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How do I, especially on African Liberation Day, rail against slavery and imperialism then welcome Mauritania and Arab States into the family of African Nations?

Paradox: How do I, especially on African Liberation Day (Africa Day), rail against slavery, colonialism and imperialism then embrace and welcome Mauritania and the North African Arab States into the family of African Nations? #sophic #AfricaDay

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Simple. We cannot. None of us are free. If one of us is chained, then none of us are free.

Easy answer...You cannot!

Arab slave masters...even when they  have their mixed, Afro-Arab children doing their dirty work for them...are just as bad as Western Eur-Asian (aka European) slave masters & imperialist.  To favor one over the other is not to be pro-Black...just anti-Western.  Unfortunately, most of us African/Black folks living in the Western hemisphere fall into the latter category.

About 800 years prior to the Western Europeans, the Arabs began what we now consider the "Transatlantic Slave trade", by their creation of the Eastern slave trade.  From calling Black folks "Eve's Porch Monkey" in Palistine, to the Sudan becoming more and more Arabanized, the genocide against Africans by Arabs is just as bad, perhaps even worse considering the 800 year head start...than that of Western Eurasians!

Hope lies in the fact that some our folks don't fall for the East verses West foolishness...but are truly Pan-African/pro-Black. Some of progress further, to what Baba Amefika Geuka calls "Practical Nationalism".  Concerning that, we are pressing forward to find a least 1 million more just like us, so we can do practical self-empowerment!





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