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In a recent discussion with our core team at Bangalore Secretarial Services on a question, why do start up Companies fails and reasons to analysis behind the same we were listed with a couple of related quires on how to make a start up succeed and what are the reasons they fail.

If we were to predict or spell the MANTRA of success and all start-ups would have been a roaring success. Honestly, we do not or do any body possess the knowledge of the Magic spell or wand in making the start ups a success.

People keep asking us thinking we have got some magic wand that can make them  start a roaring successful start- up Venture and I want to tell them that no one can do that.

Molding and guiding a start-up venture needs in-depth experience and knowledge in out sourcing people and people are the pillars of any organization and we have assisted quite a number of successful ventures in identifying the correct person in the right position.

The only way to predict success is to shape and plan you tomorrow and the tomorrow has the power to shape your future and never go backward and attempt in doing it with all your might in redoing the wrong and correcting the mistakes and determination is power will ensure a success.

Mastering and high lightening your employee's skills are strength and focusing on the best in an employee and sharpening their skills will ensure sure success in any organization which is self-less and believes in a steady and organic growth.

We realized we had to pen down the below do and do not  in a start-up business and us at Bangalore Secretarial Services understand  in clarity intelligence is not knowledge but imagination and to all of us here in Bangalore Secretarial Services  understand that we  knew nothing and the meaning of true knowledge is to know the extent of one's ignorance and we grow to learn every day our ignorance.

1. Proprietor ship Firms VS Group of like minded people joining hand...

Being a single proprietor ship has its own advantages and disadvantages and a disputed argument can arise if we keep writing down on the pros and cons in a single owner and a group of like-minded people joining  together in developing a start-up company it can be an end less story.

2. Location Advantage and disadvantages.

In a nut shell, A hotel will survive and flourish only in a populated / Pilgrimage / Tourist  place.

Location advantage is a must for a hotel to do more business.A software company can have its own advantages with its location and more of talents are available only in key metro places like Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Chennai. and being in the hot spot will sure attract more talents

A cement Manufacturing company will require more raw material and low overheads in transportation and its survival will solely depend on upon the location and location Advantage and disadvantages apply to all Industries.

4. Derivative Idea  or Innovative Ideas only will succeed Instead of...

Innovation = Idea + Execution

Many of the recent start-ups come up with existing success full ideas similar to successful concepts.

Here are a Recent Innovative start-ups Ideas that got hit in the Market or Monopolist ideas that never be cloned.

Face Book


Just Dial

Narayana Health Bangalore

Oye Rooms

The Muthoot Instant Gold Loans

Google Search Engine


Google Maps

Google Glass

Google Driver less Car or Wired car

Whats App Mobile Applications

Apollo Pharmacy


And here again the biggest failures of the Giant Google in the Market

Google Knol ( Tried Cloning Wikipedia Success Formula )

Google Wave

Orkut  ( Tried Cloning Face Book Success )

Google Answers  ( Copied Yahoo Answers )

And the list may go on end less

Structuring your Business plan in the same line of activity of an existing successful player will only make the original player stronger in the market.

Take for example

Just Dial

Connecting people is their Business plan or connecting the consumer to the Business Man and they were able to achieve their vision with clear planned execution.

Just Dial's revenues come from the business partners they are in  partner ship and they are listed and related in almost every industry in the planet.

Here whoso ever tried to copy Just dial formula were just promoting the original player's business idea with their own funds and no one till date have surpassed or have been on par with Just dial.

The same applies to the below or Monopolist ideas that can never be cloned and all cloned attempts were Second in the line of their line of activity.

Face Book

Cloned attempts

( Orkut ,Instagram,)


Just Dial

Cloned attempts

( Sulekha, Just Call )

Narayana Health Bangalore

Oye Rooms

The Muthoot Instant Gold Loans

Google Search Engine

Cloned attempts

(Yahoo,Bing etc )


Cloned attempts

( HotMail , Yahoo Mail etc )

Google Maps

Google Glass

Google Driver less Car or Wired car

Whats App Mobile Applications

Apollo Pharmacy


Cloned attempts

( Monster India, Times Job )

5. Obstinacy or stubbornness with the original idea.

An Original Idea can be altered in the stages of execution and in other words being sentimental towards an original Idea is not advisable and many successful ideas had been altered in the coarse of execution and building a sentimental attachment towards an idea can be The discrepancy between sentiment and being sentimental of an Idea is Sentiment is when a driver deviates a little away from the route to avoid the dog on the road and when the same driver hits a Pedestrian in the pretext of deviating from the dog is sentimental.


To be More clear

On the coarse of any execution of a business plan be prepared to alter the original plan in accordance to the wind and in simple terms any person or an Innovator will face enough  blocks in the beginning and enough people to laugh at your self and the end will be a brilliant climax of years of grim struggle and anxiety and It would have been a long succession of little decisions altered and molded to perfection.

All successful Monopolist ideas trace success to a long waiting process  and sometimes intentional, sometimes accidental of speculative experimentation that superficial brings a winning approach.

A thorough study on the Execution history of almost any successful Monopolist ideas you find a starting point that bears little resemblance to the finishing point and with interesting twists and turns in the coarse of execution and It takes lots of patience,diligence, and discipline to document a successful Monopolist business idea.

6. Hire Nice or Hire twice

How to Hire a gem of a Great Employee (Not Great Applicants)

A.Hire Awesome Personalities

Hire gems who possess not only stunning ,impressive and magnificent talents but glittering and sparkling Personalities to be around as well! ! !

B.Positive People are a valuable treasure to any company

When an employer shows deep and true empathy toward employee and their inherited defensive energy melts away, and positive energy substitutes it. That's when you can get more creative and productivity from an employee.

Positive minded employees positive energy connects himself  back to basic human values which  all in the company share and no matter the size of the gesture, a smile that brightens someone else's day can do an active part in making a difference.

Positive People are a valuable treasure to any company

Be a Good pay Master

Be a leader

Avoid Stagnation and nurture growth

Wrong Hire

Slowness in Launching and Launching Too Early

Raising Too Little Money or Raising more Money than the need.

Poor Cash Management

The above are valuable  points to be discussed in clarity before starting any start-up business venture.

Bangalore Placement Services is a mufti disciplined agency in Virtual Office, Virtual Secretary Services Head Hunting, Business support services, Search Engine optimization and placement Services and refer us at

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