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AFRIKAN PEOPLE TIME: On 19-20 March 2016, the Afrikan Family in the Netherlands will host “Durban Plus 15” – a Roundtable serving as a review/follow-up to Afrikan people’s achievements in relation to the World Conference Against Racism (WCAR), held in Durban, 2001. 15 years ago, Afrikans from around the world came together, lobbied government reps, crafted language and spoke with a unified voice. And went back to their regions to implement changes. Through these demands, slave trade, colonialism and Apartheid were recognised as “Crimes Against Humanity” and the Reparations Question for Afrikan People (which includes return of land, stolen art works and compensation for damage done on all levels, inflicted by the West) was affirmed.  

The Roundtable in the Netherlands calls on Afrikan people from around the world to take a critical look at whether the goals that were achieved in 2001 have been effectuated in a practical sense. As racist practices, exclusion, Western domination, discrimination and landlessness (amongst many other challenges) remain unresolved – what is our position as Afrikan people today? How long will we tolerate the continuation of exploitation? What measures have we put in place? What do we do next?

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These and other questions will be scrutinized 19-20 March, in light of the fact that 2015-2024 has been declared the Decade of People of Afrikan Descent. A Plan of Action will be developed and YOUR voice is needed. Members of the Global Afrikan Family – and especially Afrikan youth - are invited to take part and state their opinion. For those who cannot attend in person, please feed in updates, concerns, reports and recommendations to:                  


For more information:

Background information for Durban Plus 15:

Durban Plus 15 Program:


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johannesburg, south afrika

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