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ALERT:  New Health Minister in Chad Wants to Remove Vaccine-Victims from Hospital and Send them Back to The DesertThe suffering of vaccine-incapacitated children in Chad continues unattended and unabatedBy Venatrix Fulmen (Please see also the updates below the article: Only one family could already evacuate their child now to a third country because they lost all trust and hope to get help in Chad. Despite the protests all others were forcefully removed from the hospital and dumped back to the desert village. Shame on you, Idriss Déby Itno, Hinda Déby Itno and all involved in the crimes against these innocent children and these crimes against humanity!) In Africa, the post-vaccination disaster in the Republic of Chad and the unresolved suffering of the indigenous children goes on and on. The horrors their families from the minority Tibu people have to endure as well as the cover-up attempts persistently increase  – and are as usual duly ignored by mainstream-media like the BigBrotherChannel, the BBC. Unfortunately the full documentary The Greater Good was taken off YouTube and placed behind a paywall (which shows that also some anti-vaccination groups are out to make money) but people new to the subject might want to get some basic info about The Toxic Truth from the better option media or learn why a growing number of medical doctors say NO to vaccinating their own kids, before digging into the article below, which is longer than usual because a 360° full view asking and answering questions is always more voluminous than a single sided snapshot – and then: You still read books – do you? -and not just headlines – or?Officials GoneOnly one headline from Chad over the last few weeks can be welcomed: the one revealing that at the end of January 2013 the Minister of Public Health of the Republic of Chad, Dr? Mamouth Nahor N’Gawara, was sacked after the meningitis vaccination scandal was finally made public also internationally. He is the second high level official in Chad, who vanished from government during the on-going MenAfriVac affair, after the Prime Minister of the Republic of Chad, Emmanuel Nadingar, who had dared to at least visit and show some compassion for these sick children in hospital, resigned already earlier and was replaced by the former chief of cabinet, Djimrangar Dadnadji. The former health minister had made several contradicting and outrageous statements to camouflage and distort information – against the protest of the parents – concerning this serious set-back in the over-571-million dollar meningitis vaccination exercise fostered by Bill and Melinda Gates.Flood-Gates Open
Bill Gates Foundation has contributed to many health disaster in Africa, spreading disease through immunization

Bill Gates Foundation has contributed to many health disaster in Africa, spreading disease through immunization

Right, we are talking about the wife and William Henry “Bill” Gates III himself – the same guy who got so filthy enriched because his company Microsoft was engaging in illegal practices as established by the EU commission, while his company’s software has been causing vast problems for millions of businesses and billions of people around the world since decades – with an unparalleled history of crashes, flaws and bugs, which in turn foster the villains of the IT-security industry – a vicious circle from which only Gates and similarly unscrupulous people benefit. Since the days when Gates hacked a PDP-10 system belonging to the Computer Center Corporation to illegally obtain free computer-time, after which Gates was expelled, not much seems to have changed in his basic modus operandi. He only became cleverer in terms of not being caught himself by paying people and UN organizations to be in the firing lines, once his machinations can no longer be camouflaged. This man is now engaged in an unparalleled “god’s-work”-like global vaccination spree and hype on poliomyelitis, meningitis and flu as well as in GM-food pushing, where he currently is heavily focused on forcing GMOs on Africa via his financing of the Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA) under former UN boss Kofi Annan, who is mastered by his wife Nane (née Wallenberg, the Swedish family who got their riches by manufacturing weapons). Above all, Gates is reportedly also seriously engaged in nano-eugenics and already invested in geo-engineering of what’s left of the natural world and the intelligently designed natural ways of our planet. In Egypt the other day the Gates and their vassal the WHO went even so far to have some of their slaves dig through the sewage to allegedly detect a polio strain, which they immediately declared must have come from somewhere in or near Pakistan – the USAmerican war-on-terror dummy. Immediately the globalist vaccinators called for mass-polio-vaccination for the Egyptian people, who right now really have other problems and are again and still suffering under governmental terror – despite the so-called Arab spring, which also in Egypt could well turn out to have just been another facebook-instigated and masterminded farce