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By  | Ghana, an iconic figure and a star to behold on the African continent, is a great nation with wonderful citizens. The country is blessed with rich and abundant natural resources such as timber, gold, silver, diamond and others. However, the beaconing feature that makes being a Ghanaian prideful is with the high spirit of patriotism, communal living, display of love and unity as well as the rich cultural traditions.

Ghana has witnessed several forms of governments from different political parties. Yet, the country has successively gone through various elections and handing over of the baton of political leadership smoothly. The recent elections and peaceful handing over of political power from the Mahama-led administration to the Akuffo-Addo government is a classic example. Despite the difference in ideologies and political visions, the leaders of both political parties, as well as their followers, always prioritize peace for the country above everything. This high sense of patriotism and deep regard for peace and unity makes being a Ghanaian prideful. The sight of friendship and love evident in the relationships of political leaders repeatedly rings the bell of each and every citizen holding the pipe of peace and tranquility.

The spirit of communal living and of being our 'brother's keeper' has always been a supportive device for promoting unity in the country. Strong opposers in ideologies and concepts of living throw aboard their differences and support one another on the eve of disaster or events of sorrow such as death, sickness and so forth. True and genuine support and assistance from Ghanaians with different mindset make it worthwhile being a Ghanaian.

Moreover, as a country rich in cultural traditions, the Ghanaians takes pride in the precepts, ceremonies, and rituals handed down to them by their forebears. Interestingly, these cultural practices are pregnant with viable moral value systems which exert a great influence on the attitudes of Ghanaians. Thus, the regular observance of the cultural practices locally and nationally serves as a constant reminder to attendees to exhibit true behavioral traits that are synonymous to being a Ghanaian. These key qualities are peace, unity, patriotism, honesty, accountability and hard work. It is somehow distressing to reckon among some Ghanaian nationals that they trail in the exhibition of these wonderful behavioral patterns. This is due to the failure on their part to respect the cultural traditions, norms, and values. Yet, the majority of Ghanaians who take pride in these cultural traditions and live in accordance with them become productive citizens as well as hardworking persons wherever they find themselves globally.

Ghanaians are loving and peaceful people. The peaceful and serene state of the country makes it a good place to stay, tour or visit despite the country's unstable economy. As a habitat of rich cultural traditions, people who are fascinated about culture can tour the country during iconic events like the commemoration of festivals and ceremonies like Opemso festival, Akwasidae festival, Papa Nantwi festival and so forth. Indeed, being a Ghanaian is something of pride because of the high spirit of patriotism, love and unity exhibited by citizens, the high sense of communal living and rich cultural traditions.

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