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By Marieme Faye  | In order to attract that which you desire you must believe that you will receive it but also EXPECT it! You must expect that Wealth, Health, Success, Riches, Divine relationships or whatever you desire will be yours at a conscious and most importantly subconscious level.

What is keeping the majority of the world population from achieving their goals and dreams?

Poverty of the mind and the "Not Enough" Syndrome are key players in the consciousness of the poor and unsuccessful person.

*Not Enough Food

Her name is Amy and she is an orphan. She grew up in West Africa in a country ravaged by war. She suffered the consequences of war and poverty. She is now free and lives the US with her husband. She is deeply affected by the "Not Enough" Syndrome. Whenever she cooks food or goes somewhere to eat, she always grabs a lot of food because she thinks that she won't "get enough food" to eat. She grew up as a poor child in a big family; during mealtime, they served the food in one big bowl and everyone sat down around it and ate with their hands. Their food intake depended on how many people were eating and how FAST they could eat. There "never" was "Enough" food for everyone. They had to eat what they could grab and were often still hungry after each meal. She is now blessed and always has a lot of food in her house however, her "Not Enough syndrome" is still imprinted in her subconscious mind; she still unconsciously grabs and eats more than she needs therefore she is overweight and trained herself to eat more than she needs to.

New belief recommendation to reverse this overtime: " I always have more than enough food to eat, nourish my body, feel healthy and energized. God always provides for me and all is well."

*Not Enough Money

Her name is Adele. Her father was a rich man who worked hard, was not often home and loved spoiling his beloved daughter. He rewarded her with money as payment for the " lost" time he couldn't spend with her. He loved her dearly and she was his princess. She got used to having money and not having it meant "not being loved" and "not having enough money" became "not having enough love" in her mind. After she got used to her father's money and his love; he wanted to reverse the damage he made and started telling her that money was hard to make; his lifestyle was the evidence of that belief. He would go to work early in the morning and come home late at night; he was the last one to leave his office as the boss. He traveled often for work and spent his weekends touring villages to prepare for upcoming political elections; he was a politician as well as a businessman. A few years after Adele associated money with love in her mind; she moved to another country. The absence of her father meant the absence of love. Her dad who was no longer willing to give her money as she desired abandoned her. She felt that money abandoned her as well; so she lived in poverty for years, deprived of love, deprived of money.

Her new recommended beliefs to adopt and embrace: " I am always loved unconditionally as I am loved by God, my father and all my loved ones. I am pure divine love and my love cup is always full.""Money is easy to make and create and I always have more than enough money to spend, invest, share and spare"

*Not Enough Time

Time as created by men can be misleading. When you feel like there is not enough time; it becomes your reality. You go through your day every single day, have the same 24 hours as everyone else in the world but still feel like you never have enough time. The solution is to slow down, to be more present and live in the "Now". If you would be quiet for 5 minutes and stay in silence; you would notice that 
5 minutes can be a very long time if you allow yourself to slow down and just breathe. Prioritizing activities are necessary to get the most out of your daily given time.

Recommended belief for those who believe that they don't have "enough time": " I always have more than enough time to do the things that I love and enjoy. I prioritize my daily activities and am grateful for every moment I get to enjoy with divinity and grace"

*Not Enough Physical Validation

You don't "see" your dreams yet, can't touch them, do you believe in them? Why do you believe in God? Have you ever asked yourself that question? Have you ever seen God? Have you ever heard His voice? If you have, how do you know that it is His voice? Well, we all have instincts, gut feelings: we just know in our heart that God is, most of us haven't seen Him physically but we know HE is, that HE loves us, that HE is lives in us.

That's call faith; so have faith when it comes to believing in your dreams, you might not live them now but you know that you wouldn't have the desire to have them if they were impossible dreams. You picked them up as their supply became available in the universal matrix so keep believing in them, trust that they will be yours, expect them to BE and take actions towards achieving them.

Recommended belief "I fully trust God. I believe in myself and in my dreams, I expect to fully manifest them in divine timing"

Through repetition, meditation and autosuggestion, we have the power to change of our beliefs; we just need to CHOOSE to do it. You can choose to believe something different about yourself and when you do, your life will change for the best and better opportunities and experiences shall be yours.

Marième Faye

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