in the first place – like in Tunisia. It is no secret that the Gates-gang is together with the human de-population-Czar Prince Phillip, the Duke of Edinburg, and Prince Charles – both of the so-called House of Windsor (actually Wittin), and out to slash the global population – first and foremost of course in Africa and India. Bill Gates’ secretive father (the namesake No.II) is known to many as long-term eugenics promoter with his own foundation and as chairman of the Planned Parenthood cover. Today most eugenics projects are channelled through tax exempt foundations and international organizations like the United Nations, Club Of Rome, Rockefeller Foundation, Ford Foundation or the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, just to name a few. Unfortunately those children in Chad, who are now paralysed and still have episodes of extremely painful convulsions, cannot just de-install the injected malware from their bodies like informed and wise people un-install Java on their computers or throw WindowsTM out of the same.The Mainstream Media Still Help to Cover upIf you are fast and click on – before they change and cover it – you will see that the whole “global-development”-unit of the British newspaper The Guardian actually is sponsored by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. This is why The Guardian, whose masters refused to publish the plight of the suffering children in Chad though they had been given privileged access to information, went via their health-journo, one Sarah Boseley – health editor, now even so far to not only continue to cover up this vaccination disaster but to even praise the MenAfriVac vaccination as a full success – despite better knowledge. The earlier vaccine per-se might have been a success while it was rolled out in the classical way, but obviously it is no longer a success under the newly conjugate mix and the prescribed transport and storage regime since November 2012. To knowingly withhold such new, crucial and vital information from the public is among the top-five of journalistic sins. While people therefore slowly forget about money-conditioned mainstream media, The Guardian’s health editor interestingly revealed something else: namely that at the World Economic Forum in Davos in January 2013, three more major donations to GAVI Alliance (the money-shaker for the global vaccination share-holders) worth $12.5m were made by some camouflaged, economic and/or religious sects: Comic Relief, Vodafone and a charitable arm of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. They all want in on the vaccination scoop and scam and this all is systemic.No Independent Investigation, No Report, No Help?Luckily it is reported that so far none of the vaccine-affected children in Chad has died, but most are still paralysed. 56 of the sick children were left behind and were not evacuated. They reportedly still are very ill and holed up 780km to the north-east in remote Faya as well as in off-the-grid Gouro, a small village which is a further 300km away to the north and where there is not even any doctor. Gouro’s coordinates are Latitude: 19° 35′ 25″ N, Longitude: 19° 31′ 25″ E and everybody can see that – according to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO) – the village is far outside the so-called meningitis belt and in a very low meningitis risk area close to the Libyan border. Elders from the village remember that only around 1950, when the French Military was in the area, they had observed children such sick. The poor living conditions of the the Toubou children with hardly any access to clean water were made now destitute by having been force-vaccinated with Bill Gates’ MenAfriVac. 33 kids and teens are still in hospital in N’Djamena, the capital of Chad, and 7 were evacuated to Tunisia, where they were examined at a secluded hospital in Tunis. Meanwhile former minister N’Gawara was replaced by Dr. Ahmat Djidda Mahamat, who in turn has not even addressed the case he inherited and just keeps the flawed statement his predecessor was forced to put out on the gover..., which its counterpart, the Meningitis Vaccine Project, duly translated into English to make the spin perfect. Back to business as usual it seems, since the new minister doesn’t make any attempt to assist in the affected meningitis-vaccination cases, which urgently need to be addressed transparently and responsibly, if ever trust in honest medical aid can be re-established. On the other side of the divide Gates & Co. just continue their vaccination crusade and pretend likewise that nothing had happened – by engaging now in a new polio campaign in Chad, though state President Idriss Deby Itno had received already the “World Champion of Polio Eradication” award. At the last polio-vaccination-drive in Chad even ageing American actress Mia Farrow, herself a controversial adoption-guru -  was called in to carry the tattered UNICEF flag and divert attention from the actual problems the vaccinations may cause. At the same time Chad is now preparing for mass vaccination against yellow feaver in three eastern districts and GAVI is at the centre of the merry-go-around. The