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By Alton H. Maddox, Jr.


Work Study Group

No one can come into this world by himself or herself alone without outside assistance.  This especially applies to atheists.  There must be a “force in the world” beyond ourselves.  Most persons are unable to plan their own lives much less the life of their heirs.

            Before we arrived in the world, others, like the ancient Egyptians, were planning systems.  It is our responsibility to expand on these systems.  Any person who decides to be a "social parasite" is a drain on others.  Those persons should, at least, appreciate that others picked up the slack.

            I chose to follow, in addition to my parents, in the path of Marcus Mosiah Garvey, Hon. Elijah Muhammad, Booker T. Washington, Cong. Adam Clayton Powell, Jr. and Malcolm X. These persons believed in community control and self-determination.

            When I arrived in Harlem, I was attracted to Queen Mother Moore, Preston Wilcox, Dr John Henrik Clarke and Dr. Yosef ben Yochannan.  Any people need a Council of Elders. The proof is in the pudding; that, is in the public and business records.

            At Harlem Assertion of Rights, I was introduced to Queen Mother Moore and Rev. Charles Kenyatta.  It was amid "Negro Removal."  Malcolm X had advocated “community control.”  This means self-determination.  I would naturally clash with Donald Trump ab initio. 

            There is a difference between a hobbyist and a lobbyist. President Calvin Coolidge said:  "The business of America is business."  Every tax code is split between a business and a hobby.  My high school yearbook noted that my aspiration was to become an accountant.  I believe in one step at a time.  My second step was law.  I achieved both.  My defining moment was at elementary school.

            On January 12, 1991, Rev. Al Sharpton was stabbed. This was the crossroads for him.  The stabbing happened in Bensonhurst.  The following morning, Rev. Jesse Jackson and Rev. Herbert Daughtry rushed to Coney Island Hospital, in Brooklyn, with an offer that was "too good to be true."

            Manhattan District Attorney Robert Morgenthau had made me the same offer:  "It is time for you to think about yourself."  "The grass is greener on the other side."  All activists, who are “saboteurs,” were made the same offer.  The system is always looking for "accommodationists."

            I chose to reject the offer and to invest in my own people. The Juvenile Offender Law tested my humanity.  Under capitalism, there is a quid pro quo.  It is divided into debits and credits.  Any person, who has to toot his or her own horn, is simply reminding a people of its contractual relationship andDEBT to the creditor.

            I keep good records.  United African Movement is defined, under the CPLR, as a "voluntary organization."  A person is attracted to Garveyism out of a belief system.  There is no arm-twisting.  Judy McNeil sought to be a big fellow but her investments were not in United African Movement.  She had confederates elsewhere.

            I saw Karen Hunter on March 19, 2018.  She described her own life as an activist on  I have also been a pro bono attorney representing Black children in controversial and long-shot cases.  A child is unable to retain an attorney. The community benefited.  I am entitled to compensation under the doctrine of quantum meruit.

            I used this same doctrine to compensate Dr. John Henrik Clarke and Dr. Yosef ben Yochannan in addition to compensating them as resident scholars at the Slave Theater. History is critical to our survival as a people.  This was the purpose of weekly UAM Forums.

            There are "rogue Negroes" who have been working, with the oppressor,  to return these sacrifices to former NYS Attorney General Robert Abrams, NYC Public Advocate Mark Green and S.L. Green Realty which, in 2008, booted UAM out of 16 Court Street, Brooklyn, NY.  This is how they make their money to harm our children.

            At the end of everyone's life, there must be an obituary.  It should be about the truth of one's life.  The best evidence of one's life is recorded in the business and public records.  An obituary is done for the protection of our children.  It is a guide. This is not personal.  It's business.

            I believe in a hot bench.  With every program, I submitted a copy of a weekly guide.  See attachment.  A weekly UAM Forum is necessary to advance a people.  No one in the current UAM/Freedom Party’s Steering Committee had anything to do with the weekly UAM Forums.  As "social parasites," they are a threat to Black and Latino children.


Attachment:  UAM June 4, 2008 Weekly Forum Program

Time is of the Essence - "Make Schools Safe Again!"

Our Children Must Lobby Congress on March 24, 2018



            Your contributions to assist in defraying the costs of a free and educational press, and to continue the struggle in the nation’s capital will be welcomed.  Blacks and Latinos need a steady diet of political education.  “Freedom is not free.”  Please rush check or money order made payable to “Alton H. Maddox, Jr.” and mail to the address listed below.

Thank You.                       

                        Alton H. Maddox, Jr.

                        United African Movement

                        P.O. Box 1006

                        Jessup, Maryland 20794


Keep the Pressure On!


President Donald J. Trump - (202) 456-1414

Hon. Charles E. Schumer (202) 224-6542

Hon. Jeff Sessions - 202-353-1555

Gov. Andrew Cuomo - (518) 474-8390

NYS Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman - (212) 416-8000

Mayor William de Blasio - (212) 788-2958

Hon. Corey Johnson

  NYC Council Speaker- (212) 564-7757

New York City Council - 212-788-7100 (Man.)

                718--803-6373 (Qns.)

                718-953-3097 (Bkly.)

National Organization for Women (NOW) - (480) 948-5014 - (907) 563-7373

Freedom Party – 917-947-8994

Park West Tenants’ Association



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