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Why don't the police shoot White men but shoot and wound men and shoot and kill Black men?

Why don't the police shoot White men but shoot and wound men and shoot and kill Black men? Why aren't Black men men? ~Kwasi #sophic #whyblackmenarentmen

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Here's One Solution To Stop Racist White Cops Killing Black African Americans: 

Communities must create a Ballot Initiative and gather signatures to change each State's Constitution.  
The Initiative should Require all Law Enforcement Officers to replace the first 6 Lethal Bullets with 6 Nonlethal Bullets. If after firing 6 Nonlethal Bullets and the person is not down, they can use the other Lethal Bullets, but only aim toward the Leg Area. Aim at any other location on the human's body will be considered as an attempt to Kill another Human Being and that is not acceptable. To do so, will automatically require an Independent Investigation and Federal Prosecution for Attempted Murder or First Degree Murder. Those who can not follow this new law are homicidal and should not be employed in law enforcement in the 21st Century.


Have you noticed that you have not the question?
The question is:
Why don't the police shoot White men but shoot and wound men and shoot and kill Black men? Why aren't Black men men? 

And why are the police killing Black women? 

Black men is a generic term for Black people - men and women.

So why does the police shoot and wound people?
Why don't the police shoot white people?

And, why does the police shoot and kill Black people?

The police do kill white people.  (Bear in mind, shooting is not the only way the police kill people.  They smothered Joy Gardner, as they did Eric Garner.)  But they kill Black people - men and women - in disproportionate numbers.  This is true on both sides of the Atlantic. 

The answer to your question, in one word, is racism.  The police fear Black people because they have been conditioned to do so.  This is a reflection of the attidues in the wider society.  As Doreen Lawrence said, the police have institutionalized racism.  Racism is institutionalized within the police force.  And white people are conditioned to fear Black people so when they see a Black person, they react with fear.  This is what happened in the Trayvon killing - the killer said he was scared of Black people.  (My advice is, get over it.  But that's another thing.)  Trayvon's family did not receive justice in the courts, as I am sure you know. 

I don't know if you have seen the film Injustice, but it follows several famiies whose  members who were killed by the police, and most of the families are Black, but one is white.  They are Irish, which reflects the way Irish people are seen in Britain.  He was walking through Brixton in South London carrying a wooden table leg, and they shot him dead.  I was not aware that it was a capital offence to carry a table leg, but there you go.  All of these families are still fighting for justice. 

We need to break down the group mentality which is behind all of these killings and is also behind the fact that disproportionate numbers of Black people are incarcerated - again, this is true on both sides of the Atlantic.

For more information, see:  Ken Fero on Deaths in Police Custody.

See also:  Protecting Our Communities


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