vaccination business appears as the perfect self-perpetuating money machine and therefore the vaccination mill has to be kept running by all means. It’s a franchise – sucking tax-deducting donations as well as hard-earned tax-money from the many and providing easy loot to the few. Obviously the MenAfriVac cases gone wrong in Chad are seen only as a small stain on the white vests and a little stone in the shiny shoes of the slick vaccine-Mafia. Regularly the new and obvious disastrous roll-out of the MenAfriVac vaccine with an alleged capability to sustain up to 4 days outside the cooler is intentionally confused and compared with the former MenAfriVac roll-out or the previous anti-meningococcal vaccine where the millions of vials were always kept in the cooling chain. Even the Agence France Press (AFP) news agency fell for that ploy of the spin-doctors and ignored the fact of the sick children, who were already earmarked to not be in their focus. So, it is not 102 out of hundred-thousands or hundred-millions, it is 102 children and teens out of a total of 500 humans of one community vaccinated in Gouro, who were made sick. That is 20% of the target population and everybody agrees that this is disastrous. One commentator (Jeff C) stated:
MenAfriVac is a polysaccharide conjugate vaccine. In this vaccine, a long sugar chain from the Meningitis type A bacteria outer membrane is bonded to an immunogenic protein. This helps stimulate an immune response as the polysaccharide itself is a poor immunogen in children. The protein used in the vaccine is detoxified tetanus toxin. Tetanus toxin is detoxified with formaldehyde via cross-linking. Formaldehyde promotes secondary bonds primarily between lysine residues along the long amino acid chain. This renders the toxin inert. It’s the same method used for pertussis and many other bacterial toxins and is known as chemical inactivation. It’s much cheaper than genetic inactivation, where key amino acids along the chain are replaced. Unlike genetic inactivation, chemical inactivation can revert to toxicity if the cross-linking breaks down. The bonds can naturally decay over very long time periods, but this process can be accelerated by heat. How much heat and how long required are good questions, there is not a lot of published data to be specific. However, reversion to toxicity is a known problem with all detoxified bacterial toxins. I would bet that in part at least, the 2 to 8 deg C storage requirements are to protect against the phenomena. Which brings us back to the children’s symptoms. The general term “paralysis” could actually be a loose description of tetanus. One would expect tetanus symptoms if the children where suffering the effects of tetanus toxin that had fully or partially reverted to toxicity.
Another suggestion was that actually derivatives from the Meningitis type A bacteria contained in the vaccine were not completely inactivated and actually the children would suffer from inoculated Meningitis. This was a similar line of argumentation which had been first suggested by the WHO and the ministry, who believed that some of the vaccinated children actually already had contracted meningitis before the time of the vaccination. Both theories – or shall we say flawed attempts to cover the truth – have been ruled out, since none of the affected children showed the typical signs when the classical tests for Meningitis (Kernig as well as Brudzinski test) were performed. The most important question, however, still is why not immediately an independent team of specialists was brought to Chad to truly examine the patients and the situation and to provide best medical help for the victims. With general genetic profiling of African indigenous peoples concluded since long and global DNA profiling on progress, it can so far also not be ruled out that a specific vaccination-test was done and the used vaccine is not compatible with the genetic specifics of the Tibu ethnicity. But all such is not openly discussed or independently examined to provide for clarity and transparency. Under the industry-induced monetary regime of the UN and the WHO, the government of Chad seems not to be even souvereign enough any longer to order such independent investigation and assistance. It reminds of a similar vaccination test using a drug against meningitis in children involving Pfizer in Nigeria. 11 dead children was the final test-result there and then. Also in these cases the families were likewise not asked for their consent to allow for the vaccination of their children. But even if governments, media and those responsible want to just forget – the families and the people never will. Unfortunately on 30th January again one girl-child among the vaccine-victims of Chad went into convulsions for the whole night in N’Djamena – until she was given an injection by a doctor from the hospital where she is still admitted – thereafter she fell silent like in a Coma. These quacks regularly just knock the children out or give them massive psycho-pharmacological injections using strong drugs like Largactil (Thorazine/CPZ), a substance which even by itself can create