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Petition Effort Wins Smithsonian Recognition for Justice Clarence Thomas at the National African American Museum of History and Culture

Over 17,000 people signed a petition at asking the National African American Museum of History and Culture to include the achievements of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas.

The museum has now opened a new exhibit on the lives and achievements of our nation's first two African American supreme court justices. Thomas is recognized alongside his predecessor, the late Justice Thurgood Marshall. Prior to this exhibit, Thomas was only mentioned tangentially alongside the story of Anita Hill.

The exhibit debuted on Sunday, September 24th, exactly one year to the date of the museum's opening in 2016. This marks the 15th victory for StandUnited petitions in 2017.

StandUnited is an online petition platform used by advocates of personal liberty, free enterprise, and American freedom.


WASHINGTON, Oct. 3, 2017 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ --

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This is a travesty led by White supremacists who think they know better than Black people. As a Supreme Court Justice, Clarence Thomas has done NOTHING that has benefited the lives of Black people. He hates himself and he hates Black people. That he should be honored along side of Thurgood Marshall is an insult to Thurgood Marshall and Black people. Shame on you!

While I agree with you that he is not of the stature of Thurgood Marshall, and it is a shame to have him placed in the same category, I want to say that he IS a Supreme Court Justice, and should be recognized as such.  He should get a nod, even if we disagree with his politics.

So what? There are a lot of people who are traitors to their race. He should not be honored just because he is Black and powerful. That's not necessarily something I want our children to aspire to. You must have values that anchor you. Should Benedict Arnold, Hitler, and other people like them be honored? Look beyond the color of his skin. Look at what he has done and continues to do.


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