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What do you need/want to fulfill your life's purpose?


No rhetoric welcomed!

This is an opportunity to be powerfully in touch with reality.

Use this opportunity to be open, truthful and honest and to call to upon the resource of our community.

Next working works.


So, what do you need/want to fulfill your life's purpose?



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At this juncture I have my structual foundation in order ; spirit , family , land , water , cyber space . I feel " TIME " is the medium that is crucial .Iam a " timebinder " . every thing in time . I desire the science of " Time/Timing en de name ob de " KONKER " . 


Thanks for participating and contribution to the conversation.

However, I do not get what you need or want.

Are you saying that you need to master managing your time?

Tell me, tell the universe.




Greetings Joe,

Here is something to think about:

We have all been given the same amount of time.  There is no such thing as time management because time cannot be managed.  It is infinite.  We can only manage our activities during the time afforded us - as long as we live. 

We can only manage activities - not time.




Peggy Burns (aka Nana Peggy)


Greetings Everyone,


It is important that I mention, at the outset, that my purpose in life is people-oriented - in that I consider myself a servant.  Whatever I do, I do having others in mind.  Therefore, my mission is to be of service for the good of the downtrodden.  My aim is to teach them to transition from a state of dependency to that of self-sustainment.


I have the burning desire/passion to pursue my "Vision I" for success and I am already engaged in the preliminary step in that direction.  However, the missing key element is a coach/mentor.  To fulfill my life's purpose I require a successful someone, a person of integrity, who will help me to construct a success template which will lead me to accomplish "Vision I".  Following that, I will use the same template for my successive visions.  Are you that coach/mentor?  If not, whom do you know?  


I eagerly await your response.




Peggy Burns (aka Nana Peggy)



E-mail Address: 

Nana Peggy, 

Thanks you for being straight and open.

I am willing to be a coach and committed listener for the fulfillment of your vision and purpose.

I'll be in touch.



I need the tool call cash money!  I am satisfied with my life and I knw where I am going and what I want to do! I have a great career but I recently started a new business

Positivity Productions and what I need now is money to further it! 

Aisha, thanks for participating and sharing.

Money as a "tool" is a key ingredient in the success of any business.

With all the money in the world many business and business people will fail.

It  is not the "tool" that creates and produces the result.

The users of the "tool' is responsible for all results.


How many times have you been asked what do you need to fulfill on your purpose, vision and dream?

Producing the results you intend begins now, this moment, in this forum and on this network(NETWORK).

Tell me about your business, sell me on your dream, share your vision with us.

What's the status of your your business.

Dare to tell it like it is - the facts.

Go ahead.

Give us the lowdown about the business and being in business.







I found it interesting that my purpose (astrologically speaking) has been to take responsibility for my roots, family, and to explore how my identity contributes to the structure, integrity and traditions of my ancestors. I believe I am fortunate to have chosen this path early in my life, because I'm not sure I would have believed it when I read it in an astrological reading. 


I am also fortunate that in consciously embracing this purpose, my family has shown a grateful and loving response to my efforts and research. It seems that what we deeply want, wants us! What I "need/want" is to continue connecting the four lines of my family ancestry to West African traditions, identify my great grandfather to the Canary Islands, and from there to the ancient Cushites.


Therefore, it would be nice to engage in discussion with those who are familiar with the works of "Jacob Bryant", "Gerald Massey", and "Alan Alford."

Roger, thanks for participating.

Thank you for being one who is building and maintaining family ties, traditions and relationships.

I get that you are interested in the geneology of your family.

There are websites and agents available to facilitate searches to recreate one's family tree uncover one's roots.


I am not familiar with the 3 gentlemen you named.

I am also not personally versed in you field of interest.

Being curious, I Googled "Alan Alford" and uncovered a wealth of info.


I applaud you for being committed to and intentional in fulfilling a purpose.

You  have my support and encouragement.


Thanks for being here,

My pleasure . . . I enjoy the site! It is almost hard to keep up!!


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