seizures. Otherwise the suffering kids only receive Paracetamol injections to ease their pain – as leaked documents show. In parallel the French, who mastermind the health sector in Chad since the colonial days, seem obsessed with diagnosing solely psychological causes – even at home – if they haven’t understood the root-causes of cytokinetic storms or neuronal thunderstorms in people and therefore have no explanation. They resort to this flawed diagnosis even in cases where what they then call an “unexplained collective psychogenic syndrome” occurred after insecticides were sprayed inside a telephone centre in Bordeaux and people fell sick. That certain insecticides do kill off also the synapses of the human neurological system is known, but no: these phone-girls suffered from “mass hysteria”, it was stated officially.All in Their Head!Likewise the French and the Francophile doctors in Chad simply tried to manifest “mass hysteria” for the disastrous physical impact the new system of the MenAfriVac vaccinations has caused in these children. The now sacked minister loved this “expert explanation”, specifically because the victims are all from a minority ethnicity he never ever cared for earlier. But after nearly two months most of these innocent and helpless victims are still paralysed. “How does a child get influenced by “mass-hysteria” to get physically seriously ill and to stay paralysed for such a long time,” asks investigative journalist Christina England. Her questions went unanswered while it is clear that the ministerial explanation attempt simply is a no-brainer, especially because these desert-hardened, tough and healthy Tibu children are affected, whose psyche is so strong that they even sustain the frightening haul of the jet-engines produced by low flying French Jaguar fighter planes, which regularly zoom over their remote village near the border of war-torn Libya. MSF teams reported from Chad and photo-documented that especially young girls stoically receive the meningitis vaccination.Truly apaling is also the fact that the WHO-paid “experts” looked only at the evacuated kids before they advised the minister and never even went to those areas, where the disaster happened and the other victims remain. It appears that the stage play for The Age of Stupid just received some new actors from the UN and France while global decline of intellicence is said to be already fact. Even those sick children, which were dragged to Tunis by a clandestine flight for further tests without the prior informed consent or the presence of their families, showed no fear of the new circumstances in Tunis while they continue to suffer from the bodily harm the vaccine caused. Their parents back in N’Djamena were told that the children would be returned on Tuesday the 29th January 2013 to Chad – but they were reunited with their mothers and fathers only on 2nd February 2013 and immediately had to be admitted again at the Mother and Child hospital in N’Djamena, now under a new director – Dr. Mahamat Koyalta. There the vaccine patients are still kept incommunicado and under strictest visitor rules. Though some are said to have slightly improved, most are still seriously ill and paralysed and nobody helps them – as witnesses in Chad state. When will state president Idriss Deby Itno, who is the patron of the MenAfriVac campaign, or first lady Hinda Deby Itno finally show at least some humanitarian interest to help these poor children and provide for some real help by medical specialists who are not on the payroll of those responsible for the tragedy? The fact that the small patients are from the indigenous minority of the Tibu people should not lead to discrimination and they must now receive full and unconditional help. Otherwise such neglect would even violate the African Union (AU) Charter, as well as the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (DRIP). Though Chad was suspiciously absent when the declaration was voted into force, President Idriss and his government as UN-member must fulfil the set norms.ALERT: Patients about to be Sent Back to the Desert!Even the new minister of public health, seems to work against the young patients. On February 09, 2013, the government again tried with the payment of money to the families of the patients – combined with the firm order to vacate the hospital and to go back to their desert village – to end the case on an inhumane path. But all families stood together and refused to leave the hospital until they would be told the truth about their sick children and provided with specialist help. The fathers and mothers immediately announced to otherwise seek independent justice. If they would find justice at the courts in Chad is questionable. The Republic of Chad ranks on rock-bottom slot No.168 of 178 in Transparency International’s corruption index. The government asked for time until Monday 11th February 2013 to decide and the vaccine-victims remain for the time being at the two hospitals in N’Djamena with their families, where access even for human rights defenders is made impossible by state security forces. Does the governance in Chad believe that during