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By Rick Rowsey of the Victory Unlimited Show

As another year begins, Black men are faced with just as many potential challenges as they are with potential opportunities. This is the time that many men choose to reevaluate their lives and resolve to make changes for the better. In a time where an ever-increasing number of forces seem to be aligned against black men in their quest for success, many of them have decided to make New Year's Resolutions. However, to increase their chances at accomplishing their goals and objectives for the New Year, Black men need to make their action plans as strategic and as specific as possible.

No matter how gung ho men generally are when they first make their resolutions, most are not as well prepared as they could be when it comes to fighting their way through the barriers to accomplishing their goals. However, to better equip black men for success, our most recent Victory Unlimited Show broadcast entitled "The Top Twelve New Year's Resolutions That Every Man Should Make" put forth the following list of objectives to help men boost their odds for success in the New Year:

1) Build your inner strength. Equip yourself to better face life's challenges by adopting an empowering belief system or reconnecting to your spirituality.

2) Forgive people who've done you wrong. If you spend your time slinging mud, you'll be the only one losing ground. If you hold grudges, you'll only hold yourself back. Free yourself by first learning the lesson, and then by letting things go.

3) Get healthy and stay healthy. Resolve to take better care of yourself this year than you ever have before.

4) Stop living in the past. No matter what's happened to you in the past, the best way to increase your chances for success in the future is to fully focus on what you're doing right now in the present.

5) Educate yourself. Routinely enrich your life by learning new things.

6) Join a brotherhood. Align yourself with a group of likeminded people so that you can each help each other get further in life faster.

7) Find a mentor. Follow in the footsteps of someone successful that you respect. Learn directly from someone who has already achieved whatever goal you want to achieve.

8) Avoid negativity. Stay away from toxic people and avoid as many situations that drain you of your positive energy as possible.

9) Find more ways to make money. In order to first survive, and then thrive in a tough economy, investigate creative ways to develop multiple streams of income.

10) Start a new relationship. Stop recycling bad romantic relationships with women from your past. Believe in the possibility that better romantic relationship opportunities are waiting for you in the future.

11) Enjoy your life. Life can be hard, so start making it "okay" sometimes for you to play just as hard as you work.

12) Stop making New Year's Resolutions! Resolve to start making goal-setting and goal-achieving a part of your every day life instead of just a once-a-year occurrence.

The Victory Unlimited Show is a "tongue-in-cheek", self-help show for men that's reminiscent of programs from the Golden Age of Radio. During each broadcast, the host codenamed "Victory Unlimited", answers dating, relationship, and general life questions by addressing them with a motivational, military-like zeal. "The biggest problem with making New Year's Resolutions is that it's become mostly an empty, traditional ritual." says the host. "It's time for us to stop making resolutions and to start a revolution in how we think. We need to stop thinking of deciding to make positive changes in our lives as some annual event, but rather as a nonstop mission that we're on for all 365 days of the year." For more details, visit

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