleged strike, Libya's Health Ministry said 856 civilians had been killed in NATO air ... Syrian Forces Kill 20 in ...​says-nato-air... - Cached

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