the time of the finals of the Africa Cup of Nations nobody would hear the pleas of the victims and their families? If President Idriss and Minister Ahmet don’t care for their people, how about this?: The winners of the cup and the football fans of all the teams reach out to Chad and help the victims to get healthy again as well as their families to find justice! Though officially notified and asked to at least respond, the World Health Organization (WHO) remains mum and other involved organizations have likewise not said a word either. The earlier-on phony “experts” and trouble-shooters brought into Chad by the WHO like this Dr. Diego Buriot, have fallen silent or remain tight-lipped like the WHO country director Dr. Saïdou Pathé Barry himself. Dr. Diego Buriot, before becoming the director of WHO’s  Department of Communicable Diseases, Surveillance and Response (CSR) in Lyon/France, was working in the Regional Office for the Americas (AMRO) as their “Disaster Adviser” for Haiti, another disaster zone created by the UN, where so-called peacekeepers – instead of helping – caused the death of now over 8,000 people and infected over 650,000 victims with a potentially deadly strain of cholera. Dr. Buriot himself hails from South-America and is also very familiar with what happened there concerning the forced sterilizations – with the UN being an accomplice. Two key memoranda from WHO, discovered by Patrick Jordan, actually prove that the WHO had intentionally also created a three-shot killer vaccine that people in the USA and other countries could soon be forced to get inoculated with. Under South-Korean Ban Ki-Moon as well as his predecessor Kofi Annan, however, the U.N. has never displayed any decency and assumed no responsibility in any of these horrible machinations. Likewise the full report by “independent experts” promised by the immediate former Chadian health minister, having in his statement only quoted preliminary findings of unnamed “four independent experts” – who all turned out to be on the payroll of the WHO – does apparently not even exist now, while the parents and the public are kept in the dark.“Follow the Money Trail” is one angleContributor Garbo stated on that the underlying technology for MenAfriVac was licensed to the Anglo-American organization PATH by the NIH Office of Technology Transfer. This also means that even the U.S.American Government collects royalties from the use of this vaccine. Their website states clearly: “The NIH Office of Technology Transfer (OTT) has been successful in licensing to non-profits technologies such as an FDA protein conjugation technology developed by PATH as MenAfriVac” and specifies: “TERMS: The model license has a $2,000 up front fee and modest royalties on sales of 1.5% for exclusive licenses and 0.75% for non-exclusive licenses, excluding sales to public sector institutions or institutions using public-sector funds (such as PEPFAR or Global Fund). If the licensee sub-licenses the technology to another institution to bring it to market, the sub-license fee for exclusive licenses will be 15% of the value received if NIH or FDA has provided in vivo model data and 10% if such data have not been provided. For non-exclusive licenses, the sub-licensing fees are half these amounts. If the licensee has to pay royalties to other parties for the same product, 50% of those costs can be deducted from the NIH royalties. See Term Sheet for full details of the offered agreement.”If the problem with the vaccine is found to be with the new, underlying FDA developed technology for protein conjugation (as opposed to a storage/usage/contamination issue), it would jeopardize the profits from further licensing of the dangerous technology.“But what are forty more bodies under the NIH’s large, lumpy rug when there are profits at stake? 20 million doses in four weeks — that’s a pretty big roll-out,” notes the observer. In 2010, when the new conjugate MenAfriVac vaccine jab (out of traditional cold chain) was given to 356,532 young people in Filingué, Niger, already 87 AEFI (Adverse Events Following Immunisation) were observed between September 21 and November 11, 2010, and one person died at the health centre of – you guessed it – “unclassifiable” cause. 10 cases with severe convulsions were back then brushed aside as possibly “coincidential Malaria”, though the EU report placed a big question mark on these findings.Licence to Kill?But let’s make no mistake, such “monetary licensing” has nothing to do with the medical licensing. Apart from the fact that developing nations like the Republic of Chad have hardly any own capacity to assess a drug shoved down their throats, the MenAfriVac had even on the international level received only “testing-licences”, not full licences or guarantees to be safe. Signalling a potential breakthrough for immunization programs in resource-poor countries, researchers announced on 14. November 2012 at the American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene (ASTMH) conference that regulatory authorities would for the first time allow a vaccine in Africa to be transported and stored for as long as four days without