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African Studies Association of Africa Panel at African Studies Association Annual Meeting Ghana Streamed Live Online!


ASAA Panel At ASA Annual Meeting Streamed Live Online!

Obadele Kambon    Abibitumi Kasa    Abibifahodie Capoeira    Sankofa Journey

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Greetings Esteemed and Distinguished Afrikans:

I hope this email finds you well. An ASAA panel will be streamed in live from the  Institute of African Studies,  University of Ghana to the African Studies Association annual meeting in Washington, DC and a panel will be streamed to the Institute of African Studies from the meeting in Washington, DC.  The panels are being held under the auspices of the ASA’s 2016 Annual meetings under the themeImagining Africa at the Center: Bridging Scholarship, Policy, and Representation in African Studies and will be streamed live from the  Institute of African Studies. You are invited to the  Institute of African Studies on Saturday, the 3rd of December for these exciting panel discussions.

Please see the information for the panels below:

Mfoni mbuayɛ ɛma pdf

Date: Saturday, December 3, 2016

Time: 1:30 to 3:15PM GMT (see respective times for each panel below)

Venue:  Institute of African Studies Nketia Conference Hall,  University of Ghana, Legon

Roundtable: Knowledge Production and Social (or Socioeconomic) Change in Africa
(ASAA panel, will be live streamed to ASA in Washington, DC)

Chair: Akosua Adomako Ampofo, University of Ghana

Time: 1:30– 3:15 PM GMT

Mfoni mbuayɛ ɛma Agostinho-Neto University

Catarina Gomes, Agostinho-Neto University

Mfoni mbuayɛ ɛma evelyn adjandeh

Evelyn Aku Adjandeh, University of Ghana


Obadele Kambon, University of Ghana

Dr. Ọbádélé Kambon
University of Ghana, Institute of African Studies

Abstract: Growing up in the 1980s I was part of the family that actively participated in the movement to divest from companies that were invested in South Afrika’s white apartheid government. There were certain gas (petrol) stations that we would never go to. There are certain brands that we would not buy. Today, there is the Black Lives Matter movement in the United States as Afrikan=Black people are being shot down in the streets daily. Donald Trump has just been elected and he has appointed members of the alt-Right movement and other white supremacists and white nationalists to key positions in his cabinet. We are now in a time where Afrikan=Black people throughout the world would be served by divesting from the United States. One way in which this could be done is via knowledge production and its associated cottage industries such as publishing, conferences, employment, etc. Academia and its commensurate knowledge production create many cottage industries and the wealth that surrounds them. As such, it would be a viable option to cease and desist from travelling to and attending conferences in the US as part of an academic divestment movement in solidarity with the Afrikan=Black people who are continuously lynched/gunned down, overpoliced, lead-poisoned, special-educationed, disproportionately imprisoned, and are otherwise victims of American white supremacy. In my own case, by divesting from American knowledge production and its associated cottage industries – such as conference participation – not only is the racist, white supremacist system of America deprived of the lion’s share of funds from travel, accommodation, per diem expenses, etc., Afrika is enriched by me staying put where I am. As such, I would call on other individuals and the African Studies Association as an organization to consider a similar move to divest from America. There is no lack of irony that ASA conferences tend to be in America rather than in Afrika. It is time that such conferences are moved to Afrika not only in the interest of divesting from America, but in the interest of investing in Afrika by putting our money where our mouths are. This presentation will go into the historical context of divestment movements such as that of Umzantsi (South Afrika) and how divestment is what is needed now to make changes for the better to Make Afrika and Afrikan=Black people throughout the world Great Again!

Mfoni mbuayɛ ɛma The Trial of Dedan Kimathi
Roundtable: Hidden Histories: The Trial of Dedan Kimathi (ASA panel, will be live streamed into ASAA at IAS, Legon)

Chair: Julie MacArthur, University of Toronto

Nfonin bi a ɛkeka hoo

Time: 3:30 – 5:15 PM GMT


John M Lonsdale, University of Cambridge

Mfoni mbuayɛ ɛma Simon Gikandi, Princeton University,

Simon Gikandi, Princeton University

Mfoni mbuayɛ ɛma Nicholas Githuku, West Virginia University

Nicholas Githuku, West Virginia University

(Participants at both venues will be able to communicate into the other venue by live chat)

The ASAA is a non-profit organization that promotes Africa’s own specific contributions to the advancement of knowledge about the peoples and cultures of Africa and the Diaspora. Membership is open to all persons and institutions interested in the promotion of African Studies as a field of intellectual inquiry.

To join the live feed on  Skype, search for the user ias.legon to add as a contact ahead of time.  Skype call at the time of the seminar to be patched in.



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Obadele Kambon    Abibitumi Kasa    Abibifahodie Capoeira    Sankofa Journey

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