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A Last Love Letter To My Dad, Roosevelt, (Rosie), Holman.  From Sandy Lynne Holman, who you lovingly called “Knot Head” See Video Tribute on you tube link. Fly with the Angels Dad. I love you endlessly.  ( 

When I felt that divine voice within me saying to take the whole week off, which started with Fathers Day in June 2017, and spend evenmore time with you I did not question it. I have learned to listen to Gods’ promptings in life.  Fathers Day was beautiful but I sensed it would be my last one with you.  When I had that dream from God a few days later where Mom was waiting for you in white smiling the biggest smile I had ever seen, and you were in white with a new hair do, smiling back at her and asking if she approved, I knew it was from God.  Mom, without moving her lips, let me know you would be coming home soon. I told your Son In Law, who you affectionately called the “Captain and Toni, one of your other daughters about the dream.  I had hoped we might make it to your birthday, which was a couple months, away, but you transitioned a few days later.  I am thankful to God for that prophetic dream because it helped me when the angels came to take you home. It helped me not to be absolutely crushed since our love was an extraordinary, abundant agape love for each other and existed in rare air. You gave all your family and loved ones this kind of transcendent love and it was felt in every part of our bodies,minds, and souls. I felt it in the depths of my spirit and it carried me through many tough times and gave me  “other worldly” joy.


Dad, I will miss you something terrible yet I have no regrets.  We loved on each other tremendously, spent priceless times together and shared countless belly laughs in each other’s company. The kind that make you bend over.  We had intimate conversations about almost everything and nothing was off limits. It helped me truly get to know you and your incredible massive loving heart. When Grandpa Rufus, your father, died our relationship even went deeper, if that were even possible, and I felt my soul and spirit merge with you in divine and profound ways.  I learned that I was truly your daughter at the deepest levels and that your imprint was all over me. I loved on peoplelike you, gave suffocating bear hugs, celebrated life at the highest levels, laughed so hard that you could not breathe and even walked like you.  I had your powerful gift of discernment with people and your phenomenal analytical mind. You taught me to see through people and to get a sense of whom they really are and this served me very well in life.  Any tough bone I have within me is truly from you and the wisdom you gained growing up on the tough streets ofDetroit. This kept me from being a “door mat” since I had Moms “love everyone inclinations.”  I call everyone sweetheart just like you and still do. You also called people, doll, doll face, monkey and of course I was your precious “knot head” and I loved hearing you call me that name.  I still hear you saying it in my soul when I think about you.  I was the luckiest person in the world to have come from Grandpa, You and Mom and the three of you impacted me more than anyone outside of God.  It is so clear that the essence of all of you is seared in my soul and every part of my being.  I am privileged to have come to this world through you and will honor your memories forever by living the best life I can and using my gifts to make a difference. Thank you Dad for modeling true love, brilliance, adventure, a life of no regrets, charity, perseverance, toughness, being you, creativity, and the power of a big bear hug. Thanks for being the biggest hero, (including Mom and Grandpa), in my life outside of God.  I will forever carry you all, as my family ancestors, in every fabric of my being.  Rest in peace Royal Court and give my sister Cherie a big hug who loved on me deeply too. You will be missed but we will see you again. To God is the Glory!


A poem from your daughter Sandy Holman, Knot head


Thanks to my brothers and Sisters for Taking Care of my Father at different times in his living.  I love you all and Dad did too/ Sandy Lynne Holman, July 6th, 2017: Rosie Holman’s’ Home Going Services


Sweet Heart – Baby Doll- knot head, a Juicy Kiss

These are just a few things that his loved ones will miss


Dad was genuine, discerning, and full of Motown Style

He made all of us feel like we were his favorite Child


He lived a full life and it was as good as it gets

How many people die saying that they have no regrets


He had God, love, a Family and Friends

These are the things that matter most in this life we are in


He taught all of his family, key lessons for life

And would say something like “Baby you have to learn to throw out all of that strife


He was determined, positive, a reflection of his Mom

That is why when others lost it, our Dad could stay calm


Don’t get me wrong though you were in trouble, if you saw him biting his lip

It meant you messed up and would get his corrective wit


But you always knew he loved you, he always gave you that smile

And you knew every thing would be ok after just a little while


We loved that he modeled living his dream

Be it work, bowling, or playing with a baseball team


He loved boxing, fishing, and golfing too

And He made you feel special when he hung out with you


He adored the temptations and all the soulful sounds

He could sing like a professional, Dad could really get down



He loved Lake Tahoe, playing cards and traveling too

Dad believed you should do all the things that you wanted to do


How do you measure the true worth of amazing man?

You look at his heart and the love he had within


A person may not be perfect, but for all of us this is true

But it took just one big bear hug to feel the love Dad had for you


He was brilliant, a jesser, looking cool and awesome to meet

He didn’t care if you were rich or a person who lived on the street


He said his parents were the reason that he lived a long time

They taught him about respect and told him “he was just fine!”


He was told to treat others with charity and concern

And that everyone always had something else they could learn


If our father where here and watching all of you.

He would be so touched and the tears would start coming through


He would take a deep pause and after a little time

He would say, “Don’t worry about me,” I am doing just fine


No need to be sad or have crocodile tears for me

You Dad loves God and, my spirit is free

Dad loved all of his Family with every bit of his heart

 God will be with you forever, just go do your part

Be who you are and go live out your hearts desire

Forgive and love others and always try to inspire

Don’t let anyone label you are keep upset and down

And know without doubt you have a warrior angel now

Love you Baby doll sweetheart, monkey and knot head.

Dad is spirit now, only the body is dead


Love you Rodney, Greg, Toni, Michelle and Ricci

Cherie knows I love her and she is up here with me

Love you grand kids and my great grandchildren too

Always know that Pa Pa will be up here watching over you…

To my wife, adopted children, friends and extended kin

You can’t imagine the space that I have just entered in………


The angels came softly to transport me home,

God made sure your Daddy would not be alone

I lived life fully and in my own special way

Gods’ love wrapped around me on that divine Sunday

Sweet precious Abba, please carry my family through

 And Have your holy spirit guide them in all that they do

Embraced by your presence and grace, when I took flight that night

I now bask in your glory and honor your light………

Our father, who art in heaven................................... I love you too Knot head J



We all love you Dad with all our hearts. Thanks for loving us all and modeling how to live a full life. Be at peace with God…


Sandy Holman, July 4th, 2017.  Dad died June 25th and 9; 45 pm a week after fathers day on Sunday……….



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