any refrigeration or even an icepack. Dr. Orin Levine, director of Vaccine Delivery at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation applauded: “Today’s announcement marks a new milestone because it allows us to extend the delivery of the MenAfriVac vaccine from the traditional cold chain and reach more people across Africa. Pan-Africanists immediately asked: “How comes that USAmerican cabbalists announce such decisions for Africa?” Is anybody wondering from where Anti-Americanism grows, if the result is such a vaccine disaster like in Chad? The text provides more hints as to who these “authorities” dubbed players actually are: “Evidence of the heat stability of MenAfriVac® was validated by a team of experts from WHO, PATH, SIIL, and Health Canada. In collaboration with the government of Benin, the Meningitis Vaccine Project (MVP), Optimize, and the WHO regional office for Africa, a pilot use of the MenAfrivac® vaccine in a CTC (Controlled Temperature Chain) was agreed to be conducted during this present MenAfriVac® campaign.” That campaign kicked off also from November 15 through 25, 2012, in the remotest corners of Benin as the first country to work with the new CTC implementation guidelines, developed through the WHO’s Immunization Practices Advisory Committee. PATH even mislead over 3 million members to become applauding spectators. Thereby the CTC tag is misleading for many and only means that the vaccine pellet in its vial still has to stay in a 2-8°C Cold Chain (CC) and only then and for up to four days could stay without ice-packs if the temperature still is cooled down to below 40°C for the vaccine and to below 25°C for the diluent. Who on earth would assume that midday temperatures in the Sahara, where the village of Gouro is located, would not go above 25°C or 40°C respectively, and who has to sign now responsible for the disaster, which occurred in Chad? The schemers and the WHO, who most likely will now simply blame local vaccinators to have left the vaccination stuff in cars near boiling point, has so far also not revealed what happened in Benin or other countries since the new campaign started. Because their helpers have to sign muzzling secrecy clauses embedded in their contracts it is rare to hear whistles blowing. But for Chad we know now that something went definitely wrong with the vaccination and its not a hallucination of earlier healthy children or their parents. The Meningitis Vaccine Project (MVP) itself, in addition, states until today under the headline, Key facts on “MenAfriVacTM“, the meningococcal A conjugate vaccine developed by MVP, that:• MenAfriVac has successfully gone through phase 1, phase 2, and phase 2/3 clinical trials in India and/or Africa. It is undergoing additional testing in different sites.This “additional testing” means that the pre-licence live-testing still continues and targets healthy children of uninformed people in remote villages – and, as we see in Chad, with horrible results. Nobody can any longer refute the fact that poor Africans or Indians are still used as guinea pigs for Western medical experiments. While also the hopes for a new TB vaccine were dashed following unsuccessful trials, whereby the immune system response provoked in adults was not reproduced when MVA85A booster shots were administered to babies – and this interestingly was allowed to be published, the news piece did not highlight that it again was an experiment and and the crime was committed in South Africa. Again African black babies had to suffer in these potentially lethal trial-and-error live-tests which the “scientists” now had to admit were a total failure. Why can these researchers not just inoculate their own babies and leave others in peace and unaffected by their obviously stupid trials? And why can African governments not protect their mostly uninformed citizens? The simple and cruelling answer is: MONEY. The very well investigated background to the novel ‘The Constant Gardener‘ written by a famous author masked with the name “John Le Careé” and his huge research team is in no way a fiction but the ongoing reality in many African countries today. Pharma companies make  billions for themselves and their shareholders, government officials, diplomats and corrupt scientists satisfy their financial greed and scoop sinister awards, while whitle-blowers and defenders of people have strange “car-accidents” or are disappeared even without notice. That the global elitists see the rest of humanity just as their “livestock” is also made clear by Dr. Marie-Pierre Préziosi, the director of the Meningitis Vaccine Project, who stated: “our findings show that the bacteria causing meningitis A have disappeared from the noses and throats of those too old or too young to have received the vaccine, resulting from a phenomenon known as ‘herd immunity.’”Do the WHO and the government of Chad likewise see the indigenous Tibu people just as a herd of human livestock – rather unimportant to the economic targets of those ruling? Such views have history even with top government officials like a minister in Uganda, who classified the indigenous BaAka, a nation of  