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Welcome to America’s NEW monthly favorite column for Men: THE MANHOOD LINE: LIVE! It’s predecessor, THE MANHOOD LINE was God-breathed, American made and world traveled. We’re gonna stretch the hits even further, as we round the bases. The former column has gone from Rome, Italy to Tokyo, Japan--and points in between. Past editions of this column have been used in classrooms, churches, and kitchen tables…with men having a great time celebrating its fare. It’s time to move up and on to the ‘next phase’, baby! There are men in need of this new column…including some who have never seen the original one.
I write from a biblical, business, common sense--and now historical--perspective. My column is written FOR men. The ground rules are simple. If women ‘get it’ then, that’s fine. If they don’t…well, I’ll give my critics all the attention that they deserve. I’m a ranger of the P-School. P-School is older than Old school. The gray in my temples is well earned. Of course, since I am a Christian and African-American, those perspectives will also figure in the mix.
The first efforts of the old column began humbly in 1996, and wrapped up in 2006. For those who feel the need to get out the calculator, I’ll sum it up for you--10 years. I moved on to other writing efforts, having a great time with them. It was time to let this column lie fallow for a season, mainly to keep an eye on the horizon. Soon, a new tour of duty was ordered--thanks mainly to Jesus Christ--several good friends and several years of studying the mainstream press, and social media…and finding little to ‘lift up’ the young men of the next generation. The timing was right to pick up where the original column left off: providing the Men of our day (yes, including the under-30 crowd) with spiritual truth and guidance that they aren’t getting from their parents, homes, schools, mainstream press or even some--dare I say it--churches.

Dark clouds have appeared upon the horizon, once again, concerning men and boys. In the words of one of my Allies--Henri--from the west coast: “It’s time for the brothers to knuckle up and buckle up!” T. D. Jakes also noted back in the day: “A nation of women, can NOT raise up a nation of men.” I have taken this saying even further ahead: “As goes a nation’s men, so goes the nation.”
Baby, look how far the bottom has dropped out of the shopping bag.
America continues its feminized slide, as the Bible has predicted. Feminism has grown and mutated again, now approaching its fifth wave. The feminist of today can binge drink without repercussions; punch men without regret, dress like a whore and maintain that she is a victim; enter areas which have CLEARLY been marked off limits by God, and she eagerly engages in the practices of racism, homosexuality and anti-Semitism better than Hitler and the Third Reich. Like the Temptations said in their music years ago…with a little twist: feminists are contributing to a ‘Ball of Confusion’.
Dark times, indeed? Balderdash! Time for REAL men to answer the call!

This is the BEST time to make our advances as men, and re-take some real estate,
with the determination of the faith engrained in us.
My advice to the men of today is simple: FEAR NOT!
We don’t have to get ‘knee shakes’ every time the MSM comes out with their ‘studies’, or a feminist rant, or some wacko from Hollywood who decides that this is a good day to trot their sons out in high-heels and makeup. Those who throw the bricks and the bombs against us are merely ‘shadow puppets’. They don’t have any say about true, biblical, traditional manhood. Why listen to a lie, when we KNOW the truth!
Wage Economic War, for starters: Don’t give your money to the weak, spineless, social engineers--and their cronies and allies! Cut off the TV set of professional sports teams who don’t back our flag! The NFL is rapidly getting the message, as they continue to lose viewers and ticket sales. With as many African Americans as there are in uniform, and HAVE been in uniform, supporting Black athletes who are anti-military and anti-American just does NOT make any sense. To add more insult to injury, many of the athletes who ‘take a knee’ are NOT registered to vote--thus they are not stakeholders in the protests that they are leading.
Monitor Your Own Character. This should be stressed in the home. However, let’s pick this up from the street level. The Police do NOT drive down the street in a paddy wagon, sirens and bullhorns blaring, asking if young men want to get in and go to prison. Shady people are often lawbreakers. It’s very simple--young men, stay away from shady people. It’s too late to apologize once the handcuffs have gone on!

Great book that I’m re-reading: “Courage” by Edwin Lewis Cole. This is a product of the 80s, and is worth having a few extra copies on the shelf. The late Dr. Cole has been credited with ‘kick starting’ the Christian Men’s movement which eventually led to the Promise Keepers rallies around the country. “Courage” is still around at your favorite electronic bookseller. Many copies have the camouflage cover, just to remind us that there is still a war going on in society against upright men.

*Nowhere in the Bible does a woman ask a man to marry her. God made a man’s shoulder’s broad, and his voice deep for a reason!

*Quote from famed journalist, columnist and author Tony Brown: “Don’t ask me what your chances for success are; TELL me what they are…for you DO NOT need my permission to be successful!” See you on the battlefield next month, brothers!

Mike Ramey is a Minister, Book Reviewer and Syndicated Columnist who lives in Indianapolis, Indiana. ‘The Manhood Line: Live’ is one of a variety of columns that Ramey has in cyberspace. To drop him a line…or a whine…the address is still the same: ©2018 Barnstorm Communications.

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