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What would life be like for you when you identify yourself exclusively as American and not as African American?

Please look and then say (tell me) what would life be like for you in the United States of America when you cease identifying yourself as  African American begin identifying yourself at all times as American.




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Why worry. The Negro, the Afro, the Black, the Soul and etc., none has reference to Africa, except perharps Afro.  Thanks to Rev. Jesse Jackson of Chicago who when he returned from Abacha's Nigeria called a press conference and announce in clear voice that "From now on call us African Americans". That was yesterday to me but to the young people in the developing years, they have no clue that the main goal of Europeans and Arabs is to cut off completely, the racial identity of Africans in America from their ROOTS. They started with change of name for once a name of a person is changed, he looses identity with his people and that is why so many Africans in America look like my family members yet they have no feelings for Africans, they have been deAfricanized by Europeans and Arabs. Why the Europeans have aligned themselves to Europe, Chinese to Chana, Koreans to Korea, Russians to Russia and etc but Africans in America have not been able to identify themselves until Abacha told Jesse Jackson that it is a horrible historical incident that the Africans in America have refused to be part of their ROOTS.  If only you know how our brothers and sisters have been brain washed into believing that Africa is the scum of the world, then you will know the obstacles facing racial identification of the Africans in America.  It is a burden that only deserves divine intervention for lack of racial identification to the rich cultures in Africa have rendered the Africans almost culturaless and humaness. We are complelled to be Europeans or Arabs and thanks to recent ignorance most of us are now turning to Arabs or Muslims for Arabs and Muslims are the same, for who in his right mind identifies with Africa for Africa is behind us. Is it true that Africa is behind the Negroes in America? Color is natural. All animals have colors. But woe unto any animals that put on wrong color.  Putting on the wrong color is the burden of all animals because no animal can change color for it is the only identification God has given to mankin. It is the coming together of colors that is the greatest obstacle of humanity but it is the best of mankind, for we have found that blending colors bring the  best in humanity.  All colors came from BLACK. Scientists have found that mankind originated from Africa. Lucy and her mother were found in Ethiopia, the home of all peoples. Blacks as well as whites are uniting to build a better more productive world.  Africa and the descendants of  Africa scattered all over the world will save humanity one day.  By Kofi

Thanks for your statement.

That, however, is not our topic of enquiry, this week.

Thank you.





If the black community hadn't a disruptive past history through the whites it would be as need to say calling blacks American. Every thing needs a reason- afro-american became a reason. Wish to be stupid enough to say this. Sometimes I am. and want to learn the real reason. I'm stumble with the question afro caribbean-if my language is Papiamentu and not english still feel caribbean (slave and link st.martin, born curacolenean talking english and papiamentu. what a disaster not being acknowledged sufficiantly by afro ameicans or americans. A famous political leader fighting for justice and name it...was assassinted, CNN knows bout it but keeps quiet. We know a minor city murder of yours. We know what are (me) afro amer. and americans. I have studied this book from Sidney Poitier and whaw....

I would not know how to properly identify myself, as I would have no cultural roots. I would have no heritage with which to define myself. I would be lost.

You have more heritage and culture than I could read from your black poems and history and so on. 

Kwasi. Thank you for being out there. It must be that you are there for the right reason, but as a very important player in this what it seems to be a game I wonder about you. My friend, what is your direction? I am not going to go into this, because it will only bring headache. I am just going to say this. If we should consider ourselves solely and exclusively American we have and will not have anything to gain. Most likely in the days of George Washington we had patriots and of course who you want to be Americans were slaves, be they free or still enslaved. In  case you do not understand America is a melting pot and when the pot melts the water falls into a container, but of course the people who you want to be considered Americans have no container, hence they are always leaking and wasting away. America is made up of people from all walks of life and they except for the people who you consider Americans have nitches. They get their support from among themselves. America is made up of a small number of families who control all the resources, money and wealth. They control this wealth by not investing far from their nest. America is made up of corporations that thrive off the braindrain and capital flight of the people you want to be exclusively Americans and not exclusively themselves. America is made up of people of all kinds of religion which we support through freedom of religion, the only freedom of religion that people you want to be exclusively Americans have is the Catholic religion and the Anglo Saxon protestants and we called this the yoke. The people you consider Americans bear the yoke of their oppressors. If they think out of this block they are said to commit blasphemy. It pains me to be writing this well college trained people appear ignorant of the facts which make me look like  a hater of which I am not. I am just tired of the people who I need to associate with rejecting themselves and becoming not only victims, but their own enemies. Wake up, when will we wake up and see we have to have a strong group base before we can be respectable Americans and enjoy the privileges and honor that go with it? There is a lot to know, understand and take action and like a household we have to get together and start not only thinking conversation of being free, but conversation of strong support for our group. I do not think that America as it is right now can or will ever offer the people you want to consider Americans, but very little. Look around you. the schools, the jails and prisons, the crime, the poverty, the begging for crumbs, the homelessness etc. Are you intending of becoming the stork and bury your head in the sand? It is time for more than conversation to being free!


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