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Rastafarians demand the withdrawal of "Talk Di Truth" PSA presented by National Council on Drug Abuse Jamaica

The Ethio-Africa Diaspora Union Millennium Council aka Rastafari Millennium Council (RMC) and the Haile Selassie 1st Royal Ethiopian Judah Coptic Church demands the immediate withdrawal of the ‘Talk Di Truth’ Public Service Announcement presented by the NDCA related to impacting students’ use of Ganja, depicting access to Ganja as coming from a ‘yard’ painted Red Gold & Green.

The RMC that has designed its own ‘RASPECT’ Campaign as part of its incorporation and collaboration in the Jamaica / South Africa Bilateral on Nutraceuticals, formally met and presented it to the NDCA and had requested several meetings with the Ministry Of Health, the Council being a member civic organization on the CLA. This was to work collaboratively in creating appropriate messaging and standards of use where the Rastafari Community is historically sensitive to the matter of the Youth and is
anti-crime and violence.

In informal reasoning it has been acknowledged that the healthy ‘no drug’ ‘no alcohol’ lifestyle of the Rastafari Community, promoting emphasis on nature and ‘ital’ standards and incorporating other healing herbs in their ‘Roots’ beverages and traditional medicine, has in fact made Ganja use safe within the Communities cultural standards. This was to be improved with the scientific and technical knowledge coming from Sacramental and Medicinal legalization.

The RMC acknowledges the effort of Minister Mike Henry as Chair of the Ganja Sub Committee for his full understanding and support for the Intellectual Property of the Rastafari Community, administered by the Council and the Minister of Culture’s recent support of the preservation of Rastafari Culture. The Ministries of Health, Education, Justice and Culture must now support the immediate removal of this PSA, meet with the Council to support the ‘RASPECT’ Campaign that already has international relevance to Youth, and create their own culturally relevant national PSA that does not disparage or
marginalize the Rastafari Community..

For further information contact:
Ethio-Africa Diaspora Union Millennium Council - Maxine Stowe 876-850-4403
Royal Judah Coptic Church -Priest Wesley Kelly - 876-433-4964

Ethio-Africa Diaspora Union Millennium Council
Jamaica Afro-Centric Commission
P.O.BOX 8145
South Camp Road
Kingston, Jamaica, W.I.
876- 868-7863 / 850-4403

The NDCA's  PSA:

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