indigenous, small-bodied forest people – often still depicted as “pygmies” -  as being  “even less useful and of less value than wildlife”.Useful as Guinea Pigs?Nevertheless, the MenAfriVac manufacturer’s website, which – until the vaccination disaster in Chad was made public – categorically stated solely that the vaccine had to stay in a cold chain was now altered. There is evidence that the manufacturer now changed the website content and added he new regime only after first international articles were published on and it is believed that this was done due to pressure by those who fear for their investment in the scam. Suddenly the manufacturer informs that the vaccine could also be stored and transported for up to 4 days in what they call now a “Controlled Temperature Chain” (CTC) and under temperatures of up to 40°C outside the Cold Chain (CC), where it was supposed to stay usually at all times and at a temperature between 2 and 8°C for the vaccine and 25°C for the solution fluid. Most days we have in Chad everywhere a temperature of over 40°C in the shadows where the vaccinators hide and it is usually much hotter in the direct sun light, which is not allowed to shine on the vaccine either and apparently also not onto the dark affairs of these vaccinations. While the French army is live-testing new arms and bullets on people in Mali like before in Libya, the global drug-pushers live-test not fully licensed vaccines on poor children in the remotest corners of Africa, where parents have not given their consent to these forced vaccinations and nobody is there to advise or defend them. It can only be hoped that a multilingual free internet and many activists in countries like Côte d’Ivoire  Ghana, Senegal, Sudan, Benin, Burkina Faso, Mali, Niger, Nigeria, Cameroon, Togo, Chad, Central African Republic, Ethiopia and even Somalia, where the global vaccinators run their scams, inform the victims and lead them to a mass-action in form of a global lawsuit along the lines of the latest court rulings concerning the case of two vaccine-damaged boys in the USA. or that one of a drug-damaged girl. This appears to be the only legal course of action remaining, since neither the internal oversight of the UN works any longer appropriately nor any incorruptible governmental body has been found in these countries to hear the plight of vaccine-affected children and to ensure that justice can prevail.What is the Remedy?Ron Paul, by the way, wants to cut off all American funding for the United Nations and abolish the UN completely. Not a bad idea, if one sees what the WHO or UNICEF, FAO or UNHCR actually are doing: instead of helping to solve problems they are geared to just increase their own business. None of them is working for a world where they would no longer be required, because sustainable solutions would have been implemented.Nowadays, such a remedy as Ron Paul proclaims it should also be administered to all the aggressors from the supra-governmental (UN, EU, NATO, USA) or other globalist “decision makers”, who interfere into one’s life - including the Gates gang – say anti-NWO activists on all continents. But would that also justify the killing of vaccinators as it happened in Pakistan earlier and is happening in Nigera right now, killing local as well as foreign medical staff? The UN and especially UNICEF want to make us believe that such is done only by “Muslim radicals and terrorists”, though sterilizing vaccinations are not just hearsay: In 1995, UNICEF’s anti-tetanus vaccinations were contaminated with B-hCG in the Philippines and damages were awarded by the High-Court to the victims. B-hCG is a pregnancy hormone that can permanently sterilize women, and even in 2004 such cases were still reported and proven in Nigeria. Ron Paul’s political opponents like Mitt Romney even are implicated in fatal meningitis vaccine affairs.... But Bill Gates’ megalomaniac attempts continue to endanger the health teams by just covering up real problems that do exist with vaccinations and  by forcing the teams to be GPS-tracked and not to get paid if they don’t find the last satellite mapped settlement in the bush. Among others, Dr. Rebecca Carley MD, who holds a medical degree and is a doctor of medicine, sees such vaccinations and flawed field-tests like in Chad as crimes against humanity since the jabbers use what she and many term biological weapons of mass destruction. She has been qualified to serve in court as a scientific specialist and expert concerning vaccine induced diseases. Since it is clear that these vaccinations are live-tests of biological-chemical agents on healthy children and young people in Chad, elsewhere in Africa or India, which are forcefully administered without licence and without the free and prior informed full consent of their parents, she sees even a violation of the Nuremberg Code. It seems, however, that this code would today only be invoked and applied, if maybe some Germans would commit these crimes and some people of a certain kin and faith be again the victims, since all the other culprits apparently can get away with it – especially when the “target-population” is not