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The Newark AntiViolence Coalition is stunned beyond words to learn of the passing of our beloved warrior elder Amiri Baraka!
He was not just the father of our beloved brother and original leader Ras Baraka, whom we now must rally around in the most serious way. He too was a father, who lost a daughter, Shani, to gun violence, and who also nearly lost a son, Ahi, to gun violence as well. It is no wonder that it was his son, Ras, who would be the one to originally bring us together!
Even though he was in his late seventies, he was with us on the streets at many of our most critical turns, like when we shut down Broad and Market the first time back in 2009!
He was truly a giant among us!
We are truly grateful for the trails he blazed for us. We pray that we make a difference on this difficult and dangerous front, blazing trails of peace and justice in this city that he loved so much.
We salute you, sir…
The Newark Anti-Violence Coalition (NAVC)
(908) 605-NAVC / newark antiviolencecoalition /newarkanti-violencecoalition group



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                The drum has sounded!
          A trailblazing warrior has left us! A man who I loved like a father...
                The Imamu!...Amiri Baraka!...
                He was likely greeted in 'the Land of the Ancestors' by the hand and smile of his daughter Shani and then led to a Mardi Gras romp, orchestrated by none other than Sun Ra himself, that is literally outta this world!
          May those of us who loved him, those of us who served with him, those of us who learned from him, those of us whom he entrusted with doing our work well and answering whenever he needed us, may we all do enough in this historical moment, in this time that we are now responsible for, standing on his strong shoulders, to honor those who came before us, by making things better for our children and for our beautiful ones not yet born, and thereby earning the right to see him again...
          I love you, Baba!
          Long live the Imamu!
          Cubs! To the front!
          Seize the time!
          This is our time!
          Baba Zayid Muhammad,
          National Minister of Culture,
          Your New Black Panther Party
*a more full and historical statement will be forthcoming….


PO BOX 25332

NEWARK, NJ 07101

973 202 0745
As many of you know by now, Amiri Baraka passed away yesterday afternoon (Thursday, January 9, 2014). I just returned home from being with the Baraka family in Newark. Details about the service are not known yet. Please give them time and space to announce. And please keep Mrs. Amina Baraka and the entire family in your prayers.
I spoke with Sonia Sanchez yesterday too. Like all of us, her heart is heavy. She will be on Democracy Now later this morning (scheduled for 7:45am EST) for an entire hour talking about the wonderful life and legacy of Imamau Amiri Baraka. The program will feature her, Felipe Luciano, and others...those who knew Mr. Baraka well. It will be live. Tune in at
When I learn more from the family, I will share more.
With deep and profound sorrow,
photo credit: Lynda Koolish

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Fri Jan 10, 2014 10:47 am (PST) . Posted by:

"Jahahara Alkebulan-Maat" nuafrikan777

 Greetings of IMANI (FAITH) Beloved Family,

May our Divine Creator and Ancestors find you and yours in healing spirit.  As many of you know, our esteemed Baba, colleague, freedom fighter, poet and writer AMIRI BARAKA made his sacred transition on yesterday.  I am so grateful to have known, worked and learned from him for over four decades in our struggles for African liberation and socialism for the people.  WE are so grateful for his numerous contributions and inspiring legacy.  Please keep God-Mother Amina and the Baraka family in your sacred thoughts and prayers.  LONG LIVE THE GREAT SPIRIT OF BABA AMIRI BARAKA!  Ase`.

P.S.  Check-out this link to today's Democracy Now! on Pacifica Radio dedicated to Baba Amiri: 

Amen-RA Hotep (Divine Justice, Peace, Love, Prosperity and Continued Blessings)!
Baba Jahahara Amen-RA Alkebulan-Ma39;at

"Take your righteous steps... and, let our Divine do the rest.  Walk in the Power of IMANI (FAITH)... on each and every day!"
Contact FONAMI (Foundations for Our New Alkebulan/Afrikan Millennium)

P.O. Box 10963
Oakland, CA 94610 usa

Our Most Electrifying Poet Has Gone to Sleep

by Molefi Kete Asante
Amiri Baraka, a brilliant light that shined brightest when in the middle of battling for his people’s rights, has taken the eternal sleep. His manifest destiny was to make racial criminals and political thugs angry and uncomfortable. This is why the poems he wrote agitated the establishment and made him a righteous defender of human freedom. He was a free man and in that freedom he was free to be bold, to be wrong, to be strong and to be adventurous, and to be right. Always capable of self-correction, Baraka’s ability to take the dagger of his words and strike the blow for truth as he saw it was uncanny and a part of his genius. We will miss him and his poems and plays and essays that provoked a generation.  Nothing anti-African passed him without a comment and nothing was so close to him as his battle with his own intellect.

Baraka set the model for radicalism in literature during the Sixties and Seventies and young writers seeking to do justice to the masses should find his example instructive. He was often rejected by the established mainstream but embraced by the progressive forces in the society although he was not always comfortable with the embraces he received from the Left or from Black Nationalists. Baraka’s rewards and awards like those of James Baldwin were in the respect his own people held for him. Indefatigable as a poet and prophet of victory for African people, Baraka shook the tree of creativity so powerfully that all forms of modern poetic voices like slam, rap, hip hop, jazz poetry with music in the background, urban hollers, and blues sound fell from the branches of his explorations.

We will miss him and recreate him a million times to come. So long live the revolutionary artists inspired by Baraka, Larry Neal, Charles Fuller, Haki Madhubuti, Sonia Sanchez, Nikki Giovanni, and a hundred others who felt the call of the word and the art with the same reverberations as Baraka.

Fed up with poetry that did not transform people Baraka called for poems to do more than speak simple words since the conditions of blacks demanded more robust poetry. The l965 manifesto “Black Art” asked for "Assassin poems. Poems that shoot guns/Poems that wrestle cops into alleys/and take their weapons leaving them dead/with tongues pulled out and sent to Ireland."

Baraka was influenced by African American philosopher Maulana Karenga, jazz musician John Coltrane, and Ray Bradbury and Ginsberg. In the early l970s Baraka was the leader of the New Ark in Newark, New Jersey, a nationalist organization, and served as one of the leader of the Kawaida Movement during that period. His cultural ideas merged with those of Larry Neal and other African American thinkers as he became one of the driving forces behind the National Black Political Convention of 1972.

Baraka believed and practiced art as a politics because he truly felt that art could and should change people.

Critical, opinionated, and smart, Baraka spoke his mind on everything from Charles Fuller and the Pulitzer Prize to “Somebody Blew Up America,” from Maulana Karenga and Kwanzaa to Spike Lee and his filming of Malcolm X. He commented on Black Nationalism, capitalism, Pan Africanism, Hollywood, the Holocaust, anti-Semitism, poverty, and American politics.

The time will come and we will bring it when despite his jarring language and his passionate opinions the world will recognize his exceptional genius. Long live Baraka’s spirit of rebellion!

Molefi Kete Asante Institute for Afrocentric Studies
5535 Germantown Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19144


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