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The words black and white when use to refer to a person leave me nauseous.
I will NEVER use the words black or white when referring to a person.
~Kwasi #racism #race #kwasipix#humanbeing

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Uhuru Kwasi,

How will not using the word "white" stop the fact that it is a legal classification created by a group of RWS in 1681 misegenation laws?  "black" has no standing in law.  Neither of these terms are appropriate I agree with you. As we know, there is no biological basis for different "races", it is a social construct.

I'm curious why the words make you nauseous? 

Until we find a way to replace the global system of RWS with Justice, I'm afraid our tummies will continue to experience the discomfort you have described.  "He who defines rules"

The RWS ruling class that continue to classify "white" as American and others as hypenated is a continuation of the method in maintaining injustice . According to Attorney Zulu Shabazz the legal term for the 2020 census for "blacks" will be African-American, which in my view is still a tactic to maintain "white" as the only Americans. This of course is false as they are invaders.  

Power is the ability to define reality and to convince other people that it is their definition.” ~Dr. Wade Nobles

You may find this document on ETHNICITY AND RACE IDENTIFICATION of interest. sf181.pdf /

http:/// /


Black or African American - A person having origins in any of the black racial groups of Africa. 

White - A person having origins in any of the original peoples of Europe, the Middle East, or
North Africa. 

1681 - The Invention of Race: The Laws that Changed the World!


I do not use those mentioned classifications. That's a fact.

Try it. Experience the impact.

If "He who defines rules", what's to be said about "What MAN has do, MAN can do"? ( said Marcus Garvey. 

Likewise what Man has done Man can undo. 

Try it.

Who am I that that I CAN NOT....


Stand up and be man lie any other man.

Kwasi, nothing I wrote was intended to imply your not a man, nor to deny your right to not use the words "white" and "black" to describe persons. I even agreed with you; 

"Neither of these terms are appropriate I agree with you. As we know, there is no biological basis for different "races", it is a social construct."

Take your tummy medicine, and have a great night.

Thank you!

Nothing I say is personal except what I say I am doing.

"Man" is the 7.4 billion humans not me our you as individuals.

It is not the terms - black a white - that are abhorrent.

It is impact and the inherent sense of superiority, difference and exceptionalism that's enshrined by these classification.

Thank you for clarity, it is indeed the context of global racism white supremacy that created the dichotomy of "black and white" for the purpose of maintianing dominance and control. It is we who must eliminate the system, I wish I knew how.


I know you know how.

Remember, everything that exist exist in language - spoken into existence.

Change your language change your experience of the world and the world around you change.

The word, word, language is everything.

Language creates.

Thank you Kwasi, it is true and thank you for the reminder.


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