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What's freedom to you, you as an individual?
Are you free?

If you are not free, when will you be free.
What will you give up to be free, if you are not free.
When will you do that?
Who is responsible for your freedom?

If you are free, what is the source of your freedom?

This is an opportunity to be truthful and introspective - not theoretical.
No rhetoric, please.
This is an opportunity for you to speak and share about you, not others.
This question about freedom is about you and you alone - you the individual.

So what's freedom to you?

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For me, freedom is a balance between personal liberty and social stability.

The source of my freedom is my perception.
I am free so long as I am able to think and made decisions for myself. I have freedom in my thoughts and my actions. My true freedom comes from my creative mind. Nefertari.
There is a false profane freedom and there is a Divine, harmony, order, and balance freedom. I will speak on both and what Divine freedom means to me.

Divine Mental Freedom to Me.

Means that I have returned to my Once Original Divine right mind-set, the mind-set our people came to Space Ship Planet earth with, before the oppressors lobotomized our people minds.

Divine Mental Freedom to Me.

Is to Know, not believe, the difference between what is Profane and Divine, the two dualities to our being, one hell and the other heaven.

Divine Freedom to me means, to be a Divine Free Critical Thinker, lien holder of my own Temple Domain (Conscious), non conformist to evil man made ideas and concepts.

Divine Freedom to me means to be in the Knowing and not profane parasite (ego) slave/captivity hell duality to our being, not mentally operating in beliefs, faith, hope...and the likes of.

Divine Mental Freedom to me is knowing, What the Divine Intelligent Ethereal Essence Intelligent Energy that revealed/created us which is not a "he".

Divine Mental Freedom to me is.

Knowing that I am interconnected to the All there was, is, and to come.

Being able to SEE when I look at anything.

Knowing that, in me that the All there is also within me.

Knowing there is more than just (5) senses in my being.

Knowing the difference between lies and deception and Divine Truth/Reality.

Knowing the quality of my own my thoughts and those of others. Reading others mind thoughts, which is revealed in others conduct, behavior, and actions.

Knowing that I did not come to earth to suffer and be in pain.

Knowing the difference between sane and insane.

Knowing that heaven and hell is a mind-set.

Knowing what and who the devils are on/in earth.

Knowing the Cosmic Universe/Nature and studying the planets and stars above in order to find the common link between the outer Universe and the Universe within me.

Knowing how to Channel/Remote view so I can see and know what is and what is not.

Knowing how to reconnect to the Divine Intelligent Source that revealed/created me/us.

Knowing the Divine Truth/Reality and the profane truth/false realities/illusions.

Knowing and listening to our Cosmic Ancient ancestors (within) for Divine guidance.

Knowing about the Elements in the Universe and the roles they play in the Universe and my/our lives.

Knowing and studying astrology, astronomy, metaphysics, quantum physics, quantum mechanics...and the likes of.

Knowing that woman/man is a microcosm of the macrocosm. In other words, that people are a miniature Universe of the larger Universe. I/we created in Harmony with Nature.

Knowing and Being the Statue of Salvation, Liberation, and Freedom as an Individual for the world to See and be.

Knowing that I do not have to die being a copy of something, and that I will die and Original.

Knowing that I am not MIND Control by evil forces.

Knowing and studying the Mind and how the Mind operates/functions.

Divine Mental Freedom to me means.

To accept Divine Truth/Reality from whoever/whatever source Divine Truth/Reality comes from.

Divine True Freedom to me is, knowing that our enslaved ancestors SACRED REPARTIONS NOW Will Set Us Free.

Divine Mental Freedom to me means.

I know what I know

I do not know what I do not know

I (Believe) nothing

I Am still learning.

I am a student of Life.

Divine Mental Freedom to me means.

BE the Divinity True Spiritual Freedom.

I am my own prophecy, how I act and respond to my life condition becomes the verifier of the prophecy of me.

REPARATIONS NOW, or, we need to start preparing to go out of the Black Afrikaans people business.
Freedom to me is being ; conscious of my consciousness .


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