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By   |  President Mohammadu Buhari of Nigeria is billed to visit United States of America next week. He is expected to meet with President Obama, his Vice, top US functionaries and the business community. But the trip is already generating controversy because of the suspected inclusion of the pressure to repeal the Nigerian anti-gay law on the US agenda. A few days ago, the US Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs, Linda Thomas-Greenfield, was quoted as saying that talks between both Presidents (Obama and Buhari) would include a proposal for the reversal of the Nigerian law on same-sex marriages. My God!

Sure, this will not be the first time that the United States will be pressurizing Nigeria to legally join the league of 'gay nations'. In 2011, the country with other African nations stoutly resisted the immense pressure from the UK, US and other Western nations and organizations to legalize sodomy. They were threatened with aids and grants cut if they refused. But the Africans called their bluff and went ahead to pass the anti-gay laws. Nigeria did. I remember the then Nigeria Senate President told the 'gay nations' to perish with their aids if it must be tied with approving same-sex unions. Also, people like President Robert Mugabe have since described the deviant sex preference as being lower than that of the animals, because even the animals do not behave that way. True. He said it is ungodly, unnatural and unAfrican. And that Africa will never join in this rush to perdition. Christians, Muslims, traditionalists and even atheists are all united in this condemnation.

Now, this issue is curiously coming up again at a time the newly-elected president of Nigeria is making his maiden official visit to the US. In fact, the intensity of the expected pressure to be mounted on General Buhari is obvious shown from the statement credited to the Assistant Secretary of State. Just listen to her and feel the consuming passion with which Obama's government is pursuing this perversion, "As a policy, we will continue to press the government of Nigeria, as well as other governments which have provided legislation that discriminates against the LGBT community. This is very much a work in progress, but I think you will agree with me that the law in Nigeria really went far in discriminating against this community, but also people who associate with them. So we will continue to press the government, to press the legislature to change these laws and provide human rights for all Nigerian people, regardless of their sexual orientation. With what is happening in the US, you can determine how far we are willing to go. So we are prepared to push this as a policy, not just in Africa but across the world." Wow! What a passion? So they are actually behind that inglorious court decision??

Now, we want to remind Obama, his assistant secretary and other gay activists that our country and our people will never legalize same-sex relationships. We will not repeal that law. For us it is already a concluded issue. Yes, you can go with your 'unclean' 'leprous' aids and grants, but we will not repeal the law banning this 'lower than animal' behavior. Nigerians stand forever with that law proudly and courageously passed by our distinguished, reasonable and god-fearing leaders. On behalf of millions of Nigerians, we again ask President Obama and his 'diplomats' to look elsewhere to export their gay policies. Any effort to pressurize Buhari to accept this perversion will be strongly resisted by not just our leaders, representatives but by Nigerians. The anti-gay law has come to stay here. Please, we don't need the current confusion that has pervaded the United States since this detestable, unnatural, demonic and ungodly behavior was legalized in that country. Leave Nigeria (and Africa) out of this.

Gabriel is the author of the book Power of Midnight Prayer

Agbo is a journalist and an author. He is the author of the books Breaking Generational Curses: Claiming Your Freedom, God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, Power of Sacrifice, No Cross No Crown, Uncommon Success, Receive Your Healing, Prayer of Jehoshaphat, Don't Rape Her!, etc. I am also a member of the International Pentecostal Press Association (IPPA), and other reputable organizations. Then, Double Honour ministry, Inc. seeks to take the gospel round the world, take care of the orphans, poor, widows in Africa. His website is

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It is gross in this day and age to be referring to gay people as "perverts" and "deviants". 

Gay people in Nigeria (and other African countries) have been abused and persecuted because of these laws, more so when seeking treatment for HIV and AIDs, which means many people fail to be tested due to the stigma.  They then go on to infect others, and travel to other countries unaware of their HIV status. 

It is cruel to inflict these kinds of attitudes on people because they are different, and whole communities suffer because of this.  It is time to end these kinds of narrow-minded attitudes.  Well done to President Obama if he is challenging these prejudices.  They have no place in the 21st century. 


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