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Should we oppose the classification of African-American?
Why are some "Black" people allowing themsleves to get caught
up on the illegal immigrant debate? Is that in our interests, or
are we being played off against other groups for a purpose of,

"Divide and Rule" strategy goals of the oppressors?

Should we have a pleblisite, and establish our own
political status as apposed to the one that has been
imposed on us through captivity in the
Corporate Federal Government Of The United States,
by the illegal and deceptive "14th amendment?"

The African American/Hispanic/Latino, question.

Sponsored by:
Freedompeople Magazine

Should we oppose the Classification of African American/Hispanic?

We, the undersigned, propose a petition in which will be the beginning approach to liberating ourselves. World wide we will remove the damage that has rendered upon us and the value that are set for those who call themselves;

"African American/Hispanic/Latino"

There has been an evolution of terms, both offensive and incorrect, that the US Government has used to classify;


However, none of those really can describe, identify or even relate to those who are being called,

"African American/Hispanic/Latino".

First, Mexicans/Hispanic's/Latino's are NOT Illegal Immigrants to this land, North, South, West - but instead are The True Native and the aborigines 'Mexicans', creating and here before Indians. Second, All African Americans do not have ancestors who were enslaved. Some Black People had already been living on this land now, called America, thousands of years before any European ever "settled" or set foot onto it. Therefore, We are direct descendant of these First Great Nations of the Moors and the Olmecs and many, many more indigenous Nations that were here Pre-America.

By accepting to be called African American/Hispanic/Latino we are denying our Tribal Ancestry Lineage and under the Constitution, accepting to have no inalienable or indigenous rights to any land in The United States. We must oppose and withdraw from being called these Racial Classifications immediately and for infinity. We are a people who are very, much so, conscious of the past and we must remove the "shackles" that are holding us down and that begins with our name.

By Signing this petition, You are demanding and telling Congress that you play an empty role in "their" representation of an African American/Hispanic/Latino and that you are not part of the Institutionalize Racism that begun with Christopher Columbus and his lost voyage to "India" aka The Americas. We should also, be calling ourselves A'moor'ican instead of American, named after Amerigo Vespucci, a Italian explorer.

To conclude, We reject the continuation of the cultural castration of our people. "We will no longer be denied our heritage, our history, or our true identity" - African Americans have lost their history therefore, it only begins with slavery as we have been told. First, we were number's then we were Colored, following N*****, Negro and in the 80's becoming Afro-American, African American/Black. What will we be called next if we continue to get renamed? And is that how it really begin? As a 'African American', we literally become dependent on the Government and relinquish all indigenous and self-governing classifications, thus we throw ourselves on the mercy of the U.S. Judicial system" - lostfeatherintl.

It's time to start classifying ourselves! Lets make a start in 2009. Educate Yourself!

Source: Robert StrongRiver, a Indigenous Black American - According to the Convention Concerning Indigenous and Tribal People in Independent Countries, Article 1 Section 2, It states that a person has the right to determine themselves as Indigenous. Article 39 of that same document states that the only way to declare someone "non-indigenous" is that the Indigenous nation has to prove Indigenous status and denounce the above convention. The Draft of Declaration Article 8 also gives "People" the right to identify themselves as Indigenous.

Stand Up for Once in your Life!




Read the FREEDOMPEOPLE MAGAZINE blog on ... Source: Robert StrongRiver, a Indigenous "Black American" - According to the ...

the only way I found the petition again is by searching the title below:

"Oppose the Classification of African American/Hispanic "

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