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                          From The Ramparts

                            Junious Ricardo Stanton

                       The War Going On Around Us


“The civilized have created the wretched, quite coldly and deliberately and do not intend to change the status quo; are responsible for their slaughter and enslavement; rain down bombs on defenseless children whenever and wherever they decide that their ‘vital interests’ are menaced and think nothing of torturing a man to death: these people are not to be taken seriously when they speak of the ‘sanctity’ of human life or the ‘conscience’ of the civilized world” James Baldwin


We are in a protracted struggle for the survival and wellbeing of every person on this planet and the very life/survival of the planet itself. Because of the effectiveness of the mind control, mind entrainment, programming and socializing apparatus of the psychopathic ruling class (the real enemies of the world) most of us don’t realize we are in a war nor that we are their prey. The megalomaniacal psychopaths hell-bent on owning and controlling the world are unredeemably wicked. They do not value life on any level except their own. They have a disregard for human, plant and animal life and are propagating a global agenda of depopulation, terraforming, subjugation and domination to transform the world into a hellish nightmare.

The Matrix films offer a look into the dystopian world the 1% is working feverishly to bring about, a world where soulless cold blooded algorithms, artificial intelligence, perverse technologies designed to alter the natural order are created, programmed and let loose on a duped and unsuspecting society. These technologies will change the world and enslave us all in a nightmare so horrific it will make the zombie movies and the Walking Dead TV series seem like upbeat fairy tales. Alas, there is no red pill we can take to wake us up; we have to do this on our own!

 These maniacs are committed to a global agenda of massive population reduction to make it easier for them to control and exploit humanity and expropriate the world’s resources. ,  Their agenda also calls for transforming the remaining human population into automatons, literal zombies and cyborgs.

Of course for public consumption, the ruling elites couch their plans and agenda in terms of improvement and ways that will make life better as opposed to their real programs of murder, genocide and enslavement.  The key to their success is to treat us like mushrooms, kept in the dark and feed cow dung, so we have no idea what they are doing to us or how diabolical their agenda really is.

 In addition to distracting us with inane frivolities, fake news, and disinformation, we are being conditioned and programmed to be devoid of empathy, desensitized and oblivious to the suffering the vampires are wrecking on the planet in pursuit of their gluttonous agenda. To succeed they must cause the vast majority of humanity to ignore our spiritual core and turn away from eons of cooperation, close knit families, communal and collective organization. The corporate media which is owned by a handful of multinational conglomerates promote dysfunction, conflict, profanity and vulgarity, violence, greed, selfishness and alienation under the guise of information, entertainment and “being hip”. Celebrities and role models are created to mesmerize the masses who foolishly imitate what they see them doing and the media reinforces these values and behaviors so we become even more detached from our inner selves, each other and reality.

 The gadgets and gizmos we are brainwashed to buy and use are designed to take us further into the abyss of their phony “virtual reality”, created and controlled by those who hate us and want to further enslave us. All these things are in plain sight if you are open and aware. But the goal of the 1% is to keep us comatose, brain-dead and so distracted and afraid we don’t see it for what it really is.

 How can we save ourselves and the planet? First we have to believe we can do it, that we can win. The 1% promotes disempowerment, division, passivity and conformity, divide and rule. Their institutions teach us, “you can’t fight city hall”, “resistance is futile” but we have seen in our life time victory is possible. The Occupy Wall Street movement woke people up, that’s why Obama and the 1% shut it down! Black Lives Matter energized the younger generation but we must go deeper and expand it on a spiritual level!

The key to our survival is to learn to truly love ourselves, then relearn and return to our African roots of Ubuntu and Ma’at.  At their core, Ubuntu and Ma’at are spiritual concepts that naturally resonate in our inner being: “I am because we are” and Ma’at stands for/symbolizes DIVINE ORDER, TRUTH, HARMONY, BALANCE, JUSTICE, RIGHTEOUSNESS and RECIPROSITY. Ubuntu and Ma’at are inherent in the UINVERSE and their energy and vibration are all around us. We must embrace them because they are what we need to survive. We merely have to tune into their omnipresent frequency through disciplined inner listening, implement and actualize them in our daily lives. The return to the aboriginal and indigenous ways of our ancestors is our only chance to survive.







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Well done! In just a few paragraphs, you have summarized the current state of affairs in America and the planet. You have also exposed the root cause of our problems living in the 'belly of the beast' today - we live in a spiritual desert.

What I am about to say I hope will resonate with you, for it is said "a remnant will survive". That "remnant" is a very special group of people who will survive the destruction that is coming. Thus, your final paragraph points our people in the right direction and the wrong direction.

Right because you point out we must engage this system on a spiritual level. You are aware we cannot win on the military, political or religious levels. These institutions were created to enslave you. We must take your advice to 'tune into their omnipresent frequency through disciplined inner listening, implement and actualize them in our daily lives'. Wonderful advice.

Wrong because we must not return to the indigenous and aboriginal ways of our ancestors. This is critically important! The unfaithfulness and error of our ancestors is the reason we are powerless, exploited and enslaved. We must learn from their error, not repeat it. To most, this is foolishness.

However, there are those among us who feel out of sorts with this life; who never follow the crowd, but operate on the fringes of involvement, observing, watching, learning while trying to understand "why am I here?". Always feeling like a "fish out of water" and recognizing the futility of railing against the system, willing to live with the distain and ridicule. 

Yes, you. The 'loners', critical thinkers, contrarians, outsiders, curious, independent, observers, watchers, listeners, intuitive, always feeling 'out of place'. 

Allow me to put your mind at ease. You are being "called" into the service of the divine One. Your instructions are recorded in a book that is also being disdained and ridiculed. It is your history book and your instruction manual. It has been interpreted and taught in error. You are aware of that, but could not decode the error. The key to understanding your instructions is to humble yourself, your ego.

You see, because of your insight and intelligence, there is the chance you have developed a sense of arrogance that must be set aside - destroyed in order for you to be useful to the Divine One. Our leader and role model stated 'you must deny yourself'. This 'self' is the ego, which enslaves the majority permanently with deadly force. You must 'let go and let God' work with you, to mold you into someone useful. This is the "war" you must engage - this is a spiritual war. You know this intuitively - always have but were unable to articulate it. You must turn back to our true origins.

Where to start? I have always recommended reading Deuteronomy 28 and 30, which provides the secret to our true identity and offers real hope of a better future. I hope you will embrace this most challenging of journeys - the search for your true self, while destroying the false self the system has distorted. Respect and peace family.


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