Caucasian. Is the WHO therefore just the globalists veterinary for the other human livestock with UNICEF being simply the UN herder for the off-springs? It’s no longer a conspiracy, it is open policy.Sometimes even the infamous USAmerican Center for Disease Control (CDC) can no longer cover up and then they have to admit that an outbreak of e.g. fungal meningitis is linked to contaminated injections. But such revelations are usually not made when it “only concerns Africans”, as it can be seen in the protocols of the South African Truth Commission. Over 12 years of investigations and court hearings were required until finally the crimes committed by people like Dr. Wouter Basson (Dr. Death) were uncovered and it was establish that, indeed, he had created and developed as head of the military’s chemical and biological warfare division viruses that would only attack black people. Johan Theron, a former information officer of South Africas apartheid government’s Special Forces, at last confessed that he was involved in the deaths of more than 200 anti-apartheid political pr... between 1979 and 1987. The deaths, he claimed, were merely a part of his job and Wouter Basson was the head. In a world, where remote-controlled forced vaccinations and forced sterilizations as well as the joy-stick-controlled killing of one’s own citizens obviously already are at present the USAmerican reality and soon might be the all-Western and future worldwide norm, the universal and unalienable right of people and peoples to self-defence as well as the right to stand in harm’s way to protect others just shifted into a new dimension. Article 12 Universal Declaration of Human Rights states:
No one shall be subjected to arbitrary interference with his privacy, family, home or correspondence, nor to attacks upon his honour and reputation. Everyone has the right to the protection of the law against such interference or attacks.
Who is that, you ask? Well, it can sometimes be tricky to detect these scoundrels in sheepskin from afar, but with your five senses alert it is not difficult. To rule out the most notorious Two to Six Letter Agencies from your life would be a good start, among them: AGRA, BMGF, CDC, FDA, GAVI, MVP, NIH, OTT, PATH, PEPFAR, UN, UNICEF, USA, WHO and so forth. You only have to be ready, aware and wide awake – and this you better are now, because the right time to wake up was yesterday already.—-UPDATES:After the families’ deadline expired on Monday, our observers in Chad reported the next day,  February 12, 2013,  that it seemed the government of Chad had responded to our international outcry and had started to assist the vaccine victims and their families – at least with money.  Let’s see how far that help will go, given the corrupt practises of big pharma and government, if the health of the affected children can be brought back at all and if the discrimination against the Tibu people will end.Update 12.Feb.: In the evening the Chadian Minister of Public Health then forcefully removed all Toubou including all children paralyzed from the Menafrivac vaccine and the other very ill children and transportd them with their families to Faya.  7 girls and a boy are still seriously  ill with convulsions. This forced removal of  very ill and paralysed children on a military plan to a destination, where there is no basic medical personnel and equipment, is deliberately sending vulnerable children to  where they most likely will die.Update 13. Feb.: One of the affected Tibu families already didn’t trust anybody anymore in Chad and they have evacuated their vaccine-affected child now to a third country by themselves. The location is known to us, but we don’t like to disclose it until the child is safe.Update 14. Feb.: Seven children still suffer from episodes of severe convultions – almost two month after the MenAfriVac vaccination when they started. The other Tibu families and their sick children, who were by force removed from the hospitals, packed into a plane and flown to Faya, 1000 km to the North, were thereafter bundled into ambulances and driven the more than 220 km over rough tracks to their village of Gauro.Update 18. Feb: Reports from Gouro confirmed and stated that the familes and sick children were left now in Gouro without any medical doctor in the area and ten of the children suffered a severe relapse from this inhumane transport. Now these victims are even out of the sight of the local media, which at least had reported, unlike the mainstream media who are – despite better knowledge and though they have correspondents (or shall we say correSPINdents) in Chad – still not reporting and are therefore complicit in these crimes against humanity.—————-

N.B.: Contribute to the Gloabal Awareness

Many people are afraid to speek out against the powers-that-be and their corporate Mafias – so just put your info out anonymously.

Anonymous Revelations

If You as Whitleblower Think That Your Disclosure Could Put You in Danger:  Use Anonymous Post(any language accepted – we will translate)—————————–ECOTERRA Intl.SURVIVAL & FREEDOM for PEOPLE